The European Court of Human Rights rejects the appeal of five British Muslims against their extradition to the United States.


It was seen as their last hope. But the European court of human rights has given its final approval to extradite these five British Muslims to America.



Two of them – Babar Ahmad and Syed Talha Ahsan – have never been convicted.


But yet they’ve been in jail without charge for 8 and 6 years respectively


Babar Ahmad lived in this area of south London when he was violently arrested in December 2003. The police admitted to a serious and prolonged attack that left him with 73 injuries. Talar Ahsan has Asperger Syndrome – a form of autism. He was arrested in July 2006. Neither of these men have ever been charged. The BRITISH police have imprisoned them on the orders of the American Authorities. Who accuse them of running a quote-on-quote jihadist website?


The arrests fall under a controversial Extradition treaty signed between the UK and US in 2003. Controversial because Britain has to provide evidence if it wants someone extradited from the America. But America doesn’t have to provide evidence if it wants someone extradited from Britain.


In fact Britain sent America evidence on Babar Ahmad – without even looking at first.


That’s why Babar and Talar’s families, Mp’s and legal experts have all been calling for them to be tried in the UK.


A British businessman Karl Watkins has recently commenced his own private prosecution of Babar and Talah, to try and FORCE the courts to try them in Britain. He says the extradition order is unfair. And could be used against anyone.


Babar and Talah have argued that they will be tortured if sent to the United States. Their families say they won’t stop fighting until both of them have come home. 


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