May Allah SWT give you the strength and all muslims to help free Babar Ahmad and other innocent muslims whom have fallen prey to this injustice. Justice prevails so never fear. You have the full support of the Ummah, most importantly of Allah SWT. My dua’s are with Babar Ahmad and his family. Insha Allah injustice will be conquered…

Ruksana, London Sunday 1st January 2006



Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

May Allah help you in everything.
Insha Allah, the kuffars will be destroyed.
Allahu AKBAR!!!!!!!
Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

Siti Hanisah Binti Haji Rahamat Tulla, Malaysia Friday 30th December 2005


Babar Ahmed is a symbol of the oppression which is now being inflincted upon Muslims living in the West due to the love for their brethren in Muslim lands and the support of their right to resist occupation. He and his family are always in our duas and we admire their courage and resolve. May Allah (SWT) reward them, give them patience and His (SWT) help in this difficult period. Ameen.

Salman Rahman, London Wednesday 28th December 2005


After reading the pack and listening to Babar’s dad on the Islam Channel I am left speechless.
It upsets me so much to see how Muslims are being treated just because they are Muslims. The only way we can be heard and listened to is if we all stand together as one Umma. As long as we all support Babar in any way we can we are doing what every Muslim should be doing.
You have my prayers always and Insha Allah justice will be done. We should never lose faith because no matter what the tyrants do Allah will always help the Muslims!

AQSA MUGHAL, BRADFORD Wednesday 28th December 2005



Fear not – we have not forgotten you, 2006 will be the year that you get the justice you demand – I/We are sure of it…

Phil Brand., Tooting, London. Monday 26th December 2005


Salaam…..A short message to say that me and my family will pray for Brother Baber in our namaaz…May ALLAH grant his family patience and above all justice…Ameen
Best Wishes

Naz, Birmingham Saturday 24th December 2005


May allah give u strength, power and ability to stand up to this situation. By wasila of Allah’s Last Rasool Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa(Sallallahu-alayhi-wa-sallam) may almighty Allah free him as soon as possible from wherever he is and also Almighty Allah punish permanently all those who has done grave human right abuses of Babar Ahmad directly and indirectly in both the worlds.

Rizwan Ahmed, Australia Saturday 24th December 2005


I pray Allah gives u and ur family the justice they deserve.I pray All muslims understand the implications of the of the attack against u and themselves.May Allah open all our eyes against the threat to u which is a threat to us in the future.May Allah shorten this test 4 u and grant u and ur family jannat al-fardose inahallah.U r in my prays.

Sadia, Manchester Saturday 24th December 2005


May Allah bring into motion his unseen help in your favour my beloved brother Babar. My dua’s are with you.
Definately, Allah is the greatest.
The oppressors are weak and those who rely on them are weak also. And Allah always listens to the supplications of the oppressed (believer or unbeleiver)…

“So lose not heart,
Nor fall in dispair,
For you are bound to rise,
If you are true in faith” The Quran 3-139

Thoughout Islamic history, our strength as a nation has never been in our numbers, or our wealth or the weaponry at our disposal, but in the beleivers obedience and reliance on Allah. Allahs help lies in his implicit obedience and in following the beautiful sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). If we do this on an individual basis then we receive the help of Allah individually and if we do this collectively then the whole Muslim Ummah will benefit from the help of Allah. Remember, the help of Allah is conditional.
I suppose the summary of what I am trying to say is that if we correct our relationship with Allah, then Allah will correct our relationship with the entire creation. Once this is correct, we will see the effect of our supplications.
Anyway, this is all very easy for me to say sitting behind my PC. May Allah (S.W.T) firstly give me the true understanding of Islam, Wasalam.

Zubair, Bolton Friday 23rd December 2005


May Allah protect you all from the injustice of the kuffars and reward you for your struggles in the name of Islam. Ameen.
InshaAllah Allah will do justice. Plz make this duaa for the release of a prisoner.
Allah subhana’talaa will do justice, inshaAllah.

Nadia Ahmed, Birmingham Friday 23rd December 2005


in the name of Allah the most beneficent the most merciful
salam alaikum wa rahmatullah

may allah keep all our brothers and sisters patient around the world in these difficult times. one day i t could be me? or anyone we (the ummah) have tough times coming ahead,times like our beloved brother Barber and his family are going through right now!
i pray that Allah MOST HIGH puts the smile back on the face of his kids,his wife and family in the past so many people have challenged Allah MOST HIGH and we all know the various outcomes and as long as we have the imaan that we will again be victorious then nobody can stop us.

(A test from Allah! MOST HIGH my brothers and sisters plz dont fail)

Ahsan Rasool, Bradford Friday 23rd December 2005


Assalaam Alykum

To the family of Brother Ahmad May Allah SWT help and guide you and all of us in helping justice to be done. Barbar is my brother and Inshallah i will do everyhting in my power to help and assist this campaign.
I saw your story on the Islam Channel and was shocked to know that this has happened to MY brother and i did not know.
TO all the people that visit this site WE must help Barbar tomorrow this CAN BE YOU.
Take Care and Inshallah you will be in my duas.

Noreen Khan, Birmingham UK Friday 23rd December 2005


Salaamz. Family and friends of Brother Babar, may Allah give you all the strength in the world insh’Allah and may he soon be freed. Freeing Babar is everyone in the Ummah’s farz. Although i am only fourteen, i would do anything to help Babar Ahmed to be freed. And Babar’s wife, Sister remember we are all there for you, the whole Ummah, and best of all, Allah is here. And with Allah, no one can do anything. Allah has said, people like these who have arrested Brother Babar, will get punished once here on Earth and once on the day of jugdment insh’Allah. Mash’Allah, Babar is a very strong man, may he keep up all his courage and strength to prove these people wrong insh’Allah. Do not give him the idea that he is alone, the Ummah is with him and so is Allah.

And the Ummah, please help, please, it’s only us who can free him, we need to try. These people are abusing our brother and religion and Allah. Can you stand that? No, i thought not. That’s why he needs us.
Take care of yourselves and Babar insh’Allah.
Wasalaam XxxxXxxxX

Aisha Zamir, Surrey Thursday 22nd December 2005


Asslaamualaykum warehmatullahi wabarakatooh!!
May ALLAH grant your family sabrr- remember 1 thing- your imaan is nothing without sabarr- INSHA-ALLAH ALLAH will reward you all and please please in your dua include DRUD SHAREEF- at the start, in the middle, and at the end- you will see for urself- ALLAH HAS POWER OVER ALL THINGS

Mohammed Khalil, UK Thursday 22nd December 2005


May Allah relieve you of your burden. Us muslims need to wake up and stop our brother from being taken away in front of our eyes. may Allah give uncle Babar strength and sabr ameen.

Aisha, London Sunday 18th December 2005


I just want to say that our prayers and duas are with Babar, his family, friends and supporters. We want you all to remember and never forget that all that you are going through in this life is just a test from Allah (SWT). So whatever you go through is going to be judged and you will rewarded in the next life, Inshallah. Please for all our sakes, bare with us for a little while longer, remember ‘Patience is a Virtue’. Although this may not make sense you will see what good it does after. We pray to Allah that He gives the right guidance, the paitence and the strength that is needed for what you are all going through. Remember that Allah is watching and the Life is a Test. May peace be with you and your people, Inshallah.

Zubaida Asir, London, Isle of Dogs Tuesday 13th December 2005


Keep fighting for the truth and justice, never give up. If you remain strong you will get through it eventually. I wish you all the luck i can,

Stephen, Manchester Tuesday 13th December 2005


For the Pleasure of My Lord,
The Prisons Come Perfumed

Written by Shaykh Ab? Muhammad Al-Maqdis?

General Intelligence Prison Facility, Jordan ? Cell No. 63
?Eid Al-Adh?h? 1414 H

(May All?h hasten his release)

At-Tiby?n Publications

Dear Brother, who dwells in these prisons
To you I write with distresses,

If to All?h you hold fast
Then what harm will a misfortune of time do to you?

Beware dear Brother, of making your corrupting your thoughts
Regarding the Promise of the Deity, Mighty and Strong,

Verily, He has promised the Believers with Salvation
As He saved Y?nus from the dark depths of the belly of the Fish,

Dear Brother, before you, passed the ancient ones
These prisons are but like those prisons,

Did not Y?suf dwelled in them for a phase
And M?s?, the tyrants threatened him with it,

And such was the Messenger of the Generous Deity
To imprison him, the pagans plotted,

So my Lord saved him through his Hijrah
In the company of that trustworthy friend,

And in their footsteps, the Believers traversed
Like Ahmad, that firm Im?m,

And likewise Ibn Taymiyyah was blessed with it
In the fortress of Sh?m, as a prisoner he dwelled,

Hundreds of thousands of the True Faithful
Dwelled for a time in these prisons,

Be not weak, dear Brother, nor lose hope
When your time comes, nor submit,

Strengthen yourself by remembering the Deity, Most Supreme
And hasten in memorizing the Manifest Book,

That is for your heart a secure stronghold
And this is for your spirit an assisting provision,

These are hardships, soon they will all cease
And remaining from it will be various fruits and benefits,

So if they intimidate you, and they threaten you
Never weaken, or soften to them,

And even if they insult you, and they torture you
And if they beat you, submit not,

You are not the first to be tortured
For a Mighty Religion and a Manifest Legislation,

Nor are you alone on this Path
For there are countless caravans throughout the years,

And if an ?Eid passes by, and a son is born
And months rotate, while you are imprisoned,

Do not grieve O Brother of the Righteous Ones
Of departing from family and losing children,

And if they forbid you from their visits
And likewise their letters never appear,

So if this is for a Lord and Religion
Then where is the patience, where is the certainty!?

And where are your past speeches
Regarding the (weight of the) Millah of that Trustworthy Messenger?!

That Intimate Friend went willingly
To slaughter his son, a clear trial,

On a magnificent, noble day like today
Without any anxiety, he put him down upon his forehead,

So my Lord saved him through His Good Will
And ransomed him with a fat sheep,

But you, your sons are in a carefree life
And diversion and amusement, and a secured home,

Yet you have not been asked to slaughter them
Rather, merely for patience of a temporary separation,

For verily, they are in the care of a Merciful Lord
And you are in solitude with Him and Faith,

For the Pleasure of a Lord and assisting a Religion
Life and all children become insignificant,

For the Pleasure of a Lord, Mighty and Generous
The prisons come perfumed, and the bitter come sweet?

Anonymous, UK Saturday 10th December 2005


To the family of Babar Ahmed,
Please accept my salam and my prayers. I hope that Allah gives you both strength, patience and peace in this trial. Hold your hands out to Allah as only Allah will grant us his infinite mercy and forgiveness. I hope that your prayers are answered and that your son/husband is with you soon.
I wish that there is something i can do. Babar is the same age as me and i feel sad that someone in the prime of his life – someone who should be enjoying a fulfilling life with a wife and children has had that taken away from him.
Be strong – you have the support of many around the world. We are all with you, and most importantly Allah is with you.

Sitara Kabir, UK Saturday 10th December 2005

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