Supporters of Babar Ahmad, of Fountain Road, have also released a three-minute video on YouTube about his case entitled Life is One Big Road – encouraging people to sign the e-petition.

It is currently the highest ranked e-petition about a single person, according to campaign group Free Babar Ahmad.

Members are now hoping to collect 100,000 signatures by November 10 this year to force Parliament to respond to their demand of putting him on trial in the UK.

His father, Ashfaq, said: “As a result of the UK’s extradition laws, Babar has been imprisoned without trial since the August 5, 2004.

“More than 12,000 people have recently signed the e-petition for him to be tried in the UK. All of these people believe that our extradition laws should be amended to prevent bundling my son, Gary Mckinnon and others like them onto a plane to America.

“The Government has undertaken its extradition review – the time for action is now.”

In August this year, Mr Ahmad’s friends and family marked the seventh anniversary of his detention. He remains in prison without trial following an extradition request from the United States.

Mr Ahmad, an IT technician at Imperial College, London, was alleged to be the leader of a small UK based group providing “logistical support, financial assistance, recruits and computer expertise” for overseas Jihadi groups when he was arrested at his home.

Earlier this year, four police officers accused of beating up Mr Ahmad during his arrest walked free from court after being cleared of assault charges.

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SOURCE: Wandsworth Guardian

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