Today after 8 long years, justice has been served. My thoughts are with those victims of police crime for whom redress has never been achieved. With courage, strength and determination it is possible to attain justice.

As these police officers tortured me that morning in 2003, they taunted me: “you will remember this day for the rest of your life.” Indeed. But the same is now true for these officers as a result of the jury’s verdict today.

I would not have reached this point without the help of my family and years of hard work by Bhatt Murphy solicitors. I am also grateful for the support of many other people, some I know, many I’ve never met before. They all have given me the strength to fight for justice.

The material seized from my home that morning was sent to America, leading to the request for my extradition. No British court has ever considered the strength of this evidence. As a British man, I should be given a fair trial in Britain, just as these officers have received.

I deny any involvement in any terrorist activity and have done so under oath in this trial. I must be able to defend myself from such serious allegations in a British court, given the evidence was seized here, I was born and bred here, I have lived and worked here and I have no connection to America whatsoever.

Mr Cameron – I’ve been in prison almost 7 years, the equivalent to a 14 year sentence, yet have not been charged. My plea is simple – will you please back the British justice system and support British trials for British citizens?”


Notes to Editors

Please visit (Tel: 07585355581) for:

  • high resolution photographs of the injuries sustained by Babar on 3 December 2003

  • Babar’s two witness statements from ’08 and ’11

  • Mr Justice Rivlin’s judgment on the officers’ Abuse of Process Application (13/01/11)

  • Poem by Babar

For CCTV images of Babar’s arrest (inside and outside Charing Cross police station), please contact the CPS Press Office Tel: 020 3357 0906

Issued by: Melanie Riley, Bell Yard Communications Tel: 020 7936 2021 07775591244




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