Assalamulikum Brothers & Sisters and relatives,Family members of Baaber Ahmed.

The Ummah is with You Like the Ummah is with the lost children of Palistine and the Sisters and Mothers of this Ummah in your struggle for justice we are with You!!! May Allah keep you and your family safe like the rest of this beloved Ummah of MuahmmadSAW.

Hasan Miah, Oxford Friday 9th December 2005


Aasalam,i hope Allah will reward you inshallah for your struggle and hardship u all have been through.He is my Brother too.I feel sometimes really angry and upset with mixed emotions when i see whats happening around the world. may allah give us sabr inshallah

Aaliya, Birmingham Thursday 8th December 2005


May Allah protect you and may His curse be on those who are responsible for your suffering

Imran, Manchester Wednesday 7th December 2005


I urge every single person who reads this should to attend the Demonstration for Babar’s release on Saturday 10th December 2005 at Parliament Square in London. Bring your family, friends and colleagues – brave the weather and the shaitan. Spread the word and donate your time.

Brother in Islam, Britain Wednesday 7th December 2005


Dear Brother, Keep faith. Keep fighting for the truth and keep your good character and attitude.
Salaam. May Allah bless you and your family

Theresa, London. UK Tuesday 6th December 2005


I my self a British Born Muslim could be subject to the same treatment on the bequest of USA. THIS IS WRONG WRONG WRONG
May Allah free all the innocent muslim prisoners from all capture and may ALLAH take action for the wrongful prisonments of all MUSLIMS around the world.
ALLAH is the Greatest and ALLAH will help all that are diety to him… INSHA ALLAH

AHN, Essex Monday 5th December 2005


Asalam alaikum
Our duas are with you brother. Keep it together and remember this is only test of this life. May Allah keep you and your family strong and steadyfast on this religion of truth.ameen

Bint AbdurRahman, London Thursday 1st December 2005


My beloved BROTHER may you and ALLAH (SWT) forgive this ummah for not helping you.
ALLAH(SWT)only tests those that he loves, our prophets where abused and attacked.May ALLAH(SWT) GRANT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY JANNAH (FIRDUS) and give you SABR.

Anonymous, London Thursday 1st December 2005


As-Salaamu alykum
Subahn’Allah, the final victory is with Allah and the belivers, and subahn’Allah we know of what happened in Khandaq, subhan’Allah when Allah (swt) says that the believers were shaken a great shaking, and they began thinking of Allah (swt) in ways that they should not have, subahna’Allah but the help of Allah came from a direction and a location that they did not expect, out of the blue so to speak. Allah (swt) only abandons his slaves if they abandon him first. I have no doubt that the help of Allah is coming.
Subahn’Allah Mr.Blair is inviting the wrath of Allah upon himself and the country. Whenever injustic prevales then Allah (swt) destroys the people of injustice, with either another people or with one of his soldiers. As-Salaamu alaykum Babar, our du’a go out to you in ever du’a.

Hamzah Remebrantd, Birmingham Tuesday 29th November 2005


Be Strong My dear Brother In islam, Our Duas are with you, your family and all those also in captivity all around the world.
May Allah swt grant you all a “Sabrun Jameel”, may he give you the sweetest of faith in your darkest hours and may he bless you all a swift release.May he reunite you with your families, to see the smiles upon the faces of your parents, children and spouses.
Sitting here we feel helpless to be able to help you, yet we know that Allah never forgets his creation and your constant patience, humility and character is an example to us all.May you all be rewarded in the best way by Him ho is able to do all things.

Sadiq, London Monday 28th November 2005


Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullah,
Dear Muslim community realise that you are dead (Asleep)!, know that from this event (Babar Ahmed being extradited to US) means that the keys have just turned and the doors have just been opened.

How many Muslims are there in London alone? How many Muslim organisations/mosques are there in London alone. When the protests, lobbying, eid/ramadhaan cards, letters, conferences, events, stalls e.t.c were happening around you, oh brothers where were you?… Asleep? Dead?
Do you think your job your school, college, university will answer for that which you have just done by not responding? Will your money for those few hours or your A level/Degree will be an answer?

Words of Babar Ahmed: At the Battle of Uhud, the Prophet (SAWS) and the believers did not just sit in Madinah and make dua. Rather, they went out to face the army of their enemy and then made dua before, during and after the battle. After establishing authority in Madinah, the Prophet (SAWS) did not just make dua for the spreading of the Message. Rather, he sent out emissaries, propagators and scholars to call the masses to the Message, but made dua before, during and after his efforts. There are numerous other examples in the Quran and Sunnah.

After Babar Ahmed many are now next. One by one, will you again see your brothers get arrested, beaten and sent in front of your own hands and again do nothing but sleep.

Does not even the thought of the wives,sisters,mothers being left while there husbands are beaten infront of them and taken away from them even touch you? and what about the kids? (“It seems like the light has gone out when my brothers went away”), (“It hurts when we sit at the Iftar table and his chair is empty…”).

Ya Ikhwa wa Ikhawat wake up… wake up…

Now there are many cases to come.

Wake up … Wake up .. Wake up.

The majority of the Shuyukh have agreed it being obligatory to free the Muslim prisoners of war, by either sacrificing ourselves or by our wealth.

Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah:’What can my enemies do to me?
I have in my breast both my Heaven and my Garden.
If I travel they are with me, and they never leave me.
Imprisonment for me is a religious retreat [khalwa].
To be slain for me is martyrdom [shahada]
And to be exiled from my land is a spiritual journey [siyaha].’

Adam Khan (, East London Monday 28th November 2005


I hope the British government representatives do read all hatred in our communities.
I am sorry but US and UK government have the audacity to call other countries uncivilized.
These support messages, because such cases and ill-treatment like of the brother Babar are the exact cause of extreme.
Allah say, Fight for the sake of those weak women men and children who are crying out to their lord ?Oh Allah deliver us from this habituation who?s inhabitant are unjust oppressors?
So support and speak up against the unjust is our all of our duty. My prayer are with Babar and his family.

Abdul Saboor, Pakistan Friday 25th November 2005


Dear Brother,
I read and hear about whats happening to you. I pray that allah shows his mercy on you and your parents.
Remember allah knows and sees all!

Brother Abs, London Thursday 24th November 2005


They asked Muhammed (saw) to leave this message he propagates, abandon his belief and come back to the belief of his forefathers.
NO was his reply even if the moon and sun was given to me will i pause to consider.
You may torture, abuse and hate us but NEVER NEVER will we walk away from this deen and WAY OF LIFE!!!!
Victory and salvation is with Allah (swt) and dear brother Babar your suffering is dear to allah and the ummah and when islam prevails your respite will be jannah inshallah.

Muslimah, UK Thursday 24th November 2005


free babar. i dont have anythink what i can write.
Ps:sorry, my bad english.

Mikko Virtanen, Suomi, Finland Thursday 24th November 2005


What can i say but that this life is a trial, Peace will only come in the hereafter. Keep striving, and be good muslims. increase your faith and practice patience. Reward will only come to those who believe and do good deeds. Be just and kind at all times. Dont cry or be upset Allah loves those who love Him and will always be with you. His knowledge encompasses all things, and He is never unaware. Increase night prayers and be humble at all times. Dont lose hope For all power is with Allah Alone. Remember there is no barrier between the dua of an oppressed(wronged) person And Allah. My heart goes out to you and all the oppressed muslims around the world.
Ya Allah help us, Ya Allah You Alone are Just, Please We beg YOU ALONE to give the muslims Justice and Freedom from Oppression. Reform the Muslim Ummah and unite us. Help us to be A good example to each other. Grant us purity of faith and righteousness that spreads faster than the plague to all communities. Ya Rabb forgive us, accept our efforts and dua’s and grant us a house in paradise most near to YOU. ameen
All praise is for Allah alone the Rabb of All the worlds.

Your Muslim Sister, Glasgow Wednesday 23rd November 2005


Be strong Babar, this decision can be easily reversed and the Home Office can repair the damage done.
Make the appeal – you can rely on the power of the people to pressurise the government to set you free – just look at the success stories of the Birmingham Six and the Guildford Four.

Phil Brand., Tooting, London. Tuesday 22nd November 2005


We as muslims must do everything possible to prevent babar ahmed from being sent to the US. They have the worst human rights record on this planet, and the whole world including the UK knows what would be in store for him would he be extradited.

M Hanif, West Midlands Monday 21st November 2005


Just want to say i hope to Allah that Babar is released soon as what they are doing to him is not worthy of speak.
Allah knows what is just and unjust and victory will come to the Muslims.
Keep up your hard work and dont give up because there is never an end.

Shezad, Yorks Monday 21st November 2005

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