As the Quran say’s ‘They plot, so we plot, and Allah is the best of plotters’ The UK and USA have plans for Muslims, but Allah is most aware of the plans of non believers.
I just found out about this ordeal, and I will say a prayer for you brother.

Danny Haddad, Ruislip, Middx Monday 23rd April 2007


Allah is with you and your family, hold strong to your beliefs.

Danny Alhaddad, N W London Monday 23rd April 2007


As salaamu alaykum akhii,
You have been in our du’as, thoughts and conversations since your arrest. May Allah ‘AzawaJel protect you for their evil planning but verily Allah SWT is the best of Planners.

Umm wa Abi Abdul Kareem As Somalii, London Thursday 12th April 2007


Asa lam Alaykoum;
Inshala you’ll be free as soon as possible, we pray for you brother.

Rabih, Lebanon Wednesday 4th April 2007


It’s terrible to see such injustice in this world and the conspiracies made by our government just to keep their position of power. Then the media get involved and they control the public’s opinions. I wish you my luck and hope that one day people might think for themselves a bit more.

Jonathan, London Tuesday 3rd April 2007


“The Prophet, salAllahu alaiyhi wasalam, said to him while Ibn-Abbas was riding behind him on the same mount;
“Young man, I shall teach you some words [of advice]:
Be mindful of Allah and you will find him in front of you. If you ask, ask only Allah and if you seek help, seek help only from Allah. And know that if all the nations were to gather together to benefit you, they would benefit you only with something that Allah had already prescribed for you, and if they gather together to harm you, they would harm you only with something that Allah had already prescribed for you. The pens have been lifted and the pages are dry.”

Leila, North London Monday 26th March 2007


We must remember the Guildford Four and how they waited for inevitable justice – that moment will come to you Babar, that I do know.

Phil Brand., Tooting, London. Tuesday 20th March 2007


Salam Brother,
I am very angry, what I can do for you is to wide your voice I just Publish all about Story & Allegations, fact or fiction
You can see
I done my best what I can.
I am just shame of you British Governemnt.
Take Care
Allah Haifz

Ali, Pakistan Monday 12th March 2007


May Allah shower you with mercy and patience during these hard times. May you taste the sweetness of Eemaan and the closeness to Allah every hour of every day during these times when you are seperated from your loved ones. MAy this time be one that purifies you and enables you to invest in the Aakhirah everlasting insha-Allah. These Hours, days, months and years will be so insignificant, yet your sabr, your dhikr, your eemaan and taqwa will be worth every moment insha-Allah.
Time drags on and at times you may feel that you are forgotten. You are not. People may carry on with their lives but rest assured that we are aware of you.
Personally, many a quiet moment you come to mind and I utter a dua for you. We are ready to stand up for you, let others know of your plight. You are a ghost that follows me. On a joyful family get-together you come to mind, your parents, your wife and you come to remind me of those in our ummah who are being tested through grief and sadness, oppression and persecution.
We were with you on Hajj and whenever your ghost visits it leaves with a vision of you standing and bowing in prayer on the roof of the Haram in Makkah, a few feet in front of me. Who was to know Allah’s plan for you and Allah is All-Aware.
You can hurt a man, abuse him, imprison him, take away all of his liberties, but you you cannot remove eemaan through any means. May Allah reward you and your family and bless you with the best in this life and the best in the Hereafter and truely after hardship comes ease.
Please keep us posted on any developments and let everyone know how we may help.

Sister in Islam, UK Monday 5th March 2007


Aawrwb my brother Babar,
We are with you and we hear you. You are not alone my dear brother. Once again I am compelled to write to you. I just read your poem entitled ‘The Night is Dark’. It is true my brother darkness now surrounds us. Slowly the light of our Ummah is dimming.
Times are becoming more and more difficult for Muslims all over the world. Muslims have been suffering at the hands of unjust rulers throughout time. Now it is on our doorstep. We are now the victims of injustice. It is our turn to be tested. How do we behave, how do we react, what do we do about it… do we sit in our grand homes, enjoying worldly pleasures or do we stand up for the rights of our fellow brothers and sisters.
Maybe if we shout loud enough and in unison then we may and by the Will of Allah be heard.
However how long will it take for us to realise…. realise before its too late..
My brother we will not abandon you and remember Allah swt is with those who believe.
May Allah swt take care of you and protect you Inshallah
Your sister in Deen

Umm Ibrahim, Manchester Sunday 25th February 2007


Hey babar Ahmed hope u OK. This is a test from Allah the almighty who will always be there for u who watches u 24/7 who always loved u and always will. he help u get through this he did this for a reason to see wat u will think and do will u stay with allah in ur heart or will u go astray?? I’ll always think about and how u r. i think about wat it must be like but u’ll get through this we’ll(ur brothers and sisters) will make sure u do ALLAH HU AKBAR

Mariam Khan and Alia Omar, London Tuesday 20th February 2007


asalamu alaykum,
Oh brother , trully your case hurts me, just as it should, the ummah is like a body and when 1 part is in pain, the rest should feel the pain, and wallahi i do. May allah make it easy for you and give you the highest reward possible. i have to say my problems seem nothing compared to yours, trully an inspiration. Subhanallah you’ve got the status of the ambiya, what a level, Mashallah.

