It was announced today outside Bow Street Magistrates Court that Babar will be standing as a candidate in the General Election for the Human Rights Group Peace and Progress. The party Peace and Progress was founded by the world famous actors Vanessa and Corin Redgrave. The party was initially put into force to highlight the many Human Rights abuses taking place in Britain and at the hands of the British Government.

Babar will be standing in the constituency of Brent North, London , a seat currently held by Labour. Babar firmly believes that civil rights and liberties have been sacrificed in Britain in an attempt to create a climate of fear among the population. Draconian policies such as racial and religious profiling, detention without trial and extradition without evidence coupled with police brutality with no accountability have stained the reputation of the British Justice System. Babar wants the British voters to use their votes to voice their opposition to such politics of fear. Voting for Babar symbolizes the British public’s opposition to this suspension of civil rights, which millions of British men and women sacrificed their lives for over fifty years ago.

Corin Redgrave, co-founder of Peace and Progress today said:

“One of the principle human rights concerns that we, Peace and Progress have, is detention without trial. Babar Ahmad’s case is a perfect example of that and how a British citizen can be arrested in this country, severely beaten and tortured by the arresting police, released by the police without charge, with no evidence to bring against him, but nevertheless face extradition to America under conditions where it is impossible for him to prove his innocence, and even face the possibility of torture and execution. It’s a form of judicial kidnapping which has been agreed by Britain and America .

“As a candidate for Peace and Progress Babar Ahmed will enable a wider audience to see all the issues involved in his case and prove his innocence. A vote for Babar is a vote for justice.”

(click here to view the full text of the press release)

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