Assalaam o alikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakathu
Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilayhl Raji’oon
(From Allah subhanhau wa ta la we come and to him we return)

To Barbar Ahmad to his family & Friends My best dua goes out to you all Amin.To all the brothers at Guantanamo who suffer by the Kufars hands my best dua to you and your familys to Amin.The war on islam have been going on for a long time.Freedom and justice aswell laws is for some,and for others not a fackt.I ask you brother Barbar Ahmad stay strong remember the words from Ibn Taymiyyah.

They can make fun of us muslim hate the religion islam.Make war on islam and Brotheres & Sisters

we seen it at

we see once again the war on muslim with pictures og brothers under torture Jail abuse at Abu Ghraib

we see the pictures cartoons denmark (where i am from)of Rasul allah salla allahu alayhl wa sallam

we see brothers being send to jail for expressing the feelings and thoughts..

Not to forget our good brother Ali Al Timimi form the us who is a prove to the fight they have against muslims world wide aswell as islam..

I ask Allah subhanhu wa ta ala to give light nur in the heart of the muslim our Ummah Amin..To The brothers like Babar Ahmad who suffer by the hands of the kufar to make it easy for him Amin.I ask allah subhanhu wa ta ala to guide the muslim world wide and let them help our Brothers & Sisters in islam Amin

I ask Allah subhanahu wa ta ala to place the Al-Quran Al-Karim nobel words in the heart of the once who suffer Amin

And once again to the family of Babar Ahmad stay strong have faith in Allah subhanhu wa ta ala give Allah subhanhu wa ta ala your 100% trust no matter what..

They cant take our islam ore iman our deen..We proud muslim inside jail ore outside

Fi aman allah

Abdallah Andersen, Denmark Thursday 16th February 2006


Asalaamu Alaikum,

My greetings to Ashfaq, who I once worked very happily with years ago, had the greatest respect for, including his faith and though we have not been able to meet for this long time, still regard as a friend.

While some actions of some Moslem’s have clearly been very poor representations of what I regard are the peaceful intentions of the majority of Moslem’s. My heart bleeds when I see the ill conceived behaviour of some Western politicians, followed by reflective behaviour among military and civilian authorities. This situation where British citizens can automatically be extradited to the USA without protective legal process here in the UK, is a gross infringement of human rights. I also believe that it also infringes upon some of the most ancient human rights of citizens in this country, even back to Magna Carta.

I am most unhappy that a lot of this behaviour stems from the desertion of the best of Christian values, including of the Christian faith among so many here. This has led to loss of proper moral standards by which to conduct Government Policy and a whole gamut of other aspects of society. Just as Moslem’s are generally mistrusted, there is also a most sad trend where believing Christians are as well, even to the extent of insidious persecution. In spite of many differences, believing Moslem’s and Christians have so much in common in our worship of Allah as well as many of our ethical and moral standards. It is true that there are very sadly violent ones within both of our communities, but we must not let them sway us from respecting one another, especially when modern pagans seek to work against both of us.

Ever since I saw a brief mention of Barbar’s situation on the news some time ago, I have been unhappy at the state of affairs and Ashfaq, his wife and the whole family, especially Barbar have often been in my thoughts and prayers. This will continue and I pray inshalah, (how can it not be God’s will?), that the authorities will see the error of their ways and revoke this disgusting law so that Barbar and others have the proper British justice that is their right.

Ashfaq is welcome to keep in touch with me on this situation and so that we can renew our contact if possible.

My most sincere respects and prayers

Archbishop Alan

Alan J Munday (Most Rev.), Beckenham, Kent, England Wednesday 15th February 2006


assalamu alaikum,
my duas go out to babar ahmed and i pray that Allh will help and guide him through this most difficult time. i also pray for the family and pray that they will inshallah soon have babar ahmed with them. i would like to add my name to the campaign, as i support fully babar ahmed. May Allah fulfill your duas and prayers Ameen

RR, London Tuesday 14th February 2006


Asalamu wa alaikum dear muslim brothers and sisters, I feel helpless reading this website and listening to the news, i pray they free innocent people like Barbar Ahmed, Insh’Allah they will and i hope you hang on in there May Allah swt give you strength and health. To all of Barbars family, Guys please don’t lose faith, the almighty is looking over us all and justice will be done! Stay strong for Barbars sake!

Naim Faruq, Luton Tuesday 14th February 2006


Asalaamu Alaikum,
My dear respected brother. The times have changed where Islam is now the target of todays modern society (government(.Great unjust has been bought upon you and your family. I pray that Allah (swt) gives you, your family and everyone of us strength to be able to go through these challenging times. 1Day we shall all stand in unity with 1 another without looking at the difference and i pray that i can stand by you and read salaah with you as a brother and not just a person.

may allah give us all strength inshallah.

simon smith, Yorskhire Tuesday 14th February 2006


Aslamu alykum warrahmatullahi wabarakatu
May Allah swt bless this brother with patience. Its strange how I didn?t even know this brother?s story until now, the front page of the tabloid newspaper was never devoted to his physical and emotional injuries. Nor was anything devoted to his family?s suffering, this once again shows obvious double standards. May Allah bless his family with sabr, and reward them with jannat-ul-firdous, and may Allah swt bless my brother with patience and imaan which will keep him strong. I pray sincerely that Muslims do their utmost and show their support and some how free our brother from this brutality. The hypocrites always stress this notion of ?freedom is every mans right? Well I guess there?s another contextual change when its concerning innocent Muslims. May Allah swt protect him. This family will always be in my dua’s inshaAllah
waslaam waramatullahi waarakatu

Farah, Manchester Tuesday 14th February 2006


assalamulikum. inshallah i will make dua for my dear brother babar ahmad and may Allah swt make him stronger and hopefully inshallah he will be free. Ameen.
Wassalamulikum wa rakmatula hi wabarakatu.

