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13-March-2016 PRESS RELEASE: Met Police Illegally Hooded British Terror Suspect Babar Ahmad at Request of US

In his first interview since his release after 11 years in prison, Babar Ahmad has told today’s Observer how Metropolitan Police officers placed Guantanamo-style blacked out goggles and ear muffs on him at the request of American officials during his extradition to the United States in 2012. Ahmad also describes the two years he spent in solitary confinement in a US Supermax prison after his extradition and how US prosecutors airbrushed Met police photographs of him to conceal any sign of injury caused to him during his arrest.

30-Nov-2012: Extradition of Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan Islamophobic

Sir, What an injustice! How can our Government extradite two British Muslims, Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan to the US without due process of law. They should have been tried in British courts and if found guilty punished.   Ahmad is the only Briton to have been...

18-Oct-2012: Gary McKinnon and the extradition that wasn’t

    by Stuart Withers   On Tuesday afternoon Theresa May, the Home Secretary, announced that she would block Gary McKinnon’s extradition request to the US. This is certainly joyous news and should be celebrated. But celebrated for what reason? The most alarming aspect...

26-Oct-2012: Being Faithful Citizens

  I will not be angry. I will not be a victim. I will not despair. I will not be unjust. But goodness! How easy it is to be all of these.   When the Home Secretary halted the extradition of Gary McKinnon, the alleged computer hacker, I felt happy for his family, and...

18-Oct-2012: US Justice for British Citizens?

  Transcript Janis Sharp, mother of Gary McKinnon   “I’m overwhelmed, incredibly happy. I want to say ‘thankyou Theresa May’ because it was an incredibly brave decision, to stand up to another nation as strong and powerful as America is rare.” Hamja Ahsan, brother of...

13-Oct-2012: America’s Extradition Problem

by Andy Worthington Not content with having the largest domestic prison population in the world, both in numbers and as a percentage of the total population, the US also imports prisoners from other countries, at vast expense.   Last week, five men were extradited to...

15-Oct-2012: Trial set for British terror suspects in US

  Two British men extradited to the United States this month on terror charges will stand trial in October 2013, a federal court in Connecticut said Monday. Judge Janet Hall set the October 21, 2013 trial date for Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan, who are accused of...

16-Oct-2012: PRESS RELASE: Welcome news about Gary McKinnon

The We Are Babar Ahmad campaign welcomes the announcement of the Home Secretary to introduce forum regarding the extradition of Gary McKinnon to the United States of America on the grounds of human rights.   Deputy chairman of the campaign, Dr. Ismail Jalisi...

25-Sept-2012: Keith Vaz MP talks about Gary McKinnon and Babar Ahmad

Keith Vaz speaks to ITN about Gary McKinnon and Babar Ahmad in view of the ECHR decision that Americas Supermax prisons are more pleasant than european prisons and that Abu Hamza will be well treated in America and it is OK to extradite Hamza. In the media Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan get lumped in with the much despised Hamza, although there is no connection whatsoever. Babar Ahmad has spent 8 years in a uk High Security prison without charge or evidence for a crime that was committed entirely in the UK. Talha Ahsan went to the police to help clear Babar Ahmad’s name he thought. He was also locked up in a high security prison without charge or evidence. He has been there now for 6 years.


24-Sept-2012: Abu Hamza and Babar Ahmad extradition approved

  The European Court of Human Rights has given its final approval for the extradition of five major terrorism suspects from the UK to the US.   The court's highest judges said they would not re-open the cases of Abu Hamza al-Masri, Babar Ahmad and others.   The...

Babar Ahmad’s father requests your help for his son


Ashfaq Ahmad responds to Karl Watkins’s announcement to prosecute his son.

URGENT ALERT: Support Karl Watkins’ Private Prosecution of Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan –


Event: Extradite Me, I’m British

An evening of film, prison poetry, talks, drama, comedy, talks, nasheeds around the notorious 2003 US-UK extradition treaty currently affecting  British citizens Talha Ahsan, Babar Ahmad, Richard O’Dwyer and Gary  Mckinnon.

27-July-2012: Letters to the Editor, Muslim News

Babar Ahmad Sir, Babar Ahmad has spent over 7 years in a maximum-security prison without being charged, put on trial or even seeing the evidence against him. This is the longest time in British history anyone has been imprisoned without being put on trial. Why,...

22-June-2012: Metro coverage of Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan cases

The Metro has this morning covered the cases of Babar Ahmad, Talha Ahsan (who are Tooting constituents), Gary McKinnon and Richard O'Dwyer - all are awaiting extradition to the United States - none have been charged in the UK.   Speaking about the cases, Sadiq Khan MP...

27-June-2012: Demo held to halt extradition of Tooting duo

A demonstration took place on Saturday calling on the Government to halt the extradition of Babar Ahmad and Syed Talha Ahsan to the United States.   Mr Ahmad's family and campaigners gathered outside the House of Commons, alongside those of Gary McKinnon and Richard...

25-June-2012: David Bermingham Speaks at “Halt the Extraditions” demo, 23 June 2012

Hundreds of people joined a demonstration opposite Downing Street on 23 June to call for British citizens not to be extradited to the US under the one-sided Extradition Act 2003 – speaking here is David Berminham of the Natwest 3, extradited under this law to the US in 2006. The families are calling for prosecutions in the UK for crimes committed in the UK if there is a case against their sons

25-June-2012: Syed Abu Ahsan and Janis Sharp Speaks at “Halt the Extraditions” demo, 23 June 2012

Hundreds of people joined a demonstration opposite Downing Street on 23 June to call for British citizens not to be extradited to the US under the one-sided Extradition Act 2003 – speaking here are Said Ahsan, father of Talha Ahsan and Janis Sharp, mother of Gary McKinnon, both currently facing extradition to the US without knowing the full case against them. The families are calling for prosecutions in the UK for crimes committed in the UK if there is a case against their sons

25-June-2012: Ashfaq Ahmad and Julia O’Dwyer Speak at “Halt the Extraditions” demo, 23 June 2012

Hundreds of people joined a demonstration opposite Downing Street on 23 June to call for British citizens not to be extradited to the US under the one-sided Extradition Act 2003 – speaking here are Ashfaq Ahmad, father of Babar Ahmad and Julia O’Dwyer, mother of Richard O’Dwyer, both currently facing extradition to the US without knowing the full case against them. The families are calling for prosecutions in the UK for crimes committed in the UK if there is a case against their sons

25-June-2012: Campaigners protest at UK-US unfair extradition laws

The families of four men who are set to be extradited from the UK to the US in order to be tried in US courts for criminal offences, have staged a protest outside Downing Street in London on June 23, slamming the denial of the men’s right to a fair trial in Britain as their own country.


23-June-2012: AlJazeera English Coverage of Downing Street Demo

Janis Sharp is interviewed at a demonstration over the fact that an alleged offence committed on UK soil should be tried on UK soil. No American has ever been extradited for a crime committed while on American soil because they are protected British people have no protections. At the demo as well as the family of Gary McKinnon, the families of Richard O’Dwyer, Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan were there with many MPs and Human rights organisations.

23-June-2012: London Tonight Coverage of Downing Street Demo

Janis Sharp, mother of Gary McKinnon, interviewed by London Tonight after a Demo at Downing Street to demand a UK trial for all extraditions where the offence took place on UK soil. at the demo was the family of Richard O’Dwyer, Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan all of whom are facing extradition for alledged offences committed while on UK soil – no evidence has ever been presented of any extraditable crime by any of them.

