Dear Babar,
I have recently written to the prime minister in an attempt to highlight the injustice of the current UK extration treaty. I hope that it might help,
good luck
AJ Bladderwait

Arthur J. Bladderwait, U.K. Wednesday 12th July 2006


Assalamu alaikum
You are not first and not certainly last but Allah is the best planner and you all are in my duas ALWAYS.
I had a dream which I mentioned to a sister who knows the family while i was last demo, I hope she did mention to your family. It was beautiful dream I cant write all, but it was you and your family having party with those muslim community who worked hard for your support. I hope it comes true and insha Allah the other bit i will mention one day.
It just came back to my mind yesterday as i was at the demo.
insha Allah you will be free.
wasalam wr wb

zaynab, London Wednesday 12th July 2006


Dear Sir or madam
To begin with can I please take this opportunity to express my deep sorrow and regret upon the injustice towards Mr Babar Ahmad. After recently reading the article I felt extremely angry towards the unjust actions in regards to the arrest of Mr Ahmad. My heartfelt prayers are with the family of Mr Ahmad and I hope (insha Allah) that justice is brought to this family.

Ane Dit, UK Wednesday 12th July 2006



ABDOOL RASHID, Basingstoke Wednesday 12th July 2006


Asalam u alaikum brother Ahmed. First I would like to say I love you for the sake of Allah. Secondly I would like to say victory is near, as Allah says in the Quran Surah: 61 Verse: 10-13: “O ye who believe! Shall I lead you to a bargain that will save you from a grievous Penalty?- That ye believe in Allah and His Messenger, and that ye strive (your utmost) in the Cause of Allah, with your property and your persons: That will be best for you, if ye but knew! He will forgive you your sins, and admit you to Gardens beneath which Rivers flow, and to beautiful mansions in Gardens of Eternity: that is indeed the Supreme Achievement. And He will bestow upon you another favour which you love: help from Allah and a near victory. So give glad tidings to the believers.” So be firm my beloved brother and know that you are upon the truth and they are upon falsehood. They might make you suffer a little in this life but Allah will make them pay eternally in the next. So I am going to leave you with this verse in the Quran. Surah:02 Verse: 214 “Or do you think that you would enter the garden while yet the state of those who have passed away before you has not come upon you; distress and affliction befell them and they were shaken violently, so much so that the Messenger and those who believed with him said: When will the help of Allah come? Now surely the help of Allah is near!”

Mohammed Nur, London Wednesday 12th July 2006


Asalamu Alaikum,
Dear Brother Babar. I first heard of your story on the news 2 yrs ago. Back then I really didn’t take much notice. As the years have passed your story has always seemed grab my attention many times and I am now fully aware of the horrific things that have happened to you and many other brothers in the world. It is as though the veil covering my eyes has been lifted. Brother you are in my prayers. Subhanallah, I sometimes have to question myself if the people carrying out these actions are actually human! Dear respected brother you are not forgotten. In times of need we should turn to ALLAH, He is the Lord of all the world, the Sustainer and the Maintainer. We are tested many times in this life and ALLAh tests those He loves. No matter how hard things get, this life on earth isn’t forever. The hereafter is our eternal abode and we should focus on that. The best of us are those who remember ALLAH during times of hardship. I weep when I think of brothers like you being tormented and then I remember, isn’t it better to be punished for Allah’s sake instead of something else? GRIEVE NOT FOR ALLAH IS WITH US!!!

Sister Hanan Mah, Sheffield Tuesday 11th July 2006


Salaams attended the demo today Alhamdulillah there was a reasonable turn out!!! as always could be better. I pray that Babar and along with others brothers are released Ameen.

Amina Shaikh, Slough Tuesday 11th July 2006


Assalaamualaikum, as was said today at the demo, we will always be with you inshaAllah and the countless others…

rubi, london Tuesday 11th July 2006


Assalaamualaykum Brother Babar,

“On no soul doth Allah Place a burden greater than it can bear…” [Surah Baqarah: Chapter 2, Verse 285]

Allah has done this for a reason, and its because your iman is strong that you’re being tested like this, just have sabr inshAllah. I know its easy to say, but Allah will make it easy for you.
May Allah grant you and your family the best of this world and the Aakhirah, and grant you and your family reward for your patience.

