This can only happen if the victim is a Muslim. Have you heard of a Jew or a Christian or a person of no faith or of any other faith been incarcerated in a prison without trial and due process of law? Of course not. Babar Ahmad, as reported in The Muslim News, has been jailed for over SEVEN years without charge or trial and we haven’t seen any campaign by the human rights groups to get him released until very recently is a shame and says a lot about rights of Muslims in the West. Babar Ahmad is a BRITISH citizen and he has no rights in this country. Why is our judiciary refusing to put him on trial? Is it because they will find he is not guilty? Shame on our justice system. It is unjust, but only to Muslims. Other Muslims are also held in prison under the terror laws without charge, trial and they are not told why they are held in prison. They are all Muslims. And, of course, the US has held over 600 Muslims in Guantanamo Bay without charge or trial or due process of law. Over a hundred are still there – years in the dreaded prison where many if not most have been tortured. Many other Muslims are held in Bagram in Afghanistan without trial. Others in secrete prisons around the world being tortured. All done by the US with the help of Britain. And then they talk they invade Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and very soon Syria to give them democracy and respect of rule of law!


Ayesha Mohammed London

SOURCE: Muslim News

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