23-June-2012: Talha Ahsan’s Father talks at extradition demo London

Talha Ahsan’s dad talks at a demo in London to demand that alleged offences committed on UK soil sould be tried in the UK. Talha Ahsan Richard O’Dwyer Gary McKinnon and Babar Ahmad are all fighting extradition to America for alleged offences commited on UK soil and for which not one shred of evidence has been given

20-June-2012: Zac Goldsmith Speaking at Parliamentary Meeting

Zac GoldSmith Speaks to a meeting in the house of commons about the unjust and imbalanced extradition treaty.  Present were many MPs Human rights organisations and the Families of Gary McKinnon, Richard O’Dwyer, Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan

20-June-2012: Lord Maginnis Speaking at Parliamentary Meeting

Lord Maginnis of Drumglass Speaks to a meeting in the house of commons about the unjust and imbalanced extradition treaty.  Present were many MPs Human rights organisations and the Families of Gary McKinnon, Richard O’Dwyer, Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan

20-June-2012: Edward Grange Speaking at Parliamentary Meeting

Edward Grange Speaks to a meeting in the house of commons about the unjust and imbalanced extradition treaty. Present were many MPs Human rights organisations and the Families of Gary McKinnon, Richard O’Dwyer, Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan.

20-June-2012: David Bermingham Speaking at Parliamentary Meeting

David Bermingham Speaks to a meeting in the house of commons about the unjust and imbalanced extradition treaty. Present were many MPs Human rights organisations and the Families of Gary McKinnon, Richard O’Dwyer, Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan

20-June-2012: John McDonnell Speaking at Parliamentary Meeting

John McDonnell speaks to a meeting in the house of commons about the unjust and imbalanced extradition treaty.  Present were many MPs Human rights organisations and the Families of Gary McKinnon, Richard O’Dwyer, Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan

20-June-2012: Gareth Peirce Speaking at Parliamentary Meeting

Gareth Pierce speaks to a meeting in the house of commons about the unjust and imbalanced extradition treaty. Present were many MPs Human rights organisations and the Families of Gary McKinnon, Richard O’Dwyer, Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan

20-June-2012: Ashfaq Ahmad Speaking at Parliamentary Meeting

Ashfaq Ahmad, Babar Ahmad’s Dad Speaks to a meeting in the house of commons about the unjust and imbalanced extradition treaty present were many MPs Human rights organisations and the Families of Gary McKinnon, Richard O’Dwyer, Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan

Capture Your Solidarity and Support for Babar Ahmad

Every week, the Free Babar Ahmad campaign receives messages of support from around the world which not only give us an indication of how much this case has touched the hearts of people worldwide, but also boosts the morals of Babar and his family. We are now...

Parliamentary Meeting Review

  Scores of politicians, lawyers, journalists and activists joined the families of Babar Ahmad, Talha Ahsan, Gary McKinnon and Richard O’Dwyer at an emergency meeting at the House of Commons on Wednesday 20 June 2012 to discuss their impending extradition.   There was...

Letter from Ashfaq Ahmad to the Prime Minister David Cameron

  23/06/12Dear Prime Minister, Re: Babar Ahmad I moved to Britain in 1963 and spent 25 years in the service of Her Majesty’s government. I paid my taxes and contributed to the fabric of this nation, as have all my children. My son, Babar Ahmad, a British citizen, has...

UK Tour of New Powerful Documentary “Extradition”

  Extradition is a film that explores the injustices of the Extradition Act 2003 through the suffering of two individuals and their families. The act stipulates that any British Citizen can be extradited to the US without their government even providing prima facie...

20-06-12: House of Commons Meeting on Extradition

    Wednesday, June 20, 2012 6:00pm until 8:00pm Committee Room 10, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA   Important meeting on Extradition Featuring   Caroline Lucas MP John Hemming MP Victoria Brittain David Bermingham (Natwest Three) Sir Iqbal Sacranie Ashfaq Ahmad...

25-May-2012: Erosion of civil rights of Muslims

  Sir, It was important that you gave the story of Babar Ahmad a prominent position in your newspaper. It had to be a MUSLIM, the only person serving the longest in Britain without trial. There would have been an outcry if he was a Jew or a Christian and a national...


    Persevere! Persevere! Life is too dear To worry and care Or fret and fare   Persevere! Persevere! Never live in fear Like the lion in its lair For only cowards never dare   Persevere! Persevere! When life seems unfair Don’t you shed a tear For relief is always...

Statement in the New Statesman

The We Are Babar Ahmad campaign will be taking out a full page advert with a letter to the Prime Minister regarding the UK-US extradition treaty.

UPDATE: The letter is published in the latest edition of the New Statesman. If you can’t get a copy, you can see the letter here.

27-April-2012: British justice subcontracted to the US

Prime Minister, David Cameron, has welcomed the European Court of Human Rights ruling that five terror suspects, including Babar Ahmad, Britain’s longest detained prisoner without trial, can be extradited to the US.

Will the real Lord Carlile please stand up?

Fahad Ansari

Following the decision of the European Court of Human Rights on 10 April 2012 in relation to British terror suspect Babar Ahmad and his extradition to the US, Liberal Democrat peer and senior barrister Lord Carlile made a number of comments to the media which seem legally questionable and contradictory to opinions he has publicly stated in the past.

Action Alert: Mobilize to Stop the Extradition of Babar Ahmad to the US

With the decision of the European Court of Human Rights on Babar’s case imminently due and in light of the tragic extradition of British pensioner Christopher Tappin to the US, the Free Babar Ahmad (FBA) Campaign is urging all supporters to take action this Friday 23 March 2012 to mobilize to stop Babar’s extradition to the US.

Please read the appeal below from Babar’s father, Ashfaq Ahmad, and see what you can do to help.


How Najma Taught Us How To Live

by Babar Ahmad

[Science lecturer Najma Yasmin Gani from South London passed away at the age of 34 on 10 March 2012 after a six-year battle with leukaemia (blood cancer). Babar Ahmad writes about the correspondence he exchanged with her from prison during the final months of her life.]

15-March-2012: No excuses for delaying action on extradition reform

I was delighted to hear the prime minister raising the thorny question of which countries should prosecute offences (Obama pays gushing tribute to special relationship, 15 March). This has featured prominently in the outcry over high-profile extradition cases like those of Gary McKinnon and Babar Ahmed. As business and communication becomes increasing internationalised, it will also become more important.

30-Jan-2012: Case of the week: Human rights

R (on the application of BBC) v Secretary of State for Justice (2012) EWHC 13 (Admin). Queen’s Bench Division (Administrative Court). Singh, J; Hooper, LJ. 11


16-Jan-2011: May’s U-turn on US extradition treaty

Martin Bentham, Home Affairs Editor

Theresa May is preparing to abandon efforts to rewrite the Government’s extradition treaty with the US despite claims that it is unfair to British citizens.

21-Dec-2011: McKinnon family snubbed by judge

by Paddy McGuffin, Home Affairs Reporter

A former judge whose report on the Anglo-US extradition treaty concluded there was no bias towards the US did not bother to speak to British citizens fighting extradition, MPs have heard.

21-Dec-2011: Extradition: Babar Ahmad’s limbo

  Babar Ahmad's family say they feel 'insulted and cheated' by the way the government have treated the case of their loved one.     After languishing in a UK high security prison for the past seven years without trial, the CPS on Thursday revealed they had sent the...

30-Dec-2011: British Muslim detained in Britain without charge for over seven years

People held in jail for years without charge or trial are normally associated tinpot dictatorships, banana republics or regimes like Israel. But this is not the case for 37-year-old IT specialist Babar Ahmad, who has been in jail for more than seven year. He is Britain’s longest detained-without-charge British prisoner held as part of the global ‘war on terror’.

I Will Always Live Free

By Babar Ahmad

2nd December 2011

Written on the 8th Anniversary of Police Assault


the process here in the UK could have been much faster.

of course

an e-petition on behalf of Mr Ahmad calling for him to be put on trial in the UK has attracted more than 140

we recognised that there were long-standing and deeply held concerns about the UK’s extradition arrangements with other EU member states and about our extradition treaty with the United States. That is why in the coalition’s programme for government we made a clear commitment to review the operation of the Extradition Act 2003 and the US-UK extradition treaty to ensure that they were even- handed. That was why the Home Secretary announced an independent review to be chaired by Sir Scott Baker and assisted by two lawyers—an important point given some of the criticisms of the Baker commission—who between them had extensive experience of extradition from prosecution and defence perspectives…

for an international arrest warrant or

both of which require that the probable cause test is met in the United States of America. The argument that the treaty is imbalanced is simply not made.

