I would just like to say that our thoughts and duas are with you and your family. Inshallah Babar will recieve reward for his jihad (struggle) and please be patient and understand that Allah chooses his best servants to test them and therefore do not be disheartended and continue to struggle for his cause with sabr and inshallah Allah will bring him justice.

Tuqeer, Manchester Friday 15th April 2005


Insha’Allah brother Babar and his family will receive the patience and strength they need to endure this great test.I am saddened to realise how our government is willing to relinquish our British sovereignty and rule of law to the American aggressors and oppressors. It seems that in the current political environment one of our govt’s primary aims is to create this ‘climate of terror’, so that any legislation relating to the eroding of civil and human rights particularly of muslims may be introduced and accepted.Alhamdulilah, we have the best form of defence in our Du’aa. Insha’Allah all success to your campaign.

Um Riyadh, Cardiff Friday 15th April 2005


My heart goes out to you and your family! Remember my brother through hardship there is ease, Allah test those who He loves! May Allah give you and your family victory inshallah

Sister in Islam, London, uk Friday 15th April 2005


I strongly believe that America’s record of treating Muslim prisoners in Guantanamo Bay is so horrific that no country, let alone the UK, which stands for justice and human rights, should extradite one of its citizens to the USA. In the case of Br. Babar Ahmad, as long as he has been cleared of any crime in the past by the British Authorities, it is quite unfair to respond to the USA’s request. What we would prefer is a fair trial in the UK, as we have good faith in the British Judicial System.

Dr. Suhaib Hasan, Islamic Shariah Council of Great Britain Friday 15th April 2005


As Salaam Al Aikum brother Babar and family members…
I would like to say that this “B-Liar” government itself is a terrorist using terrorism as a scapegoat to launch their own breed of so called “justice” for the sake of “democracy”, which is absolutely ludicrous…
Furthermore, I would like to add that Insh’Allah the outcome will be in your favour.
These are the times of trials and tribulations so don’t feel weak in any way what-so-ever. Allah Taa’la puts the firmest of Believers which the Almighty loves through the hardest of tests so please don’t despair for the last laugh will be the Muslim Ummah’s, Insh’Allah Taa’la and know there are many brothers and sisters vouching for your freedom.

M.J. Abedin, Walsall, Birmingham Friday 15th April 2005


My heart felt prayers go out to you and your family in this time of difficulty. Words are very hard to find at this moment in time, May Allah give you and your family strength there will be justice one day if not in this life definitely in the next.

Umm Bilal, Surrey Thursday 14th April 2005


Your’s and your family’s patience will pay off. The truth will prevail leaving the UK’s government to take a good look at itself and sort out the so called ‘justice’ system.

Kasha, London Thursday 14th April 2005


I pray for my dear brother and his family that Allah blesses them with patience and justice. What is happening to Babar is the tip of the iceberg, a sign of many things to come.

Imaan, London Thursday 14th April 2005


I hope and pray that your appeal to release Mr. Ahmad is succesful. I also pray that Allah grants his wife and father sabr and also the resilience to continue fighting on his behalf.
“When truth comes, falsehood vanishes. and falsehood is forever a vanishing thing.”(Quran). We in South Africa know this better than most people.

Riley, South Africa Thursday 14th April 2005


Dear Babar, I want to send you my most heartfelt hopes and wishes that you will be respected and treated with dignity and true justice in your present trials. That you will not be extradited to US. I am so so sorry that you and your lovely family, and all the other Muslims here and abroad are being subjected to such suffering and unfairness. What blindness and madness.

Lucy Cowan, Tweedmouth, Berwick upon Tweed Thursday 14th April 2005


Well what can i say to my dearest brother in islam. We came to this world to strive for the sake of Allah and Islam, so we shall come out striving. I bet you had so many people say that they are making duas for you, that you lost count, let us Muslims stand up and fufill our duties by taking actions. Get involved in helping stoppoliticalterror.com. Not only for Babar’s sake but also for all our beloved brothers in islam.They might take away our dignity and respect in third world but they shall never touch our iman. They shall never make us lose faith in Allah(inshallah).
Allahu akbar wa salam

Ripa, London Monday 11th April 2005


All Praise be to Allah swt inshallah if we all do sincere dua nothing can harm him and soon he will return to his family inshallah ameen peace 🙂

let the brother out naz says, uk Friday 8th April 2005


May Allah listen to your prayers and the prayers of the many Muslim and non-Muslims around the world for you, my brother. Have faith in Allah and remember that Allah is with those who are patient. And inshallah Allah will reward the best of rewards..’al-fardose al aalaa’

H, Cardiff Thursday 7th April 2005


The Messenger of Allah p.b.u.h. said: Whoever causes mischief and scandal to a believer, Allah will put him in a situation of humiliation and scandal on the Day of Judgment. (Reported by al-Bayhaqi)
Please take care, and have tawakkal on Allah insha’ Allah. Don’t lose hope. I always pray for our oppressed brothers and sisters. It’s usually a general duaa, but I never forget to pray for your son by mentioning his name. Know that there are people praying for him.
Just because he’s not our blood brother, does not mean that everyone is enjoying their meals or sleeping well. We feel your pain, and will continue to remember him and you all in prayers, bi idhinillah.

Sumayya, US Thursday 7th April 2005


Having heard Mrs Ahmad speak during the Peace Festival in Aberystwyth, I wholeheartedly support the aims to have Babar Ahmad released. The laws that the Labour government have put in place are an insult to the people of Britain. The singling out of Muslims and powers of arrest and detention without charge are morally wrong. You have my support Babar and if there is anything I can do to help I will. I will try to get a letter of support for you from Aberystwyth Town Council and am planning on bringing the matter before Council.

Cllr Mark Strong, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion ,Wales Tuesday 5th April 2005


We are given strength and hope by witnessing the strength and hope displayed by Babar Ahmad and his family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We hope this awakens aware people to act positively. As humans we should all be affected by this injustice and we should give support to this case so that the likes of it do not happen again.

Rashid, London Saturday 2nd April 2005


As I read the account of Babar’s arrest and abuse, I was amazed that it was underwritten by the same authorities to whom I pay taxes. This is a disgrace to the nation and I deeply regret the injustice that the Terrorism Act (and the USA’s Extradition Act) permits. My heart goes out to Babar and his family, that you will be able to endure each day and somehow forgive, with God’s help, the people who abuse their power.

Sophie Hebden, Leicester Friday 1st April 2005


I too heard Mrs. Ahmad speak at the recent peace rally in Aberystwyth and was impressed by her, by the blatant injustice of the case and by its important ramification for all people of whatever race or creed in this country of ours. I wholeheartedly support this campaign. Please let me know who I should write to to further this cause.

Jonathan Hill, Machynlleth, Mid/West Wales Friday 1st April 2005


On behalf of all Sierra Leonean muslims we wish Babar Ahmad and his family victory.

Mohamad Sesay, Freetown/Sierra leone Thursday 31st March 2005


Assalaamu alaikum brother Babar Ahmad,
By Allah’s favour many Sierra leoneans know about you through brother{in islam}Abu Muntasir of JIMAS in London.
Our message for you is that please be firm and courageous in the TRUTH {THE ISLAM},and that don’t be surprised at what is happening with you now for they, the unrighteous, had treated the rightous before you just as they are now doing to you.But at the end the supreme God helped his sincere servants.So inshaa Allah you will be free one day and all of us will laugh.
With prayers of success for Brother Babar,his family and the rest of the Muslims.

Abdurahman Yillah, Freetown/Sierra Leone Thursday 31st March 2005

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