There are thousands of people, Musilms and non-Muslims who are outraged by the issues regarding Baber Ahmad!!!!!!

Kamona, Birmingham Monday 17th October 2005


May Allah give u strength. Our dua’s are with the brother and his family.
Whatever happened to innocent til proven guity? Keep your head up high ’cause Allah will get you thorugh whatever you are faced with.

Kamona, Birmingham Monday 17th October 2005


I just thought i’d wish Brother Babar and his family ramdan Mubarak.Sorry it’s late.
Im sorry to hear brother Babar is STILL imprisoned!!
Allah knows best
Ramadan Mubarak everyone, salam

Kasha, London Thursday 13th October 2005


Its is indeed frightening to see the power of the state and its ubiquitous abuse. I would like to ask this to every state machinery: Does democracy only mean winning votes and coming to power? Is there no sustained accountability of the state towards the citizen? The magnitude of human rights and civil rights abuse by state machinery at pretexts is indeed extremely unnerving for most law abiding citizens in every civil society. More importantly it is indeed a strong motivator for gullible minds to stray.

Nilanjana Dasgupta, Tokyo Wednesday 12th October 2005


I am shocked at the behaviour of the police and pray to ALLAH (SWT) for BABAR AHMAD’S release. This is a test from the Almighty and INSHA’ALLAH it will soon be over. DON’T LOSE FAITH!

Anonymous, London Saturday 8th October 2005


I pray that God gives you the strength and ability to remain firm under this enormous test. Your story touches the hearts of people because it shows that anyone of us could be in your position. The ridiculous ‘evidence’ on which you are being held and the blatant prejudice of those holding you are a danger to everyone and we must oppose it in whatever way we can. Remember that God alone controls this universe and that prayer is the strongest weapon we have against oppressors.

Ghazala MIr, Leeds Friday 7th October 2005


May the peace, blessings and mercy of Allah be upon you and your family. The story of Yusuf comes to mind, from the Quran Surah Yusuf, whilst i was going through it, it reminded me of brother Babar.
May Allah Swt bless you and your family with his infinite mercy during this blessed month, I’m making my dua and i will practice patience within that inshallah.
Babar and his family are an example of staedfastness and patience, they are an example to the whole world of how to stay strong and resolute.
All praises are to Allah Swt

Jameel Rana, Manchester, UK Wednesday 5th October 2005


I have written to my MP Mary Creagh. She has responded to me and is considering supporting the EDM.
MY very best wishes to Babar and all his family and supporters. I know that you are going to win this most important battle not just for Babar but for everyone who values freedom and justice.
Peace be with you.

Yvonne Sibbald, Wakefield West Yorkshire Tuesday 4th October 2005


To Babar Ahmad’s family,
My brother is in prison so i have some idea of what you are going through. As Muslims we are battling everyday some more than others. I pray for all the brothers out there that inshallah Allah(swt)gives them the strength they need to get through this time.
I pray for all the families who have someone in prison to be strong and hold fast to the rope of Allah(swt)for after every hardship there is relief.
We must unite together and face those who are against us because we have Allah(swt) on our side inshallah we will win.

Anonymous, London Monday 3rd October 2005


Assalaamu alaikum, to Mr Ahmad and his family. Have faith in Allah, stand strong and hold onto what you know to be the truth. Continue to do what is right and to stand up for the rights of others. I pray that Allah gives me the strength to speak out but at the moment I am too afraid for myself and my family – if this can happen to you we are all in great danger – the British justice system I have trusted since childhood is dead. You are the strong ones. You are in my prayers. Alhamdolillah.

English Medical Doctor., London Thursday 29th September 2005


I saw the recent propaganda doc. by BBC.. “” or whatever it was called. In any case, it seemed to me more filled with fabrications than anything. If the brother in it (from their Islamic society) who claimed that bro Babar “did speak of jihad” reads this, all I can say is don’t forget the hadith about helping the oppressed fellow muslim. SubhanAllah. How can a Muslim say such things. Some people are going to think that if they say something they will save their ownselves, but this is wrong. May Allah guide them. Alhumdulilah, the good thing is that, today, more kafirs and muslims are learning the reality of things in the world, so we most are skeptical of what the media says.
I think many Muslims around the world know brother Babar’s case and they have only grown to love him for the sake of Allah. So let the liars lie, the truth will prevail and the victory will be for those who only fear Allah insha’ Allah.
As a family member of someone who was (falsely) accused of something, although minor compared to this, I strongly request the family to NEVER pressurize him to say what the prosecutors wish he would admit to. Often interrogators threat to arrest if you don’t falsely admit and they claim to have evidence (which they never tell you WHERE it is..), but remember Allah is the Best of witnesses and the Best of protectors. And Allah will insha’ Allah prove the innocence of all our brothers and sisters around the globe who are imprisoned or awaiting trial. If not in this life, no doubt definately in the next life. Allah is the Most Just, so do not despair, please for the sake of Allah.

Fearing none but Allah, Unfortunately the US Sunday 25th September 2005


I’m really afraid for Babar, but I know that Allah has sent this as a test just as he had for Prophet Ibrahim and Musa and Isa and Muhammed. And just as he has given it he will take it away. Please be patient, Babar, and all our duas are with you.

Hiba Jafar Ali, Dubai,UAE Friday 23rd September 2005


I am extremely concerned to learn of the brutality and torture that you are suffering and as a fellow muslim saddened to hear the treatment you are receiving under the auspices of British Law.
As a lawyer myself, it is disheartening to hear how your civil liberties have been violated in such a crude way and that you are not being treated justly or humanely.
However your suffering and the injustice and immorality makes all us even more determined that we lobby the government to oppose your extradition to the USA and for a trial in the UK (if needed at all), in a way that upholds the true heart of English Law, a right to a fair trial and that you are innocent until proven guilty.
You can count on our support in this time of suffering.

Shamim Kashim, Oxford Thursday 22nd September 2005


I was passionately supporting you back in May when I submitted my message of support and I still do support you with Allah?s blessing.
I know we are living in tough times, all I can say to you is brother hang in there- it is a test of our eman.
Inshallah Ramadan is falling upon us, Allah listens to those prayers made during this blessed month. I for sure will pray for your release and I believe Allah is sure to listen. Allah ? Hu – Akbar!

Narcisse khan, Bradford Friday 16th September 2005


I am disgusted at the police. They have absolutely no right to treat anyone this way. I am shocked and expected them to treat people better.

Yasir Mir, Preston Wednesday 14th September 2005


Babar Ahmed has done nothing wrong whatsoever .I am disgusted at the behaviour of the police.

Yasir Mir, Lancashire Wednesday 14th September 2005


We wish to state our support for the injustices in this case and wish Barbar, his friends and family strength in their struggle.

Tippa Naphtali, Birmingham UK Wednesday 14th September 2005


It is a very sad case of injustice to a innocent person but the Help of Allah is always near, please do email us for any sort of help.

Nadeem Choudhary, Luton Monday 12th September 2005


We at Action for Peace ( Northampton ) add our support to the release of Babar back to his family and a review of the ill-conceived and even more poorly implemented actions of this UK government. Don’t forget the lies and judge those who act in our name by their ACTIONS not their words.

Christreehugger, Northampton UK Friday 9th September 2005


I have been addressing meetings of the Communist Party of Britain, and they share the collective disgust at the prospect of not just the surrendering of this country’s sovereignty to the USA – but also, the prospect of a grave mis-carriage of justice and the criminalisation of an entire community.
Irish Roman Caholics in the 1970’s, Muslims in 2005 – if we do not act now who will be next ?

Phil Brand., Tooting-Broadway, London. Monday 5th September 2005

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