I do not think that the ambassador to the Court of St James—the extraordinary plenipotentiary of the United States—behaves in a diplomatic way when he starts telling this House how we ought to consider our business. I like to think what the noise would be in Washington if our ambassador there decided to suggest to the Senate or to the House of Representatives how they ought to conduct their business. Sitting as he does in his grand fortress in Grosvenor square like some Persian satrap

as we know

because of that great power

as the NatWest Three or Enron Three were

they will accept a plea bargain that is made to look very enticing and attractive. They can have a massively long sentence of multiple years on the one hand or a very short sentence on the other. What will they do? Of course they will accept the plea-bargain. I think that that is incredibly unfair. If people in that situation have committed a crime

Caroline Lucas MP – Extradition Babar Ahmad

Westminster Hall debate on extradition – 24/11/11. Caroline Lucas MP speaks about Babar’s arrest and the fact he sustained at least 73 injuries. She also highlights the fact that the CPS has admitted for the first time it was never given the evidence that was sent to the US apart from a “few documents”.

Keith Vaz MP – Extradition Babar Ahmad

Westminster Hall debate on extradition – 24/11/11. Keith Vaz MP talks about looking at the extradition treaty again to see what changes can be made.

25-Nov-2011: CPS ‘outsourced justice to US’

by Paddy McGuffin, Home Affairs Reporter

British prosecutors have allowed an alleged terror suspect fighting extradition to the US to languish behind bars for years without reviewing all the evidence against him, Green MP Caroline Lucas has claimed.

25-Nov-2011: Babar Ahmad evidence hidden from UK prosecutors

Members of the British parliament have called for a change in the UK-US extradition treaty. Debating the matter in parliament, MPs said the current system favoured the US at the expense of the rights of UK citizens. The case of Babar Ahmad, a British citizen who has been imprisoned for seven years without charge or trial, was also highlighted.

I answered debates. At the Foreign Office

in a criminal justice system that was falling apart at the seams in many ways. The Foreign Office had a difficult job to do in trying to ensure that those people got justice.

as that is an important principle. Our debate is in Westminster Hall

it is a good principle that Parliament and elected politicians do not decide on the innocence or guilt of any individual; I am sure that she was not saying that they should. They can decide on matters such as whether they or the House have been lied to and whether there has been a breach of privilege.

to say the least

the topic has its own specific importance and should be debated properly on its own.

whose nightmare came to an end only earlier this year following a three-year process in which Andrew was finally extradited in 2009 after an arrest warrant had been issued in 2008. He subsequently spent one year in jail in Greece

whom I have been privileged to get to know very well. They put their lives on hold when they went to Greece to support their son while he was in jail for a year. That gross misuse of the European arrest warrant meant that Frank Symeou’s business inevitably suffered; indeed

this case also has cross-party backing

requesting that the matter be properly debated in the main Chamber of the House of Commons. Today’s revelations by the CPS make the case for a full debate with a vote even more urgent

Babar was awarded £60

even though he has been found to have no case to answer in this country. The US has alleged that Babar was running a website that solicited funds for terrorist organisations

and the fact that he sustained at least 73 injuries

the Metropolitan police force finally admitted liability in the royal courts of justice in London and said that it had carried out the assault on Babar Ahmad in December 2003. The then Metropolitan Police Commissioner

000 signatures

as do the campaign’s many supporters. Officially

without charge and without trial

the cases of Babar and Talha remind us that one of the most fearful things about it—people being held without charge and without trial—is happening on UK soil at the behest of the US.

for example

with which I feel very uncomfortable. I welcome the fact that my right hon. Friend the Deputy Prime Minister

in his view

but the review is independent

first because

because the Minister has a dilemma. An independent review has taken place

or part of it

because that colleague has done that kind of thing before. Belief is a higher test than suspicion


about when the actus reus of the offence is alleged to have taken place in the UK—in particular

but many members of my Committee

the review finds that any future amendment to the framework decision underpinning the EAW should include a proportionality test to be applied in the issuing state. That broadly echoes a recommendation from our report.

on the application of the Human Rights Act 1998

I do not believe that there is any justification for the Baker committees recommendation that the Home Secretary’s authority on that should be transferred to the legal system. Baker says that there should be a removal because of delay being caused if it is invoked and because determination of extradition should be exclusively a judicial process. That

on the matter of forum

but in the country to which they are extradited. We know that the availability of public funds


that if the significant difference in the approach in the United States is

Janice Sharp

and her campaign to reform extradition for the sake of other UK citizens. The Baker review made reference to Gary McKinnon’s case

the evidence should be available

it should be possible to withdraw arrest warrants. I understand that in Poland once a warrant has been issued it is impossible to withdraw it.

with extraordinary calm

who had retired there and who was unwell. She tried to return to the UK after her holiday

in 2007

she found herself stripped at gunpoint at the airport by Turkish police. According to the police—whose behaviour

24-Nov-2011: Babar Ahmad and e-petitions ‘we want a debate, not magic beans’

By Fahad Ansari

David Cameron promoted the new system of e-petitions as “an important way of empowering people”. In August 2011 he said one of the main points of the e-petitions website was to “make sure that if a certain level of signatures is reached, the matter will be debated in the House, whether we like it or not”.

22-Nov-2011: Parliament urged to reconsider Babar Ahmad debate

One hundred leading barristers and solicitors have signed an open letter to the Leader of the House of Commons, Sir George Young, requesting a full parliamentary debate on the issue of putting Babar Ahmad on trial in the UK. The lawyers, who include Michael Mansfield QC (Tooks Chambers), James Wood QC (Doughty Street Chambers), Kirsty Brimelow QC (Doughty Street Chambers) and Karen Todner, solicitor for Gary McKinnon, stated: “It is concerning when Parliament dismisses the concerns of over 140,000 people who have called for this debate. Far from being “an important way of empowering people”, such a conclusion will only further alienate a public whose goodwill is being taken for granted. The petition to put Babar Ahmad on trial in the UK must be debated in the main Chamber of the Commons, whether the government like it or not. It is not just the liberty of Babar Ahmad at stake but the sovereignty of our criminal justice system.”

20-Nov-2011: E-petitions listed for debate

Natascha Engel believes the system of e-petitions needs to be reformed on the basis that the system is out of control and there is insufficient time to debate all petitions that cross the “magic 100,000 threshold” (Debate organiser warns of disillusionment, 16 November).

PRESS RELEASE: Parliament dismisses over 140,500 calls for Commons debate on Babar Ahmad



The Free Babar Ahmad (FBA) Campaign is overwhelmed by the response of the British public to the e-petition to put Babar Ahmad on trial in the UK. In just three months, a record breaking 140,529 individuals had signed the e-petition taking it to the top three on the e-petitions website when it closed.


18-Oct-2011:UK extradition review: Key cases

By Dominic Casciani and Vanessa Barford

The coalition government pledged to review extradition. The review, led by Sir Scott Baker, a former Court of Appeal judge, looked at extradition arrangements to the US and the European Union, which are covered by two separate pieces of law.

‘Try terror suspect in UK’ petition

Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for terror suspect Babar Ahmad to be tried in the UK instead of being extradited to the US.

UK citizen awaiting fighting against extradition and for a fair trial

Babar Ahmad has been held without charge or trial in a British high security prison for seven years. He’s still awaiting extradition to the US, where the authorities accuse him of raising money to support Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan in the late 1990s. He strenuously denies the accusations and says he’s a victim of the war on terror.