Anonymous, Leicester Tuesday 11th July 2006


Salamulikum Brother & family members of Babar Ahmad,
I would like to give my support in this message board for babar ahmed, I have followed his trial through the website and have kept up to date till now, and today (11th July 2006) I am unable to attend due to injury to myself through an accident, but my support and the dua of the ummah is with you brother and your family, remember that Allah does not burden a person more than he can bear, so know that this is a test for you personally but a bigger test for your family and your ummah to see you in prison for being a believer in Allah……..
One last comment, that remember as an ummah we are one family, so your mother is my mother and your family is my family and my dua goes out to them……….. May Allah be with you in your difficulties Insha’Allah

Muhammad Abul Hasan Miah, Oxford UK Tuesday 11th July 2006


Assalaamu alikum!
I would just like to say that my du’a is alwayz with you brother! I am very sad to hear what you had 2 go through and what you are still going through.
Have sabr Insha’allah. May Allah always protect you and remember that ‘With every difficult there’s a relief’

ALLAAHUMMA LAA SAHLA ‘ILLAA MAA JA’ ALTAHU SAHLAN WA ‘ANTA TAJ’ALUL-HAZNA’ ITHAA SHI’TA SAHLAN: O ALLAH, there is no ease other than what you make easy. If you please you ease sorrow!

shamina, Fulham Tuesday 11th July 2006


Asalamu alaykum dear brother,
You should be set free but the government is blinded by it’s links to america, I just wonder if we didnt have these links, we’d in a FAR better state than what we are now!!
Come on courts have sense on this matter and mocking duas? and prayer???? disbeliever alert, I hope Brother Babar can get what he deserves= freedom from the madness of politics at the moment
Walikum as salam

Anonymous, Aberdeenshire, Scotland Monday 10th July 2006


Don’t worry Said, (of St Albans) there are also lots of non-Muslims who also feel that that it is blatantly obvious what is “going on” and it’s certainly not acts of “Muslim Terrorism”
I pray that the people of UK come to realise the injustices being inflicted upon the muslims, for nothing more than standing up for what WE BELIEVE IS INJUSTICE. Our perception of Injustice is just the same as anyone elses..It is blatantly obvious that there is a motive far deeper than what is visible on the part of the US and UK government
If we all work together, we can get The Truth out and all the lies exposed at last!
I have met Barbar Ahmed’s father and wife and hope to goodness he does not have to go to an American Jail (as also I do not want this to happen to Gary McKinnon). I think he has been through quite enough already.
Jane Pickup

Jane Pickup, Otley, West Yorks, England. Monday 10th July 2006


Dear Babar,
Salaamu alaikum my dear brother. I was very shocked when i heard about the police mock you in the prayer position, and more so when i heard that you are to spend time in a jail in America though completely innocent. Remember the surah in the Qur’an about the Prophet Yusef(Joseph) pbuh who prayed to Allah saying that prison was dearer to him than al-fashia (illegal sexual acts) and Allah raised his rank and made him a prophet and made him of those who were successful. May Allah bless you, my dear brother, and may Allah keep you on the ‘straight path’, and raise your rank, and grant you Al-Firdaus. Amin amin amin. Because of you i have now decided that i am no longer going to sit on the sidelines but become more politically active. May Allah bless the Muslim Ummah and make us strong and give us the victory over the disbelieving people amin

ali stockdale, fulham, london Monday 10th July 2006


Salam malaikum.. I just read about the appaling and dreadful abuse Brother Babar Ahmed suffered from the hands of the officers which dealt with him. Akhi have sabr inshAllah, Allah does not burden a soul with more than it can bear. I pray that the people of UK come to realise the injustices being inflicted upon the muslims, for nothing more than standing up for what WE BELIEVE IS INJUSTICE. Our perception of Injustice is just the same as anyone elses..It is blatantly obvious that there is a motive far deeper than what is visible on the part of the US and UK government (Just read the facts!!!)..”Verily they plan and Allah plans, but Allah is the best of planners”
May Allah bless Babar’s family and keep their efforts to release him successful.

