1. DPP response to supporters request to put Babar Ahmad on trial

2. Updated Sample Letter


1. DPP response to supporters request to put Babar Ahmad on trial

In April 2012, the Free Babar Ahmad (FBA) campaign began asking supporters to write to the Director for Public Prosecutions to demand that Babar be put on trial in the UK. This was in light of the disclosures by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) that it had never reviewed the bulk of the material seized from Babar’s home and office when he was first arrested in December 2003. Instead, the material was sent directly by British police to their US counterparts without ever even showing it to the CPS.

Over the last four months, the DPP has been inundated with thousands of letters and emails from supporters of justice calling for Babar to be put on trial in the UK without any further delay. The CPS was finally compelled to respond and contacted the FBA campaign earlier this month with this response.

In its statement, the CPS admit once again that “the prosecutor received a small number of documents from the Metropolitan Police Service in 2004 but, on the material provided, there was insufficient evidence to prosecute” and that as a result of this, it was “unable to put Mr Ahmad on trial here in relation to those documents.”

The CPS response proceeds to outline the internal procedure for dealing with extradition requests but fundamentally fails to engage with the argument as to why Babar cannot be put on trial now, based on the bulk of the material which the DPP now has had a copy of in his possession for several months.

Prime Minister Cameron also recently wrote to Babar’s father confirming that the decision to prosecute him in the UK is exclusively a matter for the DPP. The full text of his letter can be read here.




2. Updated Sample Letter

We encourage all supporters to keep the pressure on the DPP and not allow him to deflect attention away from this serious abuse of process which undermines the integrity of our criminal justice system. An updated template letter is below for your convenience but a personalised letter always carries more weight.

Please send your emails to keir.starmer@cps.gsi.gov.uk

Kindly send a copy of your correspondence and any replies received to dpp@freebabarahmad.com



Dear Mr Starmer


Re: Prosecution of Babar Ahmad


I am writing to request that you order the Crown Prosecution Service to bring charges against Babar Ahmad and put him on trial immediately.


I have read the CPS update on the case dated 6 August 2012. I do not doubt the integrity of the CPS in its initial decision not to prosecute Mr Ahmad based on the limited documents the Metropolitan Police provided them with. The CPS is not to blame for the Metropolitan Police’s mishandling of the material seized from Mr Ahmad’s home and office.


However, I understand that you have for several months now been in possession of copies of all the material that our police sent to the US authorities and which forms the basis of the extradition request. I have also seen news reports that a British businessman Karl Watkin is commencing his own prosecution of Mr Ahmad and has sent you new evidence including admissions from Mr Ahmad of his involvement with the websites he is accused of operating.


While your predecessor based his decision not to prosecute Mr Ahmad in ignorance of the material sent to the US authorities, you have no such excuse. You are in a position to end this ongoing injustice by ordering the CPS to charge Mr Ahmad without any further delay. Given the enormous public interest reflected by the petition signed by almost 150,000 members of the British public and the new evidence provided to you by Mr Watkin, I request that you take on Mr Watkin’s prosecution.


I remind you of the words of Judge Timothy Workman, who ruled on Mr Ahmad’s case in 2005:


“This is a difficult and troubling case. The defendant is a British Citizen who is alleged to have committed offences which if the evidence were available, could have been prosecuted in this country.”


You now have this evidence. Please act upon it and protect the integrity of our criminal justice system.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Yours sincerely,



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