I will never live in disgrace.

I will never bow down before any man.

I will never let you humiliate me.

I will never be your slave.

Even if you take my liberty,

You will never take my dignity.

I will always live free.


Cut my throat from ear to ear.

Suck my life from year to year.

Rip my skin from tear to tear.

Pound my brain from fear to fear.

My flesh may bleed, but my soul will shine.

My heart may break, but my face will smile.

I will always live free.


Whatever will be will be.

No matter what my destiny,

Even under tyranny,

Even in captivity,

I am free.

I was born free.

I will always live free…


Babar Ahmad A9385AG

Detainee Unit

HMP Long Lartin,



WR11 8TZ

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