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Babar Ahmad is a British citizen who has been detained without trial in the UK for almost 8 years facing extradition to the US for offences allegedly committed in the UK. All the evidence against him was collected in the UK with most of it being sent to the US before the Crown Prosecution Service could decide whether to prosecute him in the UK or not, a fact only admitted by the CPS in November 2011. It is only right that Babar be tried in the UK and not extradited to the US.

Please write to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, to demand that Babar Ahmad be immediately put on trial in the UK. Copies will also be sent to the Attorney General and the Home Secretary.

We encourage supporters to prepare their own letters using the above points. A sample letter is below for your convenience but a personalised letter always carries more weight.

Thank you for your support!

Masjid Yusuf (Mosque of Joseph)

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A matchstick model of a pyramid style mosque with a flat base and four minarets made out of approximately 25000 matches by Babar Ahmad. The project started on 16 July 2008 and completed on 11 November 2009. It took 1000 man-hours to build spanning a duration of 1 year and 4 months. Its dimensions are approximately 490mm x 490mm x 490mm.



The Structure

The base was built out of 6000 matches, comprising three criss-cross layers for strength.

Each minaret was built out of 2000 matches then sanded down with sandpaper wrapped around cylindrical objects to achieve the desired circular effect.

The roof was built as four triangles each containing 3000 matches built in three criss-crossed layers for strength. The holes for the windows were sawed out then sanded down for the desired effect.

The main prayer hall inside the structure contains railings and pillars.

The whole structure was finished with three coats of clear water based varnish.

Mosque of Joseph

The message on the underside of the base reads:

“Masjid Yusuf (Mosque of Joseph)

By the Grace of Allah this model was completed on 11 November 2009 after 1000 man hours of work spanning a duration of 1 year and 4 months. It was built entirely in the Detainee Unit at HM Prison Long Lartin, UK, out of 25,000 matches. May this model be a source of hope and inspiration to all those who see it.

Babar Ahmad A9385AG”

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