Assallamu-alaikum my dearest brother.
I have just read your article “Two years in captivity”.
I was saddened by the imminence of the proceedings but joyful at the level of your imaan.
I hope and pray that you are succesful in the test that Our Creator has set for you, Inshallah. Remember a lot of the pious people in our history have endured prison. It must be a sign of the greatness of your person that you are tested in such harshe climes while we are tested in much easier circumstances. You are in my duas and i hope that i and the rest of this ummah are also in yours.
Your brother in Islam

Saghir, Rotherham Tuesday 22nd August 2006


Assalamoalaikum Waramatullahi wabarakatuhu– Brother Babar and his entire family are in my thoughts and prayers. May Allah SWT bestow His Mercy and Blessing to his mum,dad,wife, children,to brother Babar, brothers and sisters everybody who are supporting his campaign for justice, equality and peace. I have lobbied my MP in the past and i shall do again, Insha Allah.
Jazakallah khayre

AbdoolRashid Hemmuth, basingstoke Monday 21st August 2006


only if can write to him i’d write
Aslam alalikum wr wb Barbar
humble slave of Allah
My dear brother I don?t ask how you are cause I cant imagine and I don?t want to imagine. We are all together with you in your grief. ?We all belong to Allah and to Him shall we return?. Fate overcomes everything. Everyone who has come into this world has come to leave. May Almighty Allah grant you sabar and steadfastness.

An Arab poet has said: ?I praise the one Allah who has no partner in worship, May Allah grant you great rewards and bless you with patience. May he also enable us all to thank Him. Our lives, wealth, family and children are all form the bounties of Allah! May Allah reward you for the trials these may bring to you.?

The following ahadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him) are well-known:
?Trials will constantly come upon the believing men and women regarding life, children and wealth until the believer meets Allah in the state that there is no sin upon him/her.?

Salma Hussain, LEEDS Friday 18th August 2006


Salaams Brother,
Ash- Sharh 94:4-5 “And, behold, with every hardship comes ease: verily, with every hardship comes ease!”

Al-Baqara 2:257 “Allah is the protector of those who have faith: from the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into light.”
You are in our prayers always.

Halima, UK Friday 11th August 2006



BABAR, PAKISTAN,HYDERABAD Thursday 3rd August 2006


Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh, brothers and sisters, we have to do something to help our brother Babar and inshAllah he will be released from jail and sent back home to his families. We have to make dua’a for him. He has not done anything bad to us or them and he has been arrested. PLEASE MAKE DUA’A FOR HIM!

ANONYMOUS, Canada Thursday 3rd August 2006



sharmin, Croydon Wednesday 2nd August 2006


Salaam, please ask Brother Babar to recite Surah Fatiha 111 times and blow on the handcuffs. Release will be secured shortly -Inshallah.

Brother you are not alone-as members of the Muslim Ummah, united we stand united we fall.

May Allah (swt) reward you and your family for your patience.

786, Essex Saturday 29th July 2006


I do write to my brother in prison. I hope he gets them.
There is nothing wrong with freedom. But, does one need to experience incarceration to appreciate it?
My brother, each step offers Goodness. And, to your family, well, PERSEVERENCE.

Umm Sulaim, Lagos Thursday 27th July 2006


Assalamu alaikum,
I just read the ‘Kith and Kin’ section of the latest emel magazine featuring Babar and Ashfaq Ahmad. It moved me to write a quick note of my support and heart felt prayers for you and your family. May Allah provide you both with strength to carry on the struggle in the dignified way in which you have undertaken it.

Matiur Rahmnan, London Thursday 27th July 2006


May Allah (S.W.T.) bless you and protect you and your family against the persecution and injustice at the hand of these DEVILS. Your local comunity is 150% behind you and support you and other muslim brothers in your poisition even if your local consituent does not seem to be doing NOTHING.
It’s a great shame that we can call ourselves muslims and yet we do nothing to defend our muslim brothers when they and their families are injustly victimised by this corrupt system and no one muslim in the POSITON TO make a STAND does so.
Allah S.W.T. is the Best of all judges, Allah’s court of justice is the fairest of all.
SO my dear friend I pray to Allah S.W.T. to help you and your family in your plight, and grant you true justice for all that you and your family have suffered at the hands of these ANIMALS.

