Sir, It was important that you gave the story of Babar Ahmad a prominent position in your newspaper. It had to be a MUSLIM, the only person serving the longest in Britain without trial. There would have been an outcry if he was a Jew or a Christian and a national campaign would have ensured he received a fair trial early. More than seven years without trial, what an injustice. I always believed that the British justice system was just and fair. Example such as of Babar Ahmad has put doubts in my mind. And since September 11, 2001, civil rights of Muslims in the West, especially the US and the UK have been eroded. Hundreds of Muslims were sent to Guantanamo in the US and put behind bars, tortured and humiliated, without trials, some for more than 10 years. And the extraordinary rendition of unknown number of Muslims by the US to jails in various parts of the world to be tortured. Muslims tortured in Abu Ghraib in Iraq, Balgram base in Afghanistan and many other places we are unaware of. As we can see, in every case, it is ONLY MUSLIMS who are the victims. For them, legal due process, human and civil rights, fair trial, does not matter. It seems if you are Muslim you can be mistreated and there is no outcry. There is no justice for us in the 21st century. It is about time we woke up and fight (peacefully, I may add, before anyone accuses me of using violence as it usually happens) for our rights. Yours Mariam Mohamed London

SOURCE: Muslim News

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