The lawyers of Babar Ahmad were informed on Friday 9 September 2005 that the Home Secretary has applied for another two month extension for his decision. The British authorities are communicating with their American counterparts, on issues which were brought up by Babar’s defence team during hearings at Bow Street Magistrates Court, London. Mrs Ahmad, Babar Ahmad’s wife said, “This may be a good sign that the Home Office is taking matters seriously enough to be further asking the Americans about issues which have arisen through Babar’s case. We have said from the start that this is not just a clear cut case, but in fact one where there are many Human Rights issues that need to be taken into consideration. We hope that we receive a decisive decision soon that Babar should not be extradited to America. We have seen how they treat Black Americans in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, so what can we expect for a British Muslim citizen on American soil? ”


Early Day Motion (EDM) 241, tabled on 26 May 2005 by Boris Johnson MP, raises specific concerns about the Extradition Treaty 2003. So far 98 MPs have signed EDM 241, universally calling for amendments to the treaty. During this week signed petitions with over thirteen thousand signatures are to be delivered to Charles Clark’s office by Tooting MP Sadiq Khan. Dedicated campaigners have collected signatures from across the country and from places as far away as New Zealand.


Babar Ahmad was initially arrested on 02 December 2003, released without charge after seven days and re-arrested on 05 August 2004. Babar has been in custody for over a year in Woodhill Prison, Milton Keynes. He faces extradition to the U.S. under flawed extradition arrangements between the UK and U.S.



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