Terror suspects isolated and in limbo, says prisons inspector

Chief inspector of prisons’ report raises fresh concerns about group of national security detainees at Long Lartin jail

Alan Travis

The chief inspector of prisons has raised fresh concerns about a group of national security detainees who are being held in a special unit at Long Lartin high security jail in Worcestershire.

Long Lartin unit for terror suspects criticised

By Dominic Casciani

BBC News home affairs correspondent

A watchdog has criticised a maximum-security “prison within a prison”, saying too little attention is paid to the terrorism suspects’ isolation.

Isolated and in limbo: Britain’s prison shame

by Paddy McGuffin, Home Affairs Reporter

Alleged terror suspects held without charge at a high-security unit at a Worcestershire jail are “isolated” and in “legal limbo,” the chief inspector of prisons warned today.

1-Jan-2011: Solitary

30,000 supermax prisoners in the US are denied any human contact. So how does it affect them? Sharon Shalev goes inside

Media Articles 7

28-Aug-2004 : Keep raising the Babar Ahmad case- Letter from Dr Adnan Siddiqui The Socialist Worker 19-Aug-2004 : Terrorism suspect deemed escape risk Wandsworth Guardian...

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24-Dec-2004 : New violence claims in terror suspect case Wandsworth Borough News   15-Dec-2004 : Union will campaign to free ex-student imprisoned under terror laws Felix...

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16-Mar-2005 : Message to peace marchers from Babar Ahmad Socialist Worker   12-Mar-2005 : Martin Mubanga backs Babar Ahmad campaign Socialist Worker...

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p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }a:link { } 28-May-2005 : Keep fighting for Babar Ahmad Socialist Worker   21-May-2005 : Babar Ahmad hearing blow Socialist Worker...

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20-Oct-2005 : Presiding over the profound and petty at UK court Reuters   20-Oct-2005 : Thousands rally behind Tooting terror suspect to stop extradition Wandsworth Borough News...

Media Articles 2

30-Jun-2006 : Babar's last chance Muslim Weekly   23-Jun-2006 : One sided US Extradition Treaty 'radicalising British Muslims'...

Media Articles 1

03-Feb-2008 : 'Police bugged Muslim MP Sadiq Khan' Sunday Times :   14-Jun-2007 : Suspect faces extradition Asian Image...

Messages of Support 36

My Dear Brother Babar, EID MUBARAK Please don't worry may ALLAH bless you, You will soonly release. Our prayers always with you, The almighty ALLAH see everything. He will mostly bless on your situation. Please be patient. INSHA~ALLAH Aap Ko Gheib Se Madad Milegi Aur...

Messages of Support 35

May ALLAH protect you from all evil. Ameen. Faisal Faridi, USA Monday 21st December 2009   I am not a Muslim, but I was horrified to hear of what has been done to you. No one deserves to be treated like this because of their religion. I hope you get justice for this,...

Messages of Support 34

Congratulations on winning the case against the police for their brutality. Let's hope we defeat the extradition and then work to amend the extradition treaty so no other poor souls come under it's influence. On behalf of Gary McKinnon ..., London Thursday 19th March...

Messages of Support 33

Please let him be free because he has not done anything wrong. Allah is with you. do not worry brother. No one can punish you without the of will of Allah (swt). Remember Allah (swt) and Allah (swt) will remember you. Abdirahman, London Friday 26th September 2008  ...

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Allah is testing you, keep holding on to the rope of Allah (swt). Remember that this life is nothing compared to the afterlife. Dip your finger into the ocean... the drop of water on your finger is this life and the ocean is the afterlife. May Allah (swt) make it...

Messages of Support 31

I'm a 15 year old student and this case has been brought to my attention by my Law teacher and i would like to show my support. I felt angry and annoyed about it and how it is being treated when i first heard about this. You are going to be in my prayers and i hope,...

Messages of Support 30

I am disgusted by this new repression that we are suffering in this country. Terrorism is any act that uses terror to achieve its end. I've no doubt that the British and US governments are using a wholly exaggerated threat of terror to bring about draconian repression...

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May Allah give you strength and sustenance against what you face in this dunya. Ameen. Muslim, London Sunday 16th September 2007   My brother, if there is someone who can come through this test then surely it is you. You are the role model and we have always looked up...

Messages of Support 28

Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah. Insha Allah you and your family will be happy in this life and the hereafter. Please remember the verse of the Qur'an, "Do people think that they will be left alone because they say, 'We believe,' and will not be tested. And We indeed...

Messages of Support 27

In teh Name of Allah, May all glory and Praise Be to Allah, Assalamualakun wa rahmatulah wa barakatu, May Allah and his angels be with Babar Ahmed and His Family. This is truly a crime against humanity, and with immense trail and hardship, come redemption. Inshallah,...

Messages of Support 26

As the Quran say's 'They plot, so we plot, and Allah is the best of plotters' The UK and USA have plans for Muslims, but Allah is most aware of the plans of non believers. I just found out about this ordeal, and I will say a prayer for you brother. Danny Haddad,...

Messages of Support 25

As Salaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu, Insh'Allah ta'ala akhi I hope your release is soon. I cant bare the thought of another Muslim suffering at the hands of the kuffar. I ask Allah aza wa jaal that He hastens your release, and thet He joins you with your...

Messages of Support 24

Dear Babar, so sorry to hear you lost the extradition battle.May Allah(swt) shower you and your family with His Mercy and with His Blessings for all the pain you are enduring with such sabr. "Say:He is (Allah)Most Gracious:we have believed in Him, And on Him have we...

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our duas are with you ,This is what they call justice and wonder why there is so much resentment towards the british justice system. Arfan Butt, London Tuesday 17th October 2006   Allah still given you life and he has given you sanity and much more. Thank Allah - your...

Messages of Support 22

Assallamu-alaikum my dearest brother. I have just read your article "Two years in captivity". I was saddened by the imminence of the proceedings but joyful at the level of your imaan. I hope and pray that you are succesful in the test that Our Creator has set for you,...

Messages of Support 21

Dear Babar, I have recently written to the prime minister in an attempt to highlight the injustice of the current UK extration treaty. I hope that it might help, good luck AJ Bladderwait Arthur J. Bladderwait, U.K. Wednesday 12th July 2006   Assalamu alaikum May Allah...

Messages of Support 20

I'd like to wish Babar Ahmed and his family and supporters my best wishes. I support your campaign. Willie Clark, Dundee Friday 7th July 2006   May Allah make you stronger than you already are, surely ALLAH takes cares of His believers, your name is mentioned in my...

Messages of Support 19

Bismillah-hir-Rahmaan-nir-Raheem Alhamdulillah. Assalaatu wassalaam ala Rasoolillah Assalaamu alaykum wrb Dear Brother Babar, My dear brother, I pray that you are in the very best of health and the strongest of imaan. Although I have never met you, I am hurting for...

Messages of Support 18

asalam may allah(swt)guide and look after you brother the truth will come out in the end inshaallah stick to your faith it will see you threw the dark days Mrs Julie Sarri, London Saturday 18th March 2006   Asalam alaykum, Invocation of Yunus 'None who is experiencing...

Messages of Support 17

Assalaam o alikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakathu Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilayhl Raji'oon (From Allah subhanhau wa ta la we come and to him we return) To Barbar Ahmad to his family & Friends My best dua goes out to you all Amin.To all the brothers at Guantanamo who...

Messages of Support 16

Assalamualaikum! May Allah SWT give you the strength and all muslims to help free Babar Ahmad and other innocent muslims whom have fallen prey to this injustice. Justice prevails so never fear. You have the full support of the Ummah, most importantly of Allah SWT. My...

Messages of Support 15

Assalamulikum Brothers & Sisters and relatives,Family members of Baaber Ahmed. The Ummah is with You Like the Ummah is with the lost children of Palistine and the Sisters and Mothers of this Ummah in your struggle for justice we are with You!!! May Allah keep you...