Az Zahra, UK Friday 16th February 2007


I have been reading this website and am horrified at the treatment Barbar Ahmad has received at the hands of the Police and political system in the UK. I wish the very best for a successful outcome from your abuse and a full apology from your persecutors.

Mr John, Perth, Australia Wednesday 7th February 2007


Stay strong Babar, public opinion is revolted by the subservience of Bliar to the Warmongers in Washington.
The people of Britain are loath to allow injustice to prevail.

Phil Brand., Tooting Broadway, London, England. Wednesday 31st January 2007


hi Assalamuailkum
may allah gives you justice in this world otherwise just wait for end i am sure confident that there you will get te best and i know its easy to say but not to bear but huhhhhhhhhhhh i don’t have words to describe my feelings for what they have done

Raazi Hasan, Pakistan Wednesday 31st January 2007


Dear Brother in Islam and humanity
I am really sad for the condition in which you are in. Through this letter I wish to tell you that I and many others like me stand together in your fight against injustice and we will always support you by any means possible.
I hope that one day your fight against injustice will bare fruit and you and other individuals like you will return victorious to your families to lead a happy and peaceful life.
Always praying for you
Your brother in Islam.

Abdullah, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) Tuesday 30th January 2007


Assalamu alaikum Br. Babar,
May Allah(SWT) make your heart firm upon the truth and shower you with mercy and forgiveness. May Allah (SWT) protect your family. Every obstacle is an opportunity for you to get closer to Him. Have patience and force your soul to accept any decree of Allah(SWT). None can harm you if Allah (SWT) decides otherwise and none can protect you if He wants to harm you. All decisions go back to Him.
Abu Ibrahim, Kuwait

Abu Ibrahim, Kuwait Sunday 28th January 2007


SubhanAllah. Do you not think Allah will not test the believers? The true believers will be tested like they have never been tested before. Your eeman is proportionate to your trial. Alhamdolilah your situation proves this.
May Allah make us all achieve the highest point of eeman and grant us sabr, courage and understanding of the events which take place in our lives.
You and your family are in my duas my dear brother, please remember me in yours.

Nasreen, London Tuesday 16th January 2007


As salaam Alaikum brother. I heard about your last hearing and was so sad for you and your family. Mashallah you and your family have been so patient, may Allah reward you with the highest stage in Jannah. This year I went for Hajj and remembered you in my duas on may occassions during my journey, may Allah accept.
Brother, I will continue to make dua for you and all the brothers who are being unjustly treated. Allah is the most merciful and he is the most kind, he will do what is best for you whether it be here or in the hereafter.

Anonymous, Scotland Monday 8th January 2007


As-Salaamu alaykum Babar, needless to say our du’a go out to you.
Subhan’Allah, what can I say as encouragement? By Allah we the awwam when we read your words, Subhan’Allah we are more moved than anything else. We know that the final victory is with Allah and the belivers in both Akhirah and this Dunyah.
And subahn’Allah we know of the example of Ghazwah tul Ahzaab. Subhan’Allah, Allah (swt) describes in Surah Ahzaab:12
‘In that situation were the Believers tried: they were shaken as by a tremendous shaking’
and they began thinking of Allah (swt) in ways that they should not have. But in the messenger of Allah (Sallahu alayhi wa sallam) is the of examples:
‘Certainly you have in the Messenger of Allah an excellent exemplar for him who hopes in Allah and the last day and remembers Allah much.’
And subahna’Allah the help of Allah came from a direction and a location that no one expected, out of the blue so to speak. Allah (swt) only abandons his slaves if they abandon him first. I have no doubt that the help of Allah is coming.
Subahn’Allah it is a sunnah among the rejectors that they invite the wrath of Allah upon themselves and their country. injustic prevales and Allah (swt) removes those of injustice, by means of another people or with one of his soldiers.
As-Sallaamu alaykum wa Rahtullahi wa Barkatuhu

Hamzah al-Jundi, Birmingham Wednesday 27th December 2006

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