Dear Babar,
so sorry to hear you lost the extradition battle.May Allah(swt) shower you and your family with His Mercy and with His Blessings for all the pain you are enduring with such sabr.
“Say:He is (Allah)Most Gracious:we have believed in Him, And on Him have we put our trust:So, soon will ye know which (of us)it is that is in manifest error”. (67:29)

A Khan, London Thursday 30th November 2006


Salaam to Babar and family.
I value your life more than the Kabah. I value your freedom. I value your dignity. I value your rights given by Allah. I have written to my MP and got him on board. Even the prophet Moses (pbuh) approached Pharoah to let his people go. You have both from me. I might never meet you in real life. This message might never reach you. I am sure my supportive actions will have made some difference. I pray that they do.

Ammaad, London Wednesday 29th November 2006


salam brother Baber and his family
with only one day to go for the final verdict our thoughts and duas are with you.The final decision rests with Allah swt who has control over everything.It was by Allahs will you were put under this great trial and by His will you will be taken out of this trouble.Remember Allah tests those who He loves most and im sure you have come closer to Allah by going through all of this and on the day Allah will reward you greatly for this time you have spent suffering and for the sabr you have shown.what ever happens we are behind you and you will always be in my duas.may Allah bless you and your family

Sister in Islam, Manchester Wednesday 29th November 2006



Keep positive Barbar – everyone needs to support this case, as first they come for the Muslims and then it will be anyone of us next.

This extradition treaty is wrong – we need to say No to America and no to this injustice.

Phil Brand, Tooting Broadway. Wednesday 22nd November 2006


This brother is innocent I have seen him in prison and said my salam to this brother he has so much tender love and is to caring to do such things these people dont know what they are doing… but Allah will reward this brother for all his patience.

Mohammed Khan, Watford Tuesday 21st November 2006


To uncle, brother babars dad
Allah swt bless u uncle and your family ameen, may Allah swt bestow his mercy and blessings upon u, sister n law and babar and his family ameen
inshallah one day your son will be there with u ameen
dont lose hope, Allah swt is with u
Allah bless

Musa Mujahid, Scotland Wednesday 15th November 2006


I have read about this case since it began and even after a year later reading what happened to Babar Ahmad makes me still very upset and I just want to say that Allah swt is watching and Allah swts Justice will prevail
I cant say what my heart feels on here but my thoughts and duahs are with Babar and his family and all the other Muslims suffering…
May Allah swt bless Babar Ahmad and give his family sabr and I pray they re-unite in this life and inshaAllah in the gardens of Jannah aswell

Hasan, london Tuesday 14th November 2006


salam alaiakum akhi, i hope Allah keeps you upon the emaan you were a few years ago when i met you in the masjid. i hope Allah free’s you from the life style you are to the hearts of the green birds. Allah is the most wise and tests only those who he loves abshir yaa akhi as you are insha allah from those.
I appologise for not always being there for brothers like you but we ask Allah to increase us in imaan to at least be able to help people like you.

Yaseen Abdullah, London Monday 13th November 2006


May Allah(swt)give you justice and peace in this life and the highest ranking in the hereafter.
You have been choosem by Allah(swt) and you are among the strong true believes. Stay firm in your faith dear brother.
In our duas.
The disbelivers will always hate us.

Your sister in Islam, Dewsbury Friday 3rd November 2006


well,it is hard to write a message of support when you know what our brother is going through…….
all i realy want to say is that, keep strong to the faith as that is our victory. the pain they give you,INSHALLAH Allah will reward you in return within jannah. and without a doubt, ALLAH IS THE KING OF kings…..he does everything for the best. stay strong my brother, and inshallah ALLAH will answer all our prayers, which we made, and are still making for you. your iman is untouchable,you are a one of the lions of the deen,and inshallah your support will increase in the thousands….the more they keep you, the more hearts of their own people is won by islam. you are a solider of peace….and thats what they do not like.
love with with my true heart.
your brother in islam.