Messages of Support 14

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu, One of the great scholars once said, 'If the kings of the world knew what was in our hearts (of faith in Allah), they would fight us for it." Br. Babar,your iman and patience through this trial has been an example for all...

Messages of Support 13

I was saddened and upset to read the story on your website. I knew when the Extradition Act was passed the results would be something like this, and that it would make someone like Mr Ahmad the lightning rod for our fears. I am so sorry I did not do more at the time...

Messages of Support 12

I was very saddened and angry to see the news today that babar was to be extradited. My prayers are with your family and I cant even imagine to think what you must be going through. May allah swt give your family strength and patience in these difficult times. Saima,...

Messages of Support 11

There are thousands of people, Musilms and non-Muslims who are outraged by the issues regarding Baber Ahmad!!!!!! Kamona, Birmingham Monday 17th October 2005   May Allah give u strength. Our dua's are with the brother and his family. Whatever happened to innocent til...

Messages of Support 10

This is a poem good to notice.. by ibn taymiya (i cannot remember the original poem, but it sounds like this) "I have in my chest both my heaven and my garden, if i travel they are with me and if i get imprisoned they are with me. And they NEVER leave me!",...

Messages of Support 9

Hang on in there Babar, there is always room for justice.... Phil Brand., Tooting-Broadway, London, England. Sunday 24th July 2005   Perhaps this extension by the Home Secretary could work in your favour. It gives the Free Babar Ahmad team more time to mobilise...

Messages of Support 8

you are in my thoughts and supplications. Have not had a response from my MP but will keep fighting your corner bro. Shehzad, Reading Friday 1st July 2005   I hope and pray that you are given the freedom that is rightfully yours as soon as possible. May Allah the...

Messages of Support 7

'Those who strive in Our cause - we will guide them to Our path, for verily Allah is with those who do right' (Quran 29:69) This is a test and God does not burden a soul more than it can bear. There are many out there who care about your plight. You are not forgotten....

Messages of Support 6

I knew Babar Ahmad whilst at Imperial College as we trained in the same martial arts class. I always found Babar to be a considerate and sensitive man who treated everyone with kindness and respect. I am shocked by the allegations he faces. I am greatly disturbed by...

Messages of Support 5

I sincerely pray for your release brother. These people are doing as they wish planning and plotting against Allah (swt) but as we know Allah is the best of planners. I pray for you as well as the other brothers and sisters who are facing injustice in a so called just...

Messages of Support 4

May the peace and blessings of All-Mighty Allah be with my brother Babar Ahmed and may Allah free him of all accusations made againsts him and his family. May Allah prevent Babar Ahmed and his family from distress. Ameen. May Allah free Babar Ahmed May Allah free...

Messages of Support 3

My dear brother Babar, May Allah (SWT) the Lord of all that exists, bless you, your family and this ummah. The Prophets were tortured by the enemies of Allah (SWT)- the King of Kings, but in turn it increased their Iman and Taqwah. Indeed Allah (SWT) the Protector of...

Messages of Support 2

I would just like to say that our thoughts and duas are with you and your family. Inshallah Babar will recieve reward for his jihad (struggle) and please be patient and understand that Allah chooses his best servants to test them and therefore do not be disheartended...

Babar is standing as a candidate in the General Election

It was announced today outside Bow Street Magistrates Court that Babar will be standing as a candidate in the General Election for the Human Rights Group Peace and Progress. The party Peace and Progress was founded by the world famous actors Vanessa and Corin...

Statement by Babar Ahmad’s family in response to 17th May verdict

Today the District Judge, Timothy Workman, gave a detailed ruling which supported the extradition of Babar Ahmad to the United States of America. He has handed the matter over to the Home Secretary for his final decision. Babar Ahmad has the right to appeal the...

Message from Babar Ahmad in response to Judge Workman’s decision

The 17th May 2005 verdict, supporting my extradition to the U.S., was more than a nail in the coffin of British justice. It was a slap in the face of Britain’s two million Muslims. Since 9/11, British Muslims have grovelled at the feet of the Government. This verdict...


We, the family of Babar Ahmad, have received today the news that the Home Secretary has decided to extradite Babar to the United States. This is a sad day for Britain and an even sadder day for British Muslims. In effect this sends a message to British Muslims that...

Babar Ahmad is NOT UK Terror Trial Supergrass Mohammad Babar

Due to some confusion which has arisen, some people mistakenly believe that Babar Ahmad is the same man who has pleaded guilty to terrorism charges in the US and is currently giving evidence in the "Bomb Plot" trial in the UK. The supergrass in this trial is called...

Statement from Fiona Murphy (Babar Ahmad’s solicitor) (18/03/09)

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Paul Stephenson hastoday admitted that his officers subjected Mr Babar Ahmad to graveabuse tantamount to torture during his arrest on 2 December 2003. Thisdramatic development arose during the course of Mr Amad’s civil...


Five years ago, in December 2003, Babar Ahmad was released from police custody. He was battered and bruised from head to toe. He was limping and we could not even embrace him due to his injuries. In our fight for justice, many doors were slammed in our faces. Firstly...


Statement of Babar Ahmad upon Judgment being given in his favour in his action against the Metropolitan Police After 5 years of denial, I am pleased today that the Metropolitan Police has accepted that its officers subjected me to horrific abuse on the night of 2nd...

24/03/05 Bow Street Magistrates Court Day 3: US Vs Babar Ahmad

US Vs Babar: Part 3 The Trial of Babar Ahmad: Remand and Review Hearing Thursday 24th March 2005 "My words fly up, my thoughts remain below: Words without thoughts never to heaven go." Hamlet , William Shakespeare Two days before the hearing commenced, Babar Ahmad was...

20/04/05 Bow Street Magistrates Court Day 5: US Vs Babar Ahmad

US Vs Babar Ahmad Part 5: U.S. Embassy on a frolic of its own ? Wednesday 20th April 2005 The extradition hearing for Babar Ahmad resumed at 10.30am on Wednesday 20th April 2005 after a two-day adjournment. Babar Ahmad appeared in person accompanied by four prison...

18/04/05 Bow Street Magistrates Court Day 4: US Vs Babar Ahmad

US Vs Babar Ahmad Part 4: To be signed or not to be signed, that is the question? Monday 18 April 2005 Court commenced at 10.30am. Babar was present in person accompanied by four Prison guards from HMP Belmarsh. Prosecution barrister John Hardy opened the hearing by...

11/07/06 US Vs Babar Ahmad: The High Court Day 1

US Vs Babar Ahmad High Court Drama: Day 1 Tuesday 11th July 2006 The High Court appeal hearing against the Home Secretary's decision to extradite Babar Ahmad began at the Royal Courts of Justice on Tuesday 11th July, 10.35 am . Meanwhile, over 200 supporters were...

12/07/06 US Vs Babar Ahmad: The High Court Day 2

US vs Babar Ahmad High Court Drama: Day 2 Wednesday 12th July The appeal hearing resumed at 10.30a.m. on Wednesday 12 July at the High Court. The Defence counsel continued to outline the points upon which they were appealing. Diplomatic Assurance The U.S has sought to...

13/07/06 US Vs Babar Ahmad: The High Court Day 3

US vs Babar Ahmad High Court Drama: Day 3 Thursday 13th July 2006 'The Good Faith of Uncle S.A.M' The third day of Babar's appeal at the High Court started slightly later than 10.30 a.m. due to problems in the video-link-up. Eventually it was fixed and the two judges,...

Masjid Yusuf (Mosque of Joseph)

A matchstick model of a pyramid style mosque with a flat base and four minarets made out of approximately 25000 matches by Babar Ahmad. The project started on 16 July 2008 and completed on 11 November 2009. It took 1000 man-hours to build spanning a duration of 1 year and 4 months. Its dimensions are approximately 490mm x 490mm x 490mm.

Free Babar Ahmad: The official campaign site giving updates on Babar Ahmad after his release from prison in July 2015 after 11 years

Babar Ahmad (born in London in 1974) is a British citizen and a Muslim of Pakistani descent, who was released in July 2015 after spending 11 years in prison in the US and Britain. From prison, he fought a public 8-year legal battle, seeking to be tried in Britain. The British Crown Prosecution Service concluded that there was “insufficient evidence to prosecute” him.

In 2009, the High Court in London awarded Babar £60,000 compensation after the London Metropolitan Police admitted that its officers had subjected him to “serious gratuitous prolonged unjustified violence” and “religious abuse” during his arrest which led to 73 forensically identified injuries. It was revealed that the officers, who abused Babarwere also accused of dozens of other assaults on black and Asian men. The revelation lead the Mayor of London Boris Johnson to order an independent review of the case. In 2010, the review led the Crown Prosecution Service to announce that four serving police officers would face criminal charges for assaulting Babar. The four officers were acquitted by a jury in June 2011, some of whom shook hands with the police officers that they had just acquitted. In October 2015, a London High Court of Justice judge ruled that PC Mark Jones, one of the officers acquitted in the Babar Ahmad case, assaulted and racially abused two Arab teenage boys in another case.

In 2011, celebrities and senior British lawyers backed a public campaign which led to 140,000 British citizens signing a UK Government e-petition calling for him to be tried in the UK. His case was subsequently debated twice in the British Parliament. Babar was extradited from Britain to the United States in 2012. After spending two years in solitary confinement at a US Supermax prison he pleaded guilty to “conspiracy and providing material support to terrorism”. His offence was allowing two articles supporting the Taliban to be posted on a website that he helped to set up in 1996.

In 2014, US federal Judge Janet Hall sentenced Babar to an unexpectedly lenient sentence and concluded that Babar Ahmad was not a terrorist. She ruled, “There was never any aid given by these defendants to effectuate a plot. By plot, I mean a terrorist plot … Neither of these two defendants were interested in what is commonly known as terrorism …” She described Babar Ahmad as a “good person” who she believed posed no threat to the public and stated she had weighed the seriousness of his crime with his good character after reading thousands of letters of support and hearing from British prison officials who described him as an exemplary inmate. Judge Hall said “It appears to me that he [Babar] is a generous, thoughtful person who is funny and honest. He is well liked and humane and empathetic… This is a good person who does not and will not act in the future to harm other people.”

On the 19th of July 2015, Babar Ahmad was finally returned to his family after spending 11 years in prison in the US and Britain.



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Babar Ahmad is a British citizen and a Muslim of Pakistani descent, who was released in July 2015 after spending 11 years in prison in the US and Britain. From prison, he fought a public 8-year legal battle, seeking to be tried in Britain. The British Crown Prosecution Service concluded that there was “insufficient evidence to prosecute” him.

Messages of Support 1

Many Pupils and teachers from Swanlea School (Whitechapel) have asked me to send their salaam to you including non-muslims. We all pray that you are freed from such conditions and are able to carry on giving us more inspiring words of wisdom. We await to hear from you...


Here are some useful links.

How to help

NEW : Sign the Petition to the Government calling for Babar to be put on trial in the UK - Click Here to Sign The Free Babar Ahmad campaign are urging all supporters to sign this petition to the British government to place Babar on trial in the UK . We need 100,000...

Statements from friends, work colleagues and family

To Whom It May Concern I have known Babar and his family for more than 15 years. When Babar and I were school children, we would often play sports together. In our late teens, we both attended Balham Mosque for study circles. I have also been on a couple of trips...

10-Jun-2009 : The Met can’t ignore torture claims

The Guardian Accusations of criminal torture and planted evidence are highly damaging. They must be thoroughly investigated Jenny Jones The latest depressing news of alleged...


Extradition Q & A relating to Babar Ahmad's case   Who is Babar Ahmad? Babar Ahmad, born in the UK in 1974, is the longest detained-without-trial British citizen, held as part of the global ‘War on Terror’. He has been in prison in the UK since 05 August 2004. At...

The Law

Details of relevant legislation.


A chronological listing of major events related to the case of Babar Ahmad

13-July-2015 Babar Ahmad released by the United States and returns to the UK as a free man after 11 years in prison.

16-July-2014 Judge Janet Hall sentences Babar to another 12 months in prison after declaring that he is a “good person” who was “never interested in terrorism.” She says, “It appears to me that he [Babar] is a generous, thoughtful person who is funny and honest. He is well liked and humane and empathetic… This is a good person who does not and will not act in the future to harm other people.”

The Dark Night

The night is dark and there’s no sign of light.

The tunnel is long and there’s no end in sight.

Cry of the Caged Bird

Beyond the mask and beyond the front.

Beyond the name and beyond the image.

The Facts

Some facts about the Extradition Act 2003.

The Story

Police Case

Babar Ahmad was first arrested at his Tooting home on 02 December 2003 by UK anti-terrorist police of 1 Unit 1 Area Territorial Support Group based at Paddington Green high-security police station. By the time he arrived in the custody suite of the police station, he had sustained at least 73 injuries, all later documented by both police and independent doctors, as well as in photographic and video evidence.

11-Oct-2012: Alun Jones QC: Hamza should have been tried here

  Why was Abu Hamza extradited to the US for crimes he is alleged to have committed in this country? We asked, repeatedly, why no prosecution had been instituted in the UK, but were never given an answer. The position is plain. Our prosecutors say, if the Americans...

11-Jan-12: No gag for detainee, rules judge

by Paddy McGuffin, Home Affairs Reporter

Government attempts to prevent alleged terror suspect Babar Ahmad being interviewed by the BBC while in detention were thrown out by the High Court today.

10-April-2012: Babar Ahmad family to fight US extradition

Babar is a British citizen accused of a crime said to have been committed in the UK and all the evidence against him was gathered in this country. British justice appears to have been subcontracted to the US. This should be immediately rectified by putting Babar on trial in the UK and ordering a full public inquiry into the matter.”

Statement from Birnberg Peirce on ECHR Decision

Statement from Birnberg Peirce and Partners, lawyers representing men facing extradition from Britain to the US, following the judgment handed down by the European Court of Human Rights in the case Babar Ahmad and Others on 10 April 2012

Re: Babar Ahmad and Others: European Court of Human Rights decision 10th April 2012

10-April-2012: Julia O’Dwyer Speaks Out Against ECHR Ruling

The Huffington Post UK  |  By Dina Rickman

The approval of five terror suspects held in Britain for extradition to the US has reignited calls for alleged criminals to be tried in the UK rather than America, over concerns their humans rights will be violated.

10-April-2012: Babar Ahmad ‘is not a terrorist’

  Ashfaq Ahmad says his son should be allowed to clear his name by facing trial in the UK, rather than being extradited to the US on terrorism charges. European Court of Human Rights judges have ruled the Government can lawfully extradite Babar Ahmad and four others,...



At 2.15pm on Wednesday 11th January 2012, The High Court will deliver judgment on the case R(BBC & Dominic Casciani & Babar AHMAD) vs. Secretary of State for Justice. Babar Ahmad is the longest British detainee held without charge or trial in the modern history of the UK, having been imprisoned since August 2004 (seven and a half years) fighting extradition to the US. He is accused of supporting Chechen and Afghan insurgents on the internet. In November 2011, over 140,000 people signed an official Government e-petition in support of his case, which led to two parliamentary debates on the issue.


Downing Street Demonstration: Halt the Extraditions! 23rd June

  DEMONSTRATION OUTSIDE DOWNING STREET SATURDAY 23rd JUNE, 1pm to 3pm HALT THE EXTRADITIONS of Gary McKinnon, Syed Talha Ahsan, Richard O’Dwyer, Babar Ahmad to the United States   Venue: Whitehall, outside Downing Street   Nearest tube: Westminster   Confirmed...

05-Oct-2012: 2 terror suspects extradited to Conn.

  JOHN CHRISTOFFERSEN, Associated Press NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — Two terrorism suspects charged with operating websites that sought to raise cash, recruit fighters and obtain equipment for terrorists in Afghanistan and Chechnya face a Connecticut court hearing on...

06-Aug-2012: Put Babar Ahmad on trial in Britain

Today, on the eighth anniversary of Babar Ahmad’s detention without trial in the UK (Comment is free, 6 April), we write to demand that the Crown Prosecution Service put him on trial immediately in this country.

06-Aug-2012: 8th Anniversary of Arrest and Detention of Babar Ahmad

This weekend, Babar Ahmad entered his 9th year of detention without trial. On the 5th August 2004, Babar Ahmad went to work and never came home. Instead, he was arrested and taken to prison where he remains to this day, detained without trial, fighting extradition to the US for a crime allegedly committed in the UK.

The Promised Land

    Wave after wave batters me, With brine, dark and cold, But I will get through this stormy sea, So my story will be told.   Fate tastes bitter on my lips My will is sapped, but not yet dead I breathe life in painful sips For destiny weighs heavier than lead.   From...

6-April-2012: Babar Ahmad should be freed now

Indigo Jo

Last night, BBC’s Newsnight interviewed Babar Ahmad, the man wanted for extradition to the USA on the grounds of receiving classified information and assisting mujahideen fighters in Afghanistan and Chechnya through his website, Azzam Publications.

6-April-2012: Baber Ahmad got the chance to speak out

Roshan Muhammad Salih, Press TV, London

A British man who’s been held without charge or trial for the last eight years has spoken publicly for the first time. Barbar Ahmad called his incarceration “psychological torture” and challenged the British authorities to put him on trial.

05-Oct-2012: Babar Ahmad: ‘I leave with my head held high’

South London computer expert Babar Ahmad says he will be extradited to the USA with his head held high.   Today, the High Court decided that he should be extradited to the US to face terror charges, along with radical Islamist cleric Abu Hamza and three others.  ...

05-Oct-2012: Local MP: ‘Big risk’ in the US to plead not guilty

  Shadow Justice Secretary, Sadiq Khan, is the MP for Tooting, where two of the men facing extradition - Babar Ahmad and Syed Ahsan - both live. He said:   The way criminal cases work in America means that defendants facing a trial are advised to plea-bargain. I...

05-Oct-2012: Ahmad’s father slams ‘shameful’ extradition

      The father of Babar Ahmad, the computer expert who lost his eight-year battle against extradition to the US today, said he was appalled at the decision to hand his son over to US authorities.   He said the decision would be remembered as a "shameful chapter in...

05-Oct-2012: UK / USA – IHRC denounces extradition decision

Extradition decision against Babar Ahmad, Syed Talha Ahsan, Khalid al Fawwaz, Adel Abdul Bary and Abu Hamza condemned.   The decision to extradite UK citizens Talha Ahsan and Babar Ahmed is a display of double standards by the so-called British Justice System. These...

05-Oct-2012: Moazzam Begg reads Babar Ahmad’s Statement outside High Court

Following the announcement of the judgment allowing the extradition of five men to the US under a one-sided extradition agreement between the US and UK, former Guantánamo Bay prisoner Moazzam Begg read out a statement on behalf of one of the men Babar Ahmad.

The other four men are Ahmad’s co-accused Syed Talha Ahsan; Abu Hamza Al-Masri, Adel Abdul Bary and Khaled Al-Fawwaz.

Over 100 supporters turned up to show their support when the judgment was made.

05-Oct-2012: Jeremy Corbyn MP & Moazzam Begg address extradition demo outside High Court

A last-ditch appeal and judicial review application were heard at the Royal Courts of Justice in London this week to prevent the removal to the US under a one-sided extradition agreement of British nationals Babar Ahmad, Talha Ahsan and three other men, accused of involvement in terrorist activity in the US. Following an 8-year ordeal in the case of Babar Ahmad, a recent attempt at a private prosecution of Babar Ahmad and his co-accused Talha Ahsan by businessman Karl Watkins was turned down by the Director of Public Prosecutions. The hearing was initially supposed to last two days but went on for almost a week. On Friday afternoon, judges ruled to allow the extraditions of all five men.

On Friday, the day of the judgment, over 100 supporters turned up and held a colourful and peaceful demonstration outside the court all day long. Prominent supporters included Jeremy Corbyn MP, former Guantánamo Bay prisoner Moazzam Begg, Lindsey German from the Stop The War Coalition and Murad Qureshi, London Assembly member. The judgment was made in the afternoon. 

Copyright – Aisha Maniar

5-Oct-2012: Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan lose final extradition appeal

by Ken Olende   The High Court has rejected final appeals from Babar Ahmad, Talha Ahsan and three other prisoners who have been fighting extradition to the US.   Babar Ahmad’s father spoke outside the court after the judgement on Friday afternoon. “The truth will...

05-Oct-2012: Judiciary Aborts British Civil Rights – Babar & Talha Final Verdict, High Court

A short film documenting the public solidarity stand against the Extradition of British Citizens to the U.S. on the day that the High Court delivers it’s final verdict, to the legal challenges made. 5th October 2012. Includes speeches/discussions with Talha Ahsan’s father, Syed Abu Ahsan and brother, Hamja; Moazzan Begg & Asim Qureshi from Cage Prisoners and members of the public.

05-Oct-2012: Babar and Talha: Detained Without Trial in UK, Now Facing Extradition to US

UK Column’s Patrick Henningsen reports from the Royal Courts of Justice in London on the case of Barbar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan, two Muslim men being held without trial for a collective total of 13 years in the UK – and facing extradition to the United Stated under suspicion of inciting terrorism. The court expects to rule on their extradition hearing today.

05-Oct-2012: Why was Babar Ahmad grouped together with Abu Hamza?

Lumping together the cases of five terror suspects has helped to deflect the seriousness of what has transpired today.   Reports, today have suggested how ‘radical Islamist cleric Abu Hamza and four other terror suspects’ have failed in last-ditch High Court bids to...

5-April-2012: Terror suspect wanted in US seeks trial in Britain

By DAVID STRINGER, Associated Press

LONDON (AP) — A terrorism suspect wanted in the United States and held for almost eight years in a U.K. jail as he awaits extradition urged authorities Thursday to put him on trial in Britain — speaking publicly after the BBC won a legal battle to interview him in prison.

3-Oct-2012: Liberty backs Babar Ahmad fight against extradition

by Rory MacKinnon Human rights charity Liberty said today it was weighing in on British-born Babar Ahmad's High Court plea to scupper plans to extradite him to the United States - the seemingly final act of a Kafkaesque saga.   Snatched from his Tooting home in a 2004...

Statement in The House Magazine

The We Are Babar Ahmad Campaign has taken a full page advert in this week’s The House Magazine which is read by MPs and civil servants. We are once again calling for”British Justice for British Citizens”. Click here to see the latest statement and the signatories that are supporting this statement.

Extradition: Talha Ahsan and Babar Ahmad [Video]

An exceptionally moving and informative film, ‘Extradition’, directed by Turab Shah, tells the tale of Babar Ahmed and Talha Ahsan who have been kept in prison without trial, and face extradition to the US, a country they have never set foot in.


This could be our last chance to save Babar and Talha. Act today, don’t delay before it’s too late. Every second counts.

1. Email the DPP and your MP today. If you’ve written once, write again.

2. Get every member of your family to do the same.

3. Ensure one friend per day minimum to do the same.

4. Get 10 members of your constituency to write an open letter to your MP in the local paper.

5. Arrange a delegation to visit your MP.

6. Write to every national paper which has covered the case calling fo a UK trial.

Full details at

02-Oct-2012: Carl Arrindell Interviews David Bermingham

Carl Arrindell is joined on Islam Channel’s ‘In Focus’ by David Bermingham — Author of ‘Price to Pay: The Inside Story of the NatWest Three’. As all last attempts are made in the UK courts this week at staying the extradition to the US of five British citizens who it is alleged are ‘terror suspects’ — including Babar Ahmed and Tahla Ahsan, David Bermingham provides a lucid and compelling account of what he sees as an unjust and unbalanced extradition arrangement between the UK and America. 2nd October 2012

1st-Oct-2012: Terror suspect Babar Ahmad bids to halt US extradition

  British terror suspect Babar Ahmad has launched a High Court appeal to halt his extradition to the US.   A judge has decided that his judicial review application will be heard with fellow suspects Abu Hamza and Khaled al-Fawwaz on Tuesday.   The judge is also...

1st-Oct-2012: Video: The Great Extradition Swindle

by Andy Worthington Last Monday, the long struggle of five alleged “terror suspects” against their extradition to the US — under the much-criticised US-UK Extradition Treaty of 2003 — was struck an apparently fatal blow when the European Court of Human Rights refused...

Solitary Confinement: Torture in Your Backyard

The 20-minute film “Solitary Confinement: Torture in Your Backyard” was produced by the National Religious Campaign Against Torture to give a voice to the thousands of prisoners held in solitary confinement cells across the United States. You will hear from survivors of solitary confinement, including Sarah Shourd, one of three American hikers arrested in Iran, who was held in solitary confinement for 14 months. You will also hear how the religious community in Maine took action that helped secure a 70% reduction in the number of Maine prisoners held in solitary confinement.

01-May-2012: Politicisation of the European Court of Human Rights

by Fahad Ansari

The doctrine of the separation of powers, by which governance is divided among three branches — the executive, legislative and the judiciary — is an old concept which was first developed in ancient Greece that continues to form the foundation of governance in most liberal democracies today.

9-Dec-2011: Plea to interview Babar Ahmed on TV

Lawyers for a prisoner who has been detained for more than seven years without trial have made a plea in the High Court for BBC television to be allowed to show the world his “prematurely aged” face.

PRESS RELEASE: Family of Babar Ahmad launches e-petition to mark the 7th anniversary of his detention without trial

Free Babar Ahmad

11 August 2011

This month marks the seventh anniversary of Babar Ahmad’s imprisonment without trial following an extradition request from the US. To mark the 7 year milestone, Babar Ahmad’s family have set up an e-petition on the official government website urging them to put him on trial in the UK. The family are aiming to get 100,000 signatures to force a parliamentary debate in his case. They have also released a photograph of family members to mark the 7th anniversary.

Seven Years in Captivity


Seven years ago this day

Walking to go home

Stopped by thieves on the way

With hearts hard like stone


Babar Ahmad Police Trial: A Verdict Based on Fear, not Fact?

They say a week is a long time in politics.  How about almost eight years, and counting, in the criminal “justice” system, with no end in sight. For Babar Ahmad, last Friday (3 June) saw the end of the trial of four police officers accused of assaulting him.

10-Dec-2011: UK denies prisoner interview right


Lawyers for a British Muslim prisoner who has been detained for more than seven years without trial have asked for a High Court order authorizing the broadcast of a televised interview.

Urgent Alert: Contact your MP to request they attend meeting to discuss Babar Ahmad e-petition

Following the e-petition to put Babar Ahmad on trial in the UK securing over 100,000 signatures, making it the third largest e-petition on the government website, the House of Commons Backbench Business Committee will soon be meeting to discuss whether a full parliamentary debate should take place or whether the matter can simply be discussed in Westminster Hall. No date has yet been scheduled for the meeting but we understand that it may happen very soon; potentially within this week.

5-Dec-2011: British challenge extradition rules with US


British parliamentarians are set to debate a controversial extradition treaty between Britain and the United States on Monday which has led to contested cases such as that of three former British bankers jailed in Texas.

5-Dec-2011: MP hits at extradition agreements

By Elizabeth Rigby and Helen Warrell

A backbench motion calling for urgent reform of the UK’s extradition rules with the US and the European arrest warrant was passed without a vote in the Commons on Monday night as ministers looked to avoid a clash with eurosceptic MPs concerned about the erosion of powers in a sensitive week for Anglo-European relations.

5-Dec-2011: BBC Asian Network – Nihal: Free Babar Ahmad?

Should Babar Ahmad be extradited to the USA? Plus members of parliament are to debate the UK government’s extradition treaty with the USA. With Fahad Ansari from the Free Babar Ahmad campaign and Professor Anthony Glees.

5-Dec-2011: Extradition – a lawyer’s view

As the House of Commons today holds a historic debate on the UK-US extradition treaty, leading barrister Alun Jones QC warns of an imbalance

By Tom Whitehead, Home Affairs Editor

05-June-2011: All four officers acquitted in Babar Ahmad assault trial


All four of the officers accused of assaulting Babar Ahmad in 2003 have been acquitted this morning at Southwark Crown Court. Detective Constable John Donohue said that he was “relieved” by the jury’s decision. The officers’ solicitor Colin Reynolds said that “they are hoping to put these unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations behind them.”


05-May-2011: Police beat, insulted Muslim detainee

Four Metropolitan police officers are charged with “sustained and very violent assault” against a Muslim during and after his detention over terrorism charges of which he was later cleared.

03-Nov-2011: Petition for Babar Ahmad to be Tried in the UK and Not Extradited to the US Reaches Target of 100,000 Signatures

By Andy Worthington

For Babar Ahmad, the British citizen held for seven years fighting his planned extradition to the US to face terrorism charges that were found to be hollow when investigated in the UK, the realisation that an e-petition to the British government, asking for him to be tried in the UK and not extradited to the US, has reached its target of 100,000 signatures, must be welcome news indeed.

03-Nov-2011: Babar Ahmad petition hits 100,000

A UK e-petition to give a British Muslim man a fair trial has surpassed the 100,000 signatures needed to force a parliamentary debate and vote. So far over 112,000 people have supported the campaign for Baber Ahmad who’s been held without charge or trial in British high security prisons for around seven years. Roshan Muhammed Salih reports from London, Press TV.

01-Nov-2011: Babar Ahmad petition hits 65,000 signatures

Over 65,000 people have signed a petition urging the British government to give a British Muslim man a fair trial in the UK. Baber Ahmed has been held for around 8 years without charge or trial in a British high security prison, in a case condemned by human rights campaigners. Roshan Muhammed Salih reports from London.

01-11-2011: Radio Manchester: Bayyina Foundation

Hamid Chaudry and Mohammad Quraishi of the Bayyina Foundation discuss the petition for Babar Ahmad as guests on the Manchester Asian radio programme “Indus” with Talat Farooq Awan.

Bhatt Murphy Statement on Acquittal of TSG Officers

Fiona Murphy, solicitor for Mr Ahmad of Bhatt Murphy said: “The criminal proceedings have taken their course and the jury has returned its verdict.  We now call upon the IPCC to put its abject failures in relation to this case to one side and to give proper consideration to the misconduct aspects.”

Messages of Support 37

Whilst you sleep at night the angels are watching over you. They stroke your face and blow strength into every part of your being. For you are a blessed man.When you awaken they smile and dance around you. they hide in your hair and garments and watch your day, they...


PRESS RELEASE BABAR AHMAD RESPONDS TO THE ACQUITTAL OF PC JONES CONTEMPT OF COURT ORDER DISCHARGED On 3 November 2009 PC Mark Jones of 1 Area TSG at Paddington was acquitted of racially aggravated assault, assault and misfeasance in public office following an incident...

Outstanding election result for “Terror suspect” candidate

In the early hours of Friday 06 May 2005 , it was announced that Babar Ahmad from the Peace and Progress party had received an outstanding 685 votes (nearly 2% of the total votes) for the Brent North constituency. This was a huge achievement for his election team who...

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