We, the family of Babar Ahmad, have received today the news that the Home Secretary has decided to extradite Babar to the United States. This is a sad day for Britain and an even sadder day for British Muslims. In effect this sends a message to British Muslims that there is no “legal and democratic” means to air your concerns: you must use other ways to get justice. We utilised every “legal and democratic means” to fight this decision. We held protests, wrote letters, lobbied MPs and compiled petitions of over 15,000 signatures, some even from as far away as New Zealand; but all of this amounted to nothing to the Government. This did however, show the world how many people have come together bravely in the fight for justice.

The US has clearly demonstrated to the world its total disregard for International Law. Vice-President Dick Cheney is seeking to legalise torture. Just today we have seen reports of Spain and other European countries launching investigations against the CIA. These all centre on claims that the CIA has been secretly kidnapping terror suspects to third countries to facilitate torture. If the floodgates for extradition are allowed to be opened, it will be British Muslims that will be targeted; the very people the British Government was hoping to win support from in “the fight against terrorism.”

Babar, speaking from Woodhill Prison in Milton Keynes, said today: “This decision should only come as a surprise to those who thought that there was still justice for Muslims in Britain. I entrust my affairs to Allah and His Words from the Quran, “And when the two armies saw one another, the companions of Moses said, “Indeed we are finished.” Moses said: “No! Indeed, with me is my Lord and He will guide me.”’[1] O Allah, You have seen what they have done to me. O Allah, avenge my injustice. In Allah we put our trust.”

The family will be appealing against this prejudiced decision at the High Court. Our resolve remains firm in the fight for justice for Babar.

For further enquiries please contact Mrs Ahmad on 07963 537 779

Email: info@freebabarahmad.com


15th November 2005


[1] Surah Ash-Shu’ara (26):61-62

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