I was very saddened and angry to see the news today that babar was to be extradited. My prayers are with your family and I cant even imagine to think what you must be going through. May allah swt give your family strength and patience in these difficult times.

Saima, Yorkshire Wednesday 16th November 2005


This decision, particularly by a Labour Home Secretary is a disgrace.If Babar Ahmad has charges to face, then it must be in this country.
The USA, as seen from its actions, cannot be guaranteed to give him a fair trial.Good luck with the campaign.

Chris Rhodes, United Kingdom Wednesday 16th November 2005


As a Muslim, rather ashamedly, I have to say that although I knew of your case, I never took the time to find out about the actual facts. Having now done so I am positively disgusted and angered beyond belief at the pain you and your family have suffered. I cannot even begin to imagine what you have gone through, suffice to say that a lessor person than you would have caved in by now.
Remain strong brother and inshallah you will get justice, in this life or the Hereafter. I pray that you are released soon and the animals that have tortured you will be brought to account.
I also ask all of our so called Muslim “representatives” to break your silence and come out in unequivocal support for this brother in his time of need.

Ali, Dulwich, London Wednesday 16th November 2005


To the family of Babar Ahmad,
I am very distressed to learn about last night’s news and decision by Clarke. You are absolutely correct: this will do nothing, but further disaffect an already alienated Muslim community in this country.
I know that the family are undoubtedly most affected by this decision (which, in sha Allah, shall be reversed and exposed for its duplicity) but I feel a sense of suffocation, of anxiety and desperation from the governement’s response – similar to how I felt in US custody and when interrogators refused to listen to me, or to see reason.
If this extradition takes place I have absolutely no doubt that the US will seek to convict Babar of crimes that didn’t exist when they are alleged to have been committed, applied in retrospect of any new laws that now do, and in an atmosphere that could never warrant neutral and unprejudiced proceedings.
Britain has, characteristically, bent over backwards to accommodate its transAtlantic cousin again, but there is no reciprocation. Just as people from scores of nations throughout the world have been held indefinately in Guantanamo because of Bush’s ‘war on terror’ – except US citizens (e.g. Lindh, Hamdi, etc), UK citizens (overwhelmingly from the Muslim community) are again relegated to a lower class of animal both in the UK and US.
We are told that integration and understanding between British Muslims and the indeginous people of this country is paramount in the current climate of apprehension and fear – but Babar’s case clearly demonstates another disregard for the rule of law and propriety when applied to articulate Muslims who have successfully integrated with the British way of life, contributed to its diversity, remained within the confines of the law and yet held fast to the rope of Allah and their faith.
Hasbun Allaha wa n’im al-wakeel.

Moazzam Begg, United Kingdom Wednesday 16th November 2005


For all your suffering you will be rewarded, the less of the reward there is in this life the more there will be in the next, and surely the reward of the afterlife is better than anything else. The same goes for the efforts of your family.
Every time they try to humiliate you, know that the humiliation of the Hereafter is unimaginably worse (and they get closer to that humiliation). Everytime they try to break your faith, know that it is a test from Allah -as if He willed you peace and ‘normality’ no one could prevent it.
Observe the extreme suffering of the prophet (pbuh) and his companions and thus their rank/closeness with Allah.
Surely this life is very short and the Next is very near. All of this is a short journey. May the true reality manifest in our senses and only the ‘real pain’ hurt and the ‘real pleasure’ comfort us, and may God grant us this perception as as to make this life easier.

Sachi, Scotland Wednesday 16th November 2005


I am angry but not suprised to hear that the Home Secetary has agreed to extradite Babar. Please assure him that we will keep campaigning to have his day in Court in this country; when i am sure he will be released with no case to defend.

Sally Farrer, Manchester Wednesday 16th November 2005


I wish to express my support for you and your family in this horrific situation and my disgust with the British government for its’ failure to respect individual freedoms and rights.

Kate Houlden, Islington, London Wednesday 16th November 2005


Baber Ahmad’s name is in the list of all-time-greats from human history. Name few such as Nelson Mandella, Gandhi, Alexander Sovjeniskin and others who suffered in the hands of Enemies of Human Rights. Even if BA will not get justice from corrupt courts in UK or USA, history will give him justice.

