Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah. Insha Allah you and your family will be happy in this life and the hereafter. Please remember the verse of the Qur’an, “Do people think that they will be left alone because they say, ‘We believe,’ and will not be tested. And We indeed tested those who were before them. And Allah will certainly make [it] known [the truth of] those who are true, and will certainly make [it] known [the falsehood of] those who are liars” (al-Ankabut 2-3).

Rehan Syed, Bangalore, India Thursday 5th July 2007


Asalaam alaykum. To Babar and his family…
I would just like to say that Allah (swt) only tests those whom He loves and He does not burden someone more than they can bear. InshAllah at the end of all this there will be a reward for you. Just remember Allah (swt) always, and have reliance on Him and we pray that you will be safely returned to your family InshAllah in good health. We will all ask Allah as He (swt) never refuses His believers when they ask him of Him for help. InshAllah you will be free and will have an excellent life with your family.
You are always in our dua’s. May Allah accept the du’as of all those praying for their brother Babar and may Allah (swt) grant you happiness and peace. May He help you in every way. Ameen!

Sister in Islam, UK Sunday 1st July 2007


InshAllah Babar will not be extradited, this world has to realise the truth because he is innocent. Lets all pray to Allah (swt) for Babar and InshAllah our du’as will be answered. Ameen.

Saf, Lancashire Thursday 28th June 2007


I can’t stop my tears…I pray to Allah (swt) that he grants His mercy on Babar. Have mercy on Babar ya Allah. I will continue praying for his release. THEY made Islam (PEACE) the enemy because when PEACE reign, they will no longer in power. WHO are THEY? Certainly, good hearted citizens of Great Britain are not counted as part of them for the TRUTH sits well in good hearted people. When there is no evil, then how good would be known? Peace will prevail. Ameen.

Umm Abdrahmaan, Tuesday 26th June 2007


Asalaam alaykum. We are trying everything to get you out of there and inshallah you’ll be out soon. Ameen.

Mariam Khan and Nabila Talemsani, London Tuesday 26th June 2007


Asalaamu Alaykum. May Allah (swt) make this testing time easy for our brother and his family. To Allah (swt) we belong and to Allah (swt) we return. I pray that Allah (swt) hastens your release so that you may join your family. InshAllah all will be well, Allah (swt) knows best. Ameen.

Layla Rahman, Stockport Monday 25th June 2007


It is very shocking to see the worst kind of torture by those who claim to be champions of human rights. But it looks like their hate for Muslims and Islam has made them completely blind, inhuman and without any conscious at all. Tyranny and oppression can not continue for long and InshAllah their tyranical and oppressive regimes will perish like the ones before them have perished.

K.A Afridi, London Saturday 23rd June 2007


Asalamu alaykum, may Allah (swt) hasten the release of our beloved brother so he can be reunited with his wife and family. ALLAH says in the quran “DO MEN THINK THAT THEY WILL BE LEFT ALONE ON SAYING WE BELIEVE AND THEY WILL BE NOT TESTED?”. Be patient and then turn to Allah to repent,and hold on tight to ur iman,and beware of the evil of shaitan,and then be happy and rejoice,thank and praise Allah for his choice!

Umar Khattab, Birmingham Friday 22nd June 2007


Assalamu Alaykum. May Allah make it easy for you and your family. By Allah my brother I have this love for you that a Muslim should have for his brethren. May Allah give you and your family strength. Ameen.

Abu Muhammad, London Friday 22nd June 2007


I pray that Allah grants you freedom and keeps your family and yourself in good health and highest emaan throughout this ordeal. Your reliance in Allah is something that many of us aspire to, May Allah bless and maintain you always ameen.

Abid, South London Thursday 21st June 2007


As-Salamu Al-Aikum. I pray that Allah the All mighty helps Babar and his family in their time of need. I also pray that the European Court hears the case in a fair manner. You are allways in our Duas.

Yahya, London Tuesday 19th June 2007


Bismillah. Asalamalaikum. Brother Barbar remain steadfast and don’t lose hope in Allahs mercy. Allah tests the pious and never burdens a soul with more than it can bear Insha’Allah. Remember that on the judgement day people who lived luxerious lives and never experienced hardship in deen or otherwise will wish to go back to the world, just so that they get the honour of those who suffered more then them. The prophet Muhammad (saw) also found happiness in the pleasure of his Lord whilst in the cave, surrounded by the swords of disbelief and oppression, death was close but he (saw) turned to his companion Abu Bakr (ra) saying, ?Do not worry, indeed Allah is with us.? (9:40). The prophet Yusuf [Joseph](ra) also found happiness in the pleasure of his Lord whilst imprisoned; they asked him regarding the interpretation of dreams but he did not answer and instead began calling them to Allah, seizing the opportunity despite being in the desperate state of imprisonment and being in a strange land far from his home and beloved father. In spite of all of this he found his pleasure in calling to Allah before being concerned with anything else, addressing his fellow prisoners thus, ?O my two companions in prison, are numerous lords better or Allah the One, the All Powerful.? (12:39). Imam Ibn Taymiyyah, may the mercy of Allah be upon him, also found happiness in the pleasure of his Lord while shackled in chains in his dark cell, he quoted the Qur`anic verse, ?And a wall with a door will be placed between them, its interior containing mercy and its exterior will be torment.? (57:13). He sent a message to those outside saying, ?Whatever my enemies do to me, my paradise is in my heart – wherever I go it is with me. If they kill me I will die as a martyr; if I am exiled from my country I will be as a tourist and if I remain in prison then I will be in spiritual seclusion.? May Allah grant all our brothers and sisters who are shackled in the prisons of the kuffar paradise, May Allah SWT reward them for their endurance and grant them the highest rank in Jannah ameen. When Allah who is Great and Glorious loves people He afflicts them [with trials]. (Tirmidhi)
Anyone for whom Allah intends good, He makes him suffer from some affliction. (Bukhari).
You are in my duas… May Allah accept our duas ameen.

Maryama, USA Tuesday 19th June 2007


May Almighty Allah reunite Baber Ahmad with his family sooner than later and may Almighty Allah (SWT) grant our and his families dua, through this very painful and testing time of need.. Ameen-Sum-Ameen

N Aftab, Derby Friday 15th June 2007


This is the biggest miscarriage of justice since the case of Derek Bentley and the Guildford Four.
I trust that those who are responsible for this decision can sleep at night.
Perhaps we can show our disgust at this man’s treatment, and at Blair’s slavish support for such a one sided extradition treaty, by boycotting US goods…..

Phil Brand, Tooting – Broadway, London. Thursday 14th June 2007


inshallah one day he be free, buh untill den dont stop giving up. if you need any promotion dont hesitate to contact me to support you

Hassan, London Thursday 14th June 2007


Assalamu Alaykum wa rahmatullah,
May Allah have mercy on the brother and may he accept our dua so that brother Babar is not extradited to the US. May He give the brother and his family patience in this time of need and may he give them all success in this life and the next. Ameen.

A Ajmal, Midlands Thursday 14th June 2007


I feel the great sadness which every muslim should feel when another muslim is injusticely treated.You must be very brave and patient to cope all this.Inshalla your pateince will be rewarded.

Sadya, Preston Wednesday 13th June 2007


ASA to all brothers and sisters.
This verdict is completely outrageous and I have nothing but anger towards a system that continues to bring injustice against brothers and sisters.
Dua is no issue and a duty but we must in any possