This is a poem good to notice..
by ibn taymiya (i cannot remember the original poem, but it sounds like this)
“I have in my chest both my heaven and my garden, if i travel they are with me and if i get imprisoned they are with me.
And they NEVER leave me!”, Denmark Sunday 4th September 2005


What has happened to Babar Ahmad is truly a living nightmare. I am so so sorry for him and his loved ones whos pain must be sometimes unbearable. Is this really England? Is it not the old South Africa? or America or someother place that has no Justice? No it is England without justice.
we let it slip away so easily how on earth are we going to get it back? not so easily I think but we, each one of us must fight very hard. For Babar Ahmad.

Ostarrra Ann Langridge, 49 bath rd, west worthing, sussex BN113PQ Thursday 18th August 2005


Why should a British citizen have to be extradited to US to stand trial? Why cannot the British justice system prosecute him here? How come that this extradition treaty only works one way as the US delays ratifying it in return?
This man should be released forthwith as another injustice is being done to another Muslim.

Sybil Ashton, London UK Monday 15th August 2005


I heard Babar Ahmed’s wife speak recently on his case. I am shocked, disgusted and outraged by what has happened. INNOCENT til proven guilty, with fairness and an open trial. Or let him go home to his family and his life.

Susie M, Manchester Wednesday 10th August 2005


Dear Babar and family, I am deeply saddened to hear what has happened. I sincerely hope that you will get a fair trail and justice that you rightly deserve.
I say no to US’ request for Babar’s extradition to the USA. I agree that we cannot trust the US authorities to conduct the case in a fair manner mainly because they are not interest in truth.
May God help you find peace.

Devin Currie, Canada Wednesday 10th August 2005


Poor Mr. Bush came into office the first time after a stolen election. The vote count in his brother’s Florida was so close that thugs from Washington showed up to make sure it did not go forward. They masqueraded as indignant citizens while in reality they were paid operatives who were later identified as Republicans. Most did not live in the state of Florida. The Supreme Court selected Bush by a 5:4 margin.
On 9/11, Bush read about a goat. Cheney waited while a plane flew towards the Pentagon. All the billions of dollars Americans had paid for defense and fighter jets were wasted that day. The country was attacked, and the men paid to defend her fiddled around.
A war was started in Iraq on false evidence.
Of course they need to find scapegoats. They refuse to stop real criminals. They cannot even find bin Laden.
Tyranny always demands to torture the innocent. Historically, Americans knew this and provided a haven for the victims of such maladministered countries.
Innocent until proven guilty. Habeas corpus. Ability to present evidence and alibis. That was how our legal system was supposed to function.
But the public which allowed Bush to remain President after a stolen election and which let him get away with dereliction of duty on 9/11, re-electing him, are a cowardly bunch who will unfortunately have to learn the hard way to put our system back in order.
“For want of a nail, the shoe was lost, for want of a shoe, the horse was lost, for want of a horse the battle was lost, for want of a battle, the war was lost, and all for a two-penny nail.” Or shall I say – a hanging chad.
One can only hope for Babar Ahmad that he will understand that being a little man, a simple man, will work in the end to his benefit, if he can endure. And since I really do not know him, and hold him innocent until proven guilty, I truly hope that he is innocent and may have the opportunity to prevail in this matter

Dianne C. Foster, Boston, Massachusetts, USA Wednesday 10th August 2005


I just learned of Babar Ahmad’s plight. I am appalled firstly that British police officers could engage in such violence, they seem to be a bunch of hypocritical thugs who deserve immediate dismissal and jail. At a time when we need good inter-community relations and respect and support for the police they are engaging in activities that would not be out of place under a fascist dictatorship. I want to see those responsible sacked and jailed for a long time.
Secondly, why is our government acting on behalf of the US instead of protecting our people from the global rampage the US is currently engaged in. At the very least we should not be extraditing people unless they have broken a law which we hold in common with the US – and the prosecuting evidence should be seen by our court or no-deal. Our country has a responsibility to stand up to the US policies of bullying, torture, and inhumane carceration or they are going to brutalise millions more people around the world and then there really will be a problem with terrorism.
Support for rebels in Europe and Asia is not a threat to the US and I don?t see how they can have jurisdiction outside their own territories when their own citizens are not involved.
If the US really wants to round up people for supporting rebels/ freedom-fighters/ terrorists they need look no further than their own doorstep, but their inactivity on that front indicates that they aren?t really interested in justice but projecting power. The trend towards this kind of state brutality outside the rule of law is very worrying ? have we learned nothing from the 20th century? The British government should tell the US where to put their extradition requests, and they should get firm control of our police and force them to behave according to law ? expel violent police officers in order to help regain the public?s trust.
Please write to your MP to save Babar from the almost certain torture and inhumane treatment he is likely to receive, and to send a message to our government and the US that they can?t get away with such abuses of law and power.

Alistair, UK Tuesday 9th August 2005


That is why it is called the Just Us system you don’t have a chance as evidence is manufactured and or not responded to in court, or just thrown out because it is inconvenient, remember capital punishment, well if you have the capital you don’t get punished. Pretty simple no?

Ghoster, World Tuesday 9th August 2005


Until you ALL show your face (ie NO HYPOCRECY ON FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY AND HUMAN RIGHTS) I will NOT be able to trust a word of what the Anglo-Saxon “faith” says while their soldiers murder, torture and destroy. This man is innocent EXCEPT for the travesty that a court of law in the US and the UK has become. Wake up British & Amerikan citizens of conscience: Your system of liberal government is being destroyed by Blair & Bush in their quest for world dominion.
NOT COWARDLY SCARED to tell you my name – Pedro Cuesta, citizen of Guatemala, Guatemala.

Pedro Cuesta, Guatemala Monday 8th August 2005


I find it hard to believe that the UK and US governments deliberately target “innocent” Muslims, especially at this time when it is imperative to reach out to moderate, law-abiding Muslims everywhere. If you are in fact innocent, I sincerely hope you are released in a timely manner. However, if you have had any part in perpetuating terror and innocent, senseless killing of ANY people, I condemn you. I am proud to be athiest, and I hereby decry ANY institutionalized religion, be it Christian, Judaism, Muslim, etc. Religion is a guise to persecute and forcefully at times, manipulate others. Stable, intelligent people well-grounded without the negative impact of religion are the key to peace, NOT religious freaks, extremists and fanatics.

Alan Kieler, USA Monday 8th August 2005


I think muslims should understand that the extremists went too far, that the West is now finally reacting. They should start thinking about the consequences the acts of some crazy extremists will have on their daily life and on their future in these countries they apparantly hate so much.

Jerry, Belgium Monday 8th August 2005



OMAR KHAN, UK Monday 8th August 2005


I an a 15 year`old Muslimah living in London. I was deeply angered and saddened to hear of Babar Ahmad’s plight, although i am still quite young i fully understand the situation and environment around me, and i pray that Allah (SWT)rewards Babar for his steadfastness and patience.I am fully convinced that Babar is not a terrosist and he did not do the things that he is accused of,as i have a family member who went to university with Babar at Imperial.

Tasnim Begum, London Monday 1st August 2005


To all who may visit this site whether muslim, non-muslim whatever, may God bring u peace.
The case of Babar Ahmad is an outrage & 1 day the people who have treated this man so badly they will recive there full recompence. May Allah (swt) be with you ,his family, be with Babar to keep his deen & his faith high. If u feel that this attack on this man is wrong help & do whatever you can. Salaam (peace) to u all

A young muslimah, london Thursday 28th July 2005


dear brother Babar, my brother, be strong, ur brothers and sisters are with u, even though there is little we can do in this country, don’t forget we have the biggest support ever… we have Allah, we have to be a bit patient, and these ppl of injustice wil get there backlash. It is the COURT OF INJUSTICE, my heart goes to ur family specially ur wife who had to endure her beloved husband getting tortured. Muslim Ummah, be strong, be together as one. Takbir, ALLAHU AKBAR

Arifa, Sth London, Croydon Tuesday 26th July 2005


Salaam, to the family of brother Babar Ahmad.
Iam a politics student and im currently doing a degree in it. For the past couple of years i have become so passionate in helping with Human rights and injustice, that it swells my heart everytime i hear injustice takes place. I would like to say remember this life is nothing, its a mere test on all humanity and remember the ones that are responsible for his torture and his injustice will pay for it in this life and the hearafter. I will pray that Allah(swt)protects brother Babar and that all your prayers will be heardupon and Inshallah with patience and prayers you will all be rewarded by Allah and he will be freed. This injustice ofcourse should not be tolertaed and Allah(swt) will show those reponsible, hell fire, after this life.Remember dont worry, Allah is all merciful and our protector, he will free your Babar, Inshallah…

Dilruba Khanom, uk-kent Monday 25th July 2005


I am apalled at the torture of Babar Ahmed and may Allah save him. Babar has done nothing wrong and we should treat each other as brothers and sisters. If you are against the Americans torturing Babar Ahmed, log on to the Respect website ( Join Respect and help them to protest against Blair and Bush. They are nothing but liars and frauds and we should help our brothers. The Respect Party in my area are very popular and many mosques and churches support them. Many say that Labour is the answer, but George Bush is supporting torture to Babar Ahmed. Please take my good advice and may Allah reward you for taking good advice. Thank You.

Ashir Mir, Preston Monday 25th July 2005


May Allah help us all and reveal the truth to those who do not believe and renew the faith in our hearts.Ameen!!!
Your sis in the Deen

Jameelah Shukri, California Monday 25th July 2005


Hang on in there Babar, there is always room for justice….

Phil Brand., Tooting-Broadway, London, England. Sunday 24th July 2005

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