Ta-ha, London Wednesday 26th July 2006


As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatahu
Brother Babar, I urge you to be strong during this difficult time. May Allah reward you and your family for your patience and steadfastness.
Brothers and sisters, it is time for us to wake up and do something now. We have sat back for long enough and felt sorry for our brothers from our comfortable homes.
Yesterday Babar was snatched from us, today it is Talha… tomorrow it could be one of the men in your family.
As salaamu alaikum

Umm Ameen, London, UK Tuesday 25th July 2006


The Sierra Leone Islamic Student’s Union kindly sends words of courage and steadfastness for BABAR AHMAD in his faith and also pray for the intervention of Allah the Most High. May Allah guide us all.

Sheikh Abdurahmaan, Freetown Monday 24th July 2006


Surely after an appeal to the House of Lords (if necessary)…. Babar could apply to the European Court of Human Rights as he has a very good case for doing that.
There is I believe a backlog of a few years at the ECHR. Enough time to get the law and the government changed with a bit of luck.

Jose, London Thursday 20th July 2006


Dear Mr Ahmad,
I am writing not only in support of your cause, but also in highlighting the injustices we face in what we call our “Democratic” state. There is nothing democratic about assuming someone?s guilt especially if it could be challenged in our own country, it is shameful to think that this country which prides its self on its diversity and legal practice, should have signed up to such a one sided treaty. It is up to us the people of this nation to stand together in denouncing such acts by our government, and petitioning for urgent change.
We will fight and pray for your urgent release. We pray to Allah to give you strength in this difficult time. Ameen.

Adeel, Birmingham Wednesday 19th July 2006


Dear brother babar
i have just read your article which is heart breaking and we have just e-mailed you to say we are behind you 100% and hope the best for you and may Allah help you through this horrific situation
p.s. were only 13 years old

samia, london Tuesday 18th July 2006


Assalamualaikum Brother Babar…
May Allah shower his blessings and peace upon you and your family…indeed you have proven to be more worthy than all of us to be selected for this trial. I cannot even imagine what you are going through…but pray that Allah grants you sabr and strengthens your iman.
Alhamdulilah Aunty Sabiha is constantly mentioning you to our youth in sunday circles, in the hope that it will revive them and make them better muslims. Make them realise that Islam isn’t a matter of the past, but something to live and fight for in the present. I was unaware of the amount of effort that you have put into the youth of this community and how many of them had come of drugs because of you. Yet this is the very same community which has abandoned you in your hour of need, forget helping they were not even bothered to show a decent turn out at the demonstration last Tuesday. People from as far as Birmingham and Slough appeared, Yet I am ashamed to say that the abundant 20,000 muslim population of ‘YOUR’ community probably numbered a paltry 20 at the gathering.
Unfortunately other then typing this message from the comforts of my home computer, and attending one single demonstration…there isn’t much that I have done for my brother. While the kuffar handle you as if you were a piece of dirty cloth throwing you here and there…the rest of us have locked our doors and blocked our ears. Fearing that the slightest bit of communication, may lead to our sons becoming the next ‘Babar Ahmad’. We have finally proven to be those of who the prophet(SAW) said would have ‘wahn’ cast into our hearts. The love for this dunya has made us ‘sumun, bukmun umyun….deaf, dumb and blind’. No one wants to be reminded that we are muslim….all responsible for each other. Rather we find comforts locked up in the brick walls of our houses where success lies in achieving the best education, good jobs and money. Oblivious to ALL else…be it the torture of one of our own brethren.
I am ashamed brother that on this ‘support’ panel the only real support I can guarantee you of is that of Allah (swt) who never abandons his servant…although the rest of us have. And that may well be what we are all held accountable for on the day of judgement. When Allah will ask us ‘what effort did you make to retrieve Babar from the injustice of the kuffar?’ we may have no answer…
Dear brothers and sisters all that is left now…and perhaps most importantly of all…is the changer of fate, Du’aa. Not much effort is needed for us to raise our hands and ask for the mercy of Allah upon Babar and us. It is the least we can do and Babars right on everyone of us. Who knows whose du’aa may be accepted?
May Allah guide us all. Ameen
Walaikumusalaam warahmatullah