Harris, Manchester Monday 30th October 2006


So sad to read your story. I hope justice prevails and you are once again able to lead a free life. From reading your messages, many people around the world have prayed for you and I add my prayers to theirs. You will have justice in this life and in the next, InshAllah. Keep the faith.

FB, London Wednesday 25th October 2006


The British gov. makes all kind of plans. they got their plan for muslims, they got their plan with you, But Allah has got his own plan, which is axalting.

Nadir, The Netherlands Sunday 22nd October 2006


In Allah we trust. He alone we worship and he alone we ask for help. The hardship that Barbar and his family have gone through are an example of how Muslims are oppressed every day all over the world. It is through our unity, strength of character and values that we will triumph. To Barbar’s brave family, you are not alone and your dignity is an example to us all. To brother Barbar, trust in Allah and stay strong. However far they take you, they can naver take you away from Allah’s reach. My prayers are with you and your family.

Emran, UK Sunday 22nd October 2006


Dear Brother in Islam;
I learnt the other day that Sura Al Asr in Qur’an outlines the four most basic conditions required to be a muslim and unfortunately not many of us can proclaim these in this day and age.
However when one studies your case and recents events in your life it would seem that your are living these conditions.
Sufficient to say Allah, the all Mighty, the most praise worthy and giver of all good and bad (as a test), is with you.
Glorify ALLAH in this difficult time and recite “Hasban’Allah ho wa ne’malwakeel” in abundance. Allah will make a way out of this for you and honour you in this world and the hereafter. (Insha’ALLAH)

M Raja, E.London Friday 20th October 2006


Dear Babar Ahmad,
I heard about your story on a TV channel and came to know of this web site.I felt really sad after reading your story and the injustice that had been done to you.But again as muslim you have Allah (swt) who can help you more than anyone else can . So you should seek for His help. And may be He is testing you as He tests all who claim to be His followers and who ever comes out of it successfully is a real muslim.
May Allah give strength to you and your family to stand out these difficult times and may He bless us all

Faisal Ahmed Khan, Pakistan Friday 20th October 2006


To Babar and all of his family,
It shames me that the so called government of my country can treat a person in this way. To think that in this so called democratic society we can be bullied by America, which in my eyes is the world’s most corrupt country, into handing over our citizens without any questions being asked. Blair will have a lot to answer for and I hope that I live to see him and all those who lied to us about Iraq and who chose to follow that idiot from America, get their justice.
My thoughts and Prayers will be with you and your family on Tuesday and I Pray that the Almighty will guide those M.P’s who still have a sense of true justice and decency, so that the vote will be in your favour. God help us if Blair gets his way as it will mean that no one will be safe from the corrupt American Justice system.
Allah Hafiz

Kathy Haq, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear Friday 20th October 2006


During what may be the “Night of Power” this Ramadan, I make sincere duaa that Allah relieves you of all injustices, and compensates you in multitudes in this Life and the Hereafter.
Allah is JUST. Subhan Allah, He tests the believers in sometimes very difficult ways. I pray that you remain among the patient, as Yusuf and many believers were before you.
May Allah help the oppressed and help the oppressors.

Your sister, USA Friday 20th October 2006


We make dua for you brother and for your family. May Allah give you strength and patience through your ordeal. May your ease come soon inshallah – As Allah says in the Quran that `After every difficulty comes ease’. We remember you in our prayers and pray for your imminent release inshallah.
Your brother and sister in Islam

Nabila and Masih, Dunstable Wednesday 18th October 2006


As a Brit in America I am most troubled by the allegations and treatment reported on your web site.
As as employer of ordinary Americans that have fell foul of the law and incarcerated I can confirm from casual discussions with my staff that treatment of prisoners generally is one of abuse and mistreatment. Very similar in fact to those depicted in Barbar Ahmed’s case and others mentioned on your web site.
I sincerely hope that this sordid affair can be resolved without extradition as the the chance for a fair trial for Mr Barbar Ahmed will be severely diminised.

Dennis Williams, Denver Colorado USA Wednesday 18th October 2006

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