Iqbal Ahmedabadi, Bolton. England Wednesday 16th November 2005


The treatment of Babar Ahmad is appalling. If the evidence exists he should be tried in this country. Also, as a British citizen he deserves the freedom from arbitrary arrest afforded to all other citizens of the United Kingdom.
The non- muslim community are unaware of this case, but the vast majority would be angered by these events.

Peter Thompson, Cambridge University Wednesday 16th November 2005


Be mindful of Allah, you will find Him before you. Get to know Allah in prosperity and He will know you in adversity. Know that what has passed you by was not going to befall you; and that what has befallen you was not going to pass you by. And know that victory comes with patience, relief with affliction, and ease with hardship (At-Tirmidhi)

Anonymous, London Wednesday 16th November 2005


After seeing the appalling news today I’ve read through this site as thoroughly as possible and would like to state that as a white British male who was brought up in the christian religion I am deeply ashamed of my country.
I have absolutely no idea what to do to help but believe that there needs to be a regime change both here and even more importantly in the U.S immediately if not sooner.
I would also like to express many many apologies to Babar, his family and friends for my personal cowardice in not standing up to do more for him. As awful as it sounds I do not have the courage to steal a tank and go and free him from these terrorists which run our country even though morally I know I should.

Graham Kemble, Staffs Wednesday 16th November 2005


I am in support of freeing Babar Ahmed. I dont believe that sending him to the U.S is going to help anyone. I am a white Catholic but i am supporting Babar

Anonymous, Liverpool Wednesday 16th November 2005


I pray for the release of Babar and his vindication of any wrong doing. May God keep him strong in mind and body and give his family strength and patience to deal with this injustice.
I find it astonishing that this government is willing to hand over a British citizen in such baseless and flimsy evidence. What is Babar’s muslim Labour MP Sadiq Khan doing about this?
Charles Clarke is a disgrace to the country and to democracy.

Z Ahmed, London, UK Wednesday 16th November 2005


The UK is harming not only Babar, but also itself with these actions. The struggle to for freedom and justice for every citizen regardless of race, religion or cultural background is something that concerns us all, and as a non-muslim, white Dutchman I would like to extend my support and solidarity with your plight. We seem to be going backwards rather than forwards at the moment, but I hope the tide will turn soon. I will continue to follow your progress and I wish you strength and humanity in the face of all this injustice.

David Vogel, Netherlands Wednesday 16th November 2005


Britain has become a puppet and colony of the United state. How can any reasonable county/individual believe that the united state is able to deliver justice to anybody in the world. It does not matter the citizen or religion of that person.
This is unfortunate.

Ola Showunmi, London Wednesday 16th November 2005


The decision to extradite you by the Home Secretary is not the end, it is the latest stage in the campaign to free you.
I will appeal to all democrats and progressives to lobby the Home Secretary and Home Office, via the Morning Star to desist from this travesty of justice and to say a defiant NO to the United States of America. We will not stand idly by and watch an innocent man be deported for crimes he did not commit, simply because America’s new enemy is Islam now that World Communism is no longer the `threat’ it once was.
If the Americans persist with their demands – then they will have the peoples of Tooting and the whole community of freedom and justice loving citizens to contend with .
No rest until victory.

Phil Brand., Tooting-Broadway. Wednesday 16th November 2005


I am Currently training to become a police officer and i can assure you i will do my best to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

Yasir Hussain, Blackburn Wednesday 16th November 2005


I am disgusted at the way Babar has been treated. It does seem to me looking around at the UK and the US that innocent muslims are being unjustly abused, ridiculed and blamed for their way of life and religion. As a Christian we are taught to love thy neighbour whatever their standing or religious beliefs may be and to respect one another and to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
The war in Iraq can never be justified nor can extriditing Mr Ahmed to the US where brutality against Muslims is common place however much they deny this.
Mr Ahmed is innocent and even if there was the slightest part of truth in Mr Ahmed voicing his opinions on who he stands for that in itself is not a crime
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Mr Ahmed.

Michelle, Sussex Wednesday 16th November 2005


My support is with you, your family and every other Muslim in the same position as you. Allah says in the Quran “After every hardship comes ease”. Keep you head up and hang in there old friend.

Bilal Andrew Ramsey, Peckham (South London) Monday 7th November 2005


Fear not Babar. The longer they extend your time in prison – the greater the campaign for justice grows. And it does grow day by day.
They are simply giving us more time to secure your release.

Phil Brand., Tooting-Broadway, London. Wednesday 19th October 2005

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