The 17th May 2005 verdict, supporting my extradition to the U.S., was more than a nail in the coffin of British justice. It was a slap in the face of Britain’s two million Muslims. Since 9/11, British Muslims have grovelled at the feet of the Government. This verdict was what we got in return; that any British Muslim can be shipped off to the U.S. to face Guantanamo Bay, inhuman and degrading treatment and secret rendition to any part of the world to have their fingernails pulled out and private parts electrocuted.

Britain’s Muslims have today reached a crossroad that has never been reached before. There are only two ways forward from here; either they will allow my extradition and open the floodgate for the ethnic cleansing of British Muslims from the UK. Or they will stop my extradition and, in doing so, prevent their own sons and daughters from suffering the same fate.

I call upon Britain’s Muslim leaders to make their feelings heard publicly, loud and clear; the days of quiet, behind-the-scenes diplomacy are over. Everyone must make clear which side they are on. However, whist anger and emotions are currently running high, I urge everyone to use intelligent and peaceful means to deal with the situation. If I have committed any crime, I should be tried in Britain.

By 16th July 2005, there will either be two winners or two losers. A decision to extradite will mean loss of Britain’s sovereignty in front of the U.S. and defeat for the British people. Refusal to extradite will mean victory for Britain’s sovereignty and victory for the British people. After the General Election, Tony Blair said that he had, “Listened and learned.” Let him now prove it; in action, not words.

Babar Ahmad MX5383
HMP Woodhill,
Tattenhoe Street

20 May 2005

(The Free Babar Ahmad Campaign is launching an action plan with ways in which people can help, including a new MP lobby pack. This should be available by Monday 30th May 2005 on the website. Please keep checking the site regularly for updates.)

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