Jumina Qureshi, Tooting Sunday 16th July 2006


Assalamu’alykum to all at the Free Babar Ahmad Campaign,
I can certainly speak for all the Muslim students at Imperial College when I say that we have supported Babar from the beginning of his ordeal, and insha’Allah shall continue to do so until we see Babar get real Justice. Babar has become one of this time’s greatest symbols, like inmates from Gitmo or the victims of Abu Ghraib, that remind Muslims globally of the challenges we face when simply holding fast to the rope of Allah. It is because of Babar that the following verse now rings in my ears constantly:

“Or did you think that you will enter Paradise without such (trials) that came to those who passed away before you? They were afflicted with severe poverty and ailments and were so shaken that even the Messenger and those who believed along with him said, ‘When will come the help of Allah? Yes! Certainly, the help of Allah is near!” [Surah Baqarah 2:214]

Ameen. Insha’Allah we will continue to remember you in our duas Brother Babar.
Omar Hashmi, Imperial College Islamic Society Media Team, founder and President of The Political Philosophy Society.

Omar Hashmi, Imperial College, London Friday 14th July 2006


Dear Brother.
Assalamualaikum warahmatullah
I really don’t know what to say about everything that has happened to you. My heart aches for you and your family and you are constantly in my prayers. MashAllah Your iman must be very strong in order to endure everything that you have. May Allah make these trials easier for you. Tony Blair and our ‘ o so amazing’ police force are right idiots for trying to prove how fantastically smart and well-equipped they are against terrorism(!) are they so blind that they do not see that what they are doing right here to you is terrorism. As you can see it is not only your muslim family backing you, but our jewish and christian and other friends are also behind you. To prove to you we are all from the same family, the human race. Though I cannot say this about the sickening excuses for men that were so unjust to you that day. The police force has lost the publics trust by going round shooting any old ‘muslim-lookalike’ and arresting whomsoever they will. If they cannot shove 100% pure evidence into our faces then they have no right to send you off to bush’s lair, oh sorry…the amazing ‘country of freedom’ where freedom rings at every corner. I know I’m comin across as slightly erm…immature and too opinionated, but I’m sorry i need to express the anger that i feel inside on this site. I know that the ‘men’ …ahem that arrested you and manhandled you as they did, will live a long and prosperous life only to get a VERY RUDE AWAKENING in the hereafter. Stay strong (i know this is easier said than done) But you have our love and our admiration.
Insha Allah Justice will prevail…and no…not the type of justice YOU believe in Mr. Blair.

M Ahmed, urgh…the place where the blair roams Thursday 13th July 2006


Dear Mr Ahmad
Whilst I am not acquainted with you personally, I can only express shock and horror at the injustice you have suffered and at the violation of your human rights. Please also accept my deepest sympathy for all the pain and anguish to which you and your family have been subjected. I also protest at the way the Terrorism Act 2000 and the Extradition Act 2003 has been used to persecute yourself and your muslim brothers and sisters.
The fact that you are in custody, with no charge and no evidence against you breaches fundamental human rights and ancient principles under English Law. This Government is systematically undermining constitutional principles which have guaranteed our liberty for hundreds of years. This is a frightening issue facing every citizen of this country. In creating sensationalist fear/hatred against muslims, immigrants and asylum seekers, the Blair Government is intent on getting the British people in collusion with the forces that will destroy our own freedom, democracy and protection from arbitary arrest and incarceration.
The Extradition Act 2003 has terrifying implications in that it allows the UK to extradite anyone to the USA, without making a prima facie case that they have committed a crime. The accused cannot challenge any evidence provided by the US in an English Court. This is scandalous! I would urge anyone reading this message to write to the Solicitor General Mike O’Brien, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA requesting that he supports the Bill, Extradition (United States of America) put forward by Nick Clegg MP (Shadow Home Secretary, Liberal Democrats)which would repeal parts of the Extradition Act 2003, bringing these unfair extradition procedures to an end. It would also be advisable to write to your respective MP. It is important to get the message home to the Government that British people are not going to role over on their backs in the face of injustice and passively wait for our democracy to be destroyed.
In the meantime my thoughts go out to Babar Ahmad and his family. I hope you will soon be reunited in Freedom. May the peace of Allah be with you.
Jane Micklethwaite LLB (Hons)(Open)

Jane Micklethwaite LLB (Hons) (Open), Millom, Cumbria Thursday 13th July 2006

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