Ahmad is the UK’s longest detained without charge British Citizen having been in prison since August 5 2004 (over 7 years). He is held under the UK’s controversial Extradition Act 2003 which allows Britons to be extradited to the US for alleged offences that took place in Britain.

The Crown Prosecution Servicec has repeatedly declared that there is “insufficient evidence” to charge Ahmad with any criminal offence whatsoever.

During his arrest in London in 2003, Babar Ahmad was violently abused by Metropolitan Police Officers. He sustained over 73 injuries.

In March 2009, the Metropolitan Police admitted carrying out this abuse and paid him £60,000 in compensation. The four police officers responsible were later found not guilty of this abuse in June 2011, following a five week trial.

At the conclusion of that trial Judge Geoffrey Rivlin said he hoped that “the ordeal of a man in detention in this country for a number of years without trial is brought to an end as soon as possible.”

On June 22, the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights explicitly raised concerns over Ahmad’s case in its report in The Human Rights Implications of UK extradition policy, and recommended that the Government urgently re-negotiate the UK- US extradition of individuals in Ahmad’s position.

Supporters of the Free Babar Ahmad campaign have also released a You Tube single on September 28 titled Life is one big road encouraging people to sign the e-petition.

They hope to get over 100,000 signatures by November 10 forcing MPs to debate his case in Parliament and respond to their demand of putting him on trial in the UK.

Referring to the Extradition Act 2003, Ahmad’s father, Ashfaq Ahmad, told The Muslim News as a result “of the UK’s extradition laws, Babar has been imprisoned without trial since August 5, 2004.

“All of these people believe that our extradition laws should be amended to prevent bundling my son, Gary Mckinnon and others like them onto a plane to America. The Government has undertaken its extradition review – the time for action is now.”

Ahmad’s final appeal is still being deliberated by the European Court of Human Rights which is to deliver judgment by the end of 2011.

SOURCE: Muslim News

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