Said, St Albans Monday 10th July 2006


Babar Ahmad and his family and all Muslims being treated injustly are in our duas and if there is any practical support required i.e. writing to MPs etc, please indicate what I need to do inshallaah.
I ask Allah (swt) to keep our hearts steadfast to this deen, to forgive our errors and to help us to perform deeds which will be beloved to Allah (swt) and will guarantee success in Akirah.

Umm Ismail, UK Sunday 9th July 2006


Salam Alaikum Br. Babar,
You are a beacon of light in this darkness and shine everywhere you are. May Allah help you and your family, grant you all strength, victory and great reward in this world and the next.
The light of Allah can never be extinguished.
Allah ma’akum.

Anonymous, Glasgow Saturday 8th July 2006


Alhamdulillah, I would like to say may Allah (SWT) make things easy for Babar, his family and friends.
All over the world, I read what’s happening, the conditions in Guantanomo, the continued attacks against Palestine, and all of the many real life horror stories.

I cannot make it to the demo I will be at work.
All I can say is, it says in the Qur’an Allah (SWT) does not put a burden on a person more than they can bear, so please remember Babar whatever you face you will have what it takes to handle it, inshallah. You must have strong Eemaan to be in this position and it is an honoured status to have.
In a hadith of our Prophet (SAW), the trials we face are in relation to the strength of our eemaan, so that is something very positive to remember.
It is like the early times of Islam where the Kufaar openly humiliate the Muslims, knowing they can do so without any response.
A story from the past which explains how the Kufaar once burnt the believers just because they believed in Allah (SWT), thought they had won. I read it on again.
The suffering we face is a victory and the pain we experience will be rewarded, inshAllah.
The goal is Jannah, while the Kufaar are digging their own graves to enter Hellfire.
To give you a personal example, for the last 2.5 years at work I have suffered major harrassment at work.
Alhamdulillah, with tawakkul, sabr and perseverance, after I made numerous complaints, by the Grace and Mercy of Allah (SWT) alone I managed to fend off virtually the whole company and I am still there.
If Allah (SWT) is with you, none can overcome you.
Lastly, I myself would feel trepidation about what would happen, if I were shipped off to the US.
All I would advise is do your best, for the sake of Allah (SWT) alone. Life is short, so remember Allah (SWT) and ask Him for help.
I will remember you in my duas, whatever happens, please remember many Muslims will make dua for you, as they make dua for all of the Muslims.

Asif, UK Saturday 8th July 2006


I am appalled at the treatment being dealt to Babar Ahmad. Although I am not a Muslim and in fact a Marxist and an atheist, I am completely opposed to the British government persecution of Babar. This action by the British state is in reality an attack on all working people and is a very dangerous deviation from the liberal bourgeois ?democracy? that is held up as an example to the rest of the world. No one is safe from this developing dictatorship, no matter what their religion or philosophy of life. It is very obvious that the police and the British state do not wish anyone to make a complaint against their dictatorship.
I salute the efforts of all in opposing this injustice against Babar and wish him and all the other victims of the state oppression a successful result in their quest for justice.

David Nissen, London Saturday 8th July 2006


Dear Mr Ahmad,
Your treatment at the hands of the police is appalling. Your proposed extradition to the US beggars belief. If there were any evidence to support the US contention that you were involved in terrorist related activities then surely you should be tried in the UK. Since you’re not being tried here then I conclude that no such evidence exists.
If I were a believer in a god I would wish you ‘God Speed’ but since I’m not I’ll simply wish you Good Luck and hope that your beliefs manage to sustain you through the times to come.

Peter Gaunt, London Saturday 8th July 2006

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