Sister Saba, Manchester Monday 13th February 2006


Inshallah you shall be ok
i am praying for you and your family
may allah set you free and punish these people

Sister, London Sunday 12th February 2006


asalamu alaikum, i found out about brother babar ahmed last yr,and i was really hurt on how they captured him, its disgusting to hear that they arrested him without proof,and how they abused him. with alot going on, twin towers, london bombings, and now the pictures of the prophet (pbuh), it seems like this is all a test on us muslims to see how they would get together and fight for rights and respect. family of babar ahmed, and his dear wife, my prayers be with you to free him. inshallah at the end of all suffering, there is a bright light, dont give up on him, i admire his wife so much, mashallah i cant say i know what she’s going through, but may allah provide her with alot of strength. take care of yourself sister. allah hafiz.

Yasmin, Milton Keynes Saturday 11th February 2006



I am one of the many American citiziens whose voices have been stifled by the heinous actions of the warmongers and the gutless many who choose to back this assault on innocent Muslims. I urge you and other Britich People to fight the American extradition documents. Both the American Government and the British Government are heading the latest assault in the Middle East. I pray for the release of Mr. Ahmad, peace to all, and damnation to both Tony Blair and George Moron Bush.

John Kilcher, Knox, New York, USA Friday 10th February 2006


Praying for justice to be done and our brother to be freed, Inshallah.

Rabia, london Tuesday 7th February 2006


May Allah give strength to the family of Babar Ahmed. My message is to support you in your struggle.
This whole issue is a “smokescreen”.
CNN – MSNBC, BBC, SKY are all allowed free speech and information. But the Muslims are not allowed a media outlet detailing the crimes of the US.
InshAllah he will be released soon and not deported.Ameen.

Asad Habib, Sheffield – UK Tuesday 31st January 2006


I wish to add my name to the Free Babar Ahmad campaign. It clear imperialism always needs an “enemy” to justify it’s actions. During the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s the British establishment demonised the Irish community. Now it is the turn of the Muslim community to be demonised. Unless all who oppose injustice support Babar, it will be more difficult to win back freedoms already lost.
Beir Bua,
Joe Moore.

Joe Moore, Cork, Ireland. Saturday 21st January 2006


salaam my dear brother,
my heart goes out to you and ur family, unforuantly there is nothing i can do but pray, its sad how it has taken me so long to learn about what unjustice is happening so close to home, in the very country which is seen as in its height for democracy and free speech!, dear brother be patient and inshallah we will all pray for you, all Allah’s loved ones see hardship,Its a test and they are harder for those who Allah loves, our beloved prophet(pbuh) saw immense hardship in search of triumph, inshallah justice will be done, ALLAHUAKBAR!,
Allah hafiz

Salma, Derby Monday 16th January 2006


ASA I hope and pray babar ahmad is spared the cruel handling by british police and even more evil usa authorities. there can be no doubt everything that goes up must come down and every dog has his day. the usa and british as well as many other powerful nations are under the influence of powerful zionists and their lobies. They dare not go against their agenda or risk being labled antisemetic. Allah will help rightous and it can take time, we all need to pray for babar’s freedom. may Allah make it easy for him and his family.
aziz ahmad

Aziz Ahmad, Harrow Middx Sunday 15th January 2006


(May Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you)

Surely, we will see justice inshallah (God Willing).
Surely, we will be rewarded inshallah.
Surely, these opressors are inhumane.
They are examples of ignorance and injustice.
These opressors are fearless of the punishment awaiting them in the hereafter. May Allah show them hidaya, turn their hearts towards the truth. Show them the light.

Babur Ahmed, is MY brother. He is Our brother. He is OUR HERO, Islam’s hero. May Allah show him mercy. May Allah bless him once again, with the warmth of his lovely family. May Allah perish his opressors, OUR opressors, right before our eyes. May Allah help us to keep faith in Allah till we take our last breaths…
whether they torture us, or leave us in peace, we will live and die for Islam inshallah.

Zulaikha, England Saturday 14th January 2006


hello eveyone.i just saw mr ahmed in the hmp woodhill a few weeks ago and he waved at me! i think all those police people are disgraceful and un civillised people who will all be punished severly for what they did. i hate people that think they can just built muslims and get away with it besides they will all rot in hell inshallah.

Shaheeza Sheikh, Leicestershire Friday 13th January 2006


Asalamualaikum, I just wanted to show my support by e-mailing you, its probably not much but I pray that Babar will soon be free from this hardship he is currently going through and not only him but also his family I hope this is of some comfort to him and his family that my family and I are thinking and praying for the Ahmed family in their time of crisis. May Allah relieve you of this hardship soon.Ameen
WASALAAM, Raqia Bi Alam (a muslimah)

Raqia, Blackburn Tuesday 10th January 2006


Free vote and Free Speech are two cornerstones of Democracy.. without either no Government can be classed as Democratic. Pure motives always succeed. Strength & Blessings.

Roisin Robertson, London Monday 9th January 2006

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