Steve McCaul, Press TV, London

Four policemen accused of beating up Babar Ahmed, a British Muslim currently locked up on suspected terrorism charges, leave court as free men. After four weeks, a jury of twelve unanimously found PC Roderick James-Bowen, PC Mark Jones, PC Nigel Cowley, and Detective Constable John Donohue to be innocent.

It took the jury just one hour to find the four officers not guilty. The judge commented on Babar Ahmad’s plight, saying that he hoped his ordeal would come to an end, either through his extradition or his release. He said that it was no concern for this court, but a matter of concern to the public at large that a man has been locked up for literally years without knowing his fate.

The solicitor for the four men read a statement saying that they were satisfied with the result.

Babar claimed that the four officers beat him during a dawn raid on his house in 2003. He said that they mocked his religion, saying “where is your God now” and “pray to him”.

A listening device hidden inside Babar’s house by MI5 officers was seen as the key piece of evidence used by the defense to secure their case.

The legal team representing Babar were unhappy that this evidence only surfaced a few days before this criminal case began and was not available to them for a previous civil trial.

Babar’s dad read a statement on his son’s behalf, explicitly denying the accusations of terrorism facing him.

The Metropolitan Police said in a statement that a misconduct review will be conducted to establish if there was any wrongdoing on the part of the police officers. Babar Ahmed meanwhile remains behind bars while the US Government seeks to extradite him on terrorism charges. His father read a poignant message from Babar to David Cameron, asking for justice.

His family are still waiting on a date for Babar to be either put on trial or extradited. 


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