After eight years in a high security prison, detained without charge or trial, Babar Ahmad has finally got the chance to speak out.



The government had wanted to prevent the interview from taking place, but the high court overruled them.


37 year old Ahmad was arrested at his home in South London by anti-terrorism police in December 2003.


He says he was the victim of a brutal assault by officers who intended to humiliate him and make him fear for his life.


In the ensuing years the Metropolitan police paid him £60,000 in compensation, although the officers who were alleged to have conducted the beating were cleared of all charges.


Ahmad is now awaiting extradition to the US where he’s accused of raising money to support terrorism in Chechnya and Afghanistan.


He will learn his fate on Tuesday.


The strength of public feeling in the UK about Babar Ahmad’s case was illustrated earlier this year when around 140,000 people signed a government petition for him to be put on trial in the UK.


However, despite the public’s sentiments parliament refused to hold a debate on his case.


Ahmad’s family and supporters are also calling for a full public inquiry into the mishandling of the evidence seized from Ahmad’s home by the police.


This after it was admitted that the British had never seen all the evidence as the police had already sent it to their American counterparts.


The European Court of Human Rights will rule on whether Babar Ahmad can be extradited to the United States on Tuesday.


Ahmad’s supporters say if he is extradited he will not get a fair trial given the Islamophobic atmosphere which exists in America. As for Ahmad, he says he’s fighting for his life and the interview he conducted was his last chance.


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