Human rights judges at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) have this morning ruled the Government can lawfully extradite radical preacher Abu Hamza and five others to America to face terrorist charges.

The judges gave a final ruling on six extradition cases in a verdict which effectively passed judgment on whether America’s treatment of terrorist suspects amounts to “inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment” in breach of the European human rights code.

They decided it would be lawful for five of the six to be jailed for the rest of their lives in the so-called ‘super-max’ prison, ADX Florence in Colorado.

The human rights judges said that, having considered all evidence including “specifically prepared” statements by officials at ADX Florence as well as letters from the US Department of Justice, “the court held that conditions at ADX would not amount to ill-treatment”.

Lord Carlile described the extradition ruling as “entirely sensible.”

He added that there is a “theoretical appeal to the Grand Chamber of the ECHR” but that it involves obtaining permission “which is very rare.”

Lord Carlile emphasised that “these men will go to the United States and they will be tried there.”

SOURCE: The Telegraph

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