Many Pupils and teachers from Swanlea School (Whitechapel) have asked me to send their salaam to you including non-muslims. We all pray that you are freed from such conditions and are able to carry on giving us more inspiring words of wisdom. We await to hear from you after your release in lectures and events, Insha Allah. May Allah grant you all that you desire and reward you in the Herafter with Paradise. Ameen.

S. Ali, London Wednesday 30th March 2005


I have never met Brother Babar Ahmed, nor do i know him very well. However, i would like to thank him dearly and pray to Allah to help him and comfort him for what he is doing. Even after living in such conditions day in and day out, my dear brother’s faith in Allah keeps increasing. I have read many books and watched many videos on Islam, but hardly any of them have inspired me the way Babar Ahmad’s word’s of wisdom have. Allah knows how much they have impacted my daily life now and I pray to Allah to reward this brother with the best place in Jannah along with his devoted family. May Allah guide us all to the straight path.

S. Ali, London Wednesday 30th March 2005


How can the husband of a QC (Tony Blair) let this happen? Has he no sense of humanity left in him? Or does he believe he will be granted a special pardon on the Day of Judgement? May Allah grant patience and fortitude to the friends and family of Babar Ahmad.

Nazia Iqbal, Crawley Monday 28th March 2005


Babar Ahmed is another innocent man imprisoned without trial by this country. The precedent this sets is frightening for all law abiding citizens.
May Allah give strength to Babar and his family. The thoughts and prayers of many Muslims are with him.

Abdullah, Bradford Sunday 27th March 2005


As a British Citizen I am shocked that our government can act so unjustly. We pray for Babar’s safe and prompt release.

Shahid Chowdhury, Bradford Sunday 27th March 2005


We at the Muslim Council for Religious and Racial Harmony strongly oppose any attempt to extradite Mr Babar Ahmad to a foreign land. We believe a British Citizen be tried within UK and sending abroad is gross injustice and misuse of power. We believe that Mr Babar Ahmed is victim of Islamophobic abuse and gross mistreatment.
We condemn the ill treatment Mr Babar Ahmed received at the time of arrest and we believe his complaint must be fully investigated by an independent body and must be fair and impartial. An assault and excessive use of force by any Police Officer is not accepted. We understand that more than one Police Officer was involved in assaulting Mr Babar Ahmed and only one police office is being made a scapegoat. We ask authorities to establish a public inquiry with Judge and jury to establish the truth.
Imam Dr Abduljalil Sajid
Chairman Muslim Council for Religious and Racial Harmony UK;
Vice Chair Religions for Peace UK and European WCRP Board member;
National Treasurer of National Association of British Pakistanis (NABPAK);
European representative of World Council of Muslims Inter-faith Relations (WCMIR);
International Secretary World Congress of faiths (WCF)

Imam Dr Abduljalil Sajid, United Kingdom Friday 25th March 2005


To Babar and his family I encourage them to remain patient with the hope of reward from Allah. Remember whatever the hardships of this life, it will seem like the blink of on eye as compared to the hereafter.
To the British people I ask, “What has happened to your sense of honour? Are you willing to let your government make you slaves to America with this one-sided legislation that goes against your judicial principles?”

Kasim, London, UK Thursday 24th March 2005


We heard Mrs Ahmad speaking at the Rally in Aberystwyth March 19th.
We offer our thoughts and prayers for her husband’s safe release from this injustice. We shall write to him, and to our Member of Parliament to inform him about this sad case.
Best wishes to Babar, his wife, his family and his supporters.

John and Gillian Driver, LLandysul Wales/Cymru Thursday 24th March 2005


May the Allah the Almighty make it easy for you,for with hardship comes ease.And we all pray for you and may our prayers be answered ameen

Fatma Yusuf, London Thursday 24th March 2005


I had a dream that brother Babar and many other brothers were released, may Allah the All Powerful make it so…Ameen

Fareeha Usman, South London Thursday 24th March 2005


I make dua for you my brother, and I ask Allah to protect you.

Abdul Mojid, London Wednesday 23rd March 2005


The Imprisonment of Babar Ahmad is absolutely and utterly out of order, and the ‘extradition’ is definately out of this world, literally, its against the world laws. I study law, and this is absolutely shocking and disgraceful.
Babar Ahmad should not have been moved yesterday THE WAY HE WAS, and on top of that he should be allowed a FAIR trial here in the UNITED KINGDOM. None of this kidnapping business to the US.

Zeeshan Bin Nazir, London Wednesday 23rd March 2005


Words cannot describe the pain within my heart, and knowledge of that which is in my heart is with Allah. So although words fail me, Allah is aware of what I want to say and I will save them for my duas.

Sister in Islam, London Wednesday 23rd March 2005


I was deeply touched to read about the circumstances of Babars arrest in December. My faith in the justice system is in shock, all the best.

Julie Robertson, East London Wednesday 23rd March 2005


All the best for you campaign for justice.

Thomas Watson, Bristol Wednesday 23rd March 2005


Muslims are being imprisoned based on the same ?intelligence? which confirmed that Saddam Hussain had weapons of mass destruction, subsequently used to send troops to war- What happened to actions based upon values of Justice?
I urge your family to be patient, verily Allah is the best of Judges and will reward everyone according to their deeds. This life is nothing and with him is the Ultimate Justice.

Mohammed Iqbaal, London Wednesday 23rd March 2005


Tony Blair is trying to use the courts and the judicial process to scare the public into voting for him in the next election because he has lost the argument with the British public over the war in Iraq.
People who have been accused of crimes should be allowed a free and fair trial in front of a jury. The arrest case of Babar Ahmad and the proposed extradition to the United States without judicial process is simply kidnapping. He should be released or brought before the courts.

John Rees National Secretary of Respect, UK Tuesday 1st March 2005


The Muslim Council of Britain – an umbrella body representing over 400 national, regional and local Islamic organisations throughout the UK views the US Extradition request against Babar Ahmad as wholly unacceptable.
British Muslims have scant confidence that Babar Ahmad will be tried fairly in the current hysterically anti-Muslim climate in the USA. It is notable that under the Extradition Treaty of 2003 the USA is under no reciprocal obligation to extradite any of its own nationals to the UK. This is plainly iniquitous

Muslim Council Of Britain, London Tuesday 1st March 2005


Our basic human rights and civil liberties are being eroded and Babar Ahmed?s extradition hearing is a case in point. This government has agreed to extradite British citizens to the USA without giving the defence an opportunity to examine, let alone challenge the evidence.
The expected unfavourable outcome of the farcical trial of Babar Ahmed will go down in history as a test case of the British government consigning the concept of prima facie evidence to the dustbin. The most basic of human rights, the right to a fair trial, the right to challenge evidence is now being denied to our own citizen?s as a consequence of the draconian legislation passed at the behest of George W Bush.
The so called evidence that has kept Babar Ahmed in prison since 2004 has been obtained from the same intelligence that that said Iraq was brimful with chemical and biological weapons.
If the Prime Minister allows Babar Ahmed to be extradited under this pernicious act, we will be placing Babar Ahmed at the mercy of the increasingly lawless American authorities. No one can doubt the fact that the US authorities are incapable of providing him with a fair, open, and just trial, having witnessed the atrocities perpetrated by America in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo.
This government is duty bound to protect its citizen?s and to uphold the fundamental principles of the rule of law, instead, Blunkett?s Extradition Act of 2003 is indicative of the march of the repressive state at home.
If Blair allows Babar to be extradited, it will be a serious abuse of power by this government as no human being in this democratic country should be denied the right to challenge accusations against him or her. To allow this, the government is ensuring the loss of our most fundamental civil liberties.

George Galloway MP, London Tuesday 1st March 2005


We have formed a campaign to stop this extradition which has strong support because people here know Babar. This extradition will undermine civil liberties, particularly against Muslims at the moment but it could affect the rest of us later on. Recently, Blair had to apologise to Irish individuals for miscarriages of justices which affected the whole Irish community at the time, which the Muslim community is going through now. If this extradition goes through, this is the beginning of the end for the rest of us.

Colin Smith, Welfare Campaigns’ Officer of Imperial College Students’ Union, London Tuesday 1st March 2005

I am a friend and former working colleague of Babar’s and from what I can make out I do feel there has been a grave injustice in this case since I gather that all of the evidence against this man is unproven.
It worries me that this could be the thin end of a wedge with regard to treatment dished out to Muslims and other racial/religious groups. Of course we must keep a tight act against terrorism in this nation to ensure public safety and I know that Babar would be the first to agree about this since I believe his family actually lost someone in the tragic fall of the twin towers on 9/11.
You could argue that there is no smoke without fire but the only fire that I have witnessed this far has been the fire of hope within Babar?s heart and spirit to ensure that justice will be done and whatever the outcome he knows he will remain guilt free within his own conscience. Good Luck Babar.

Ralph Raby, Former Graphics & Visualization Consultant at Imperial College, London Tuesday 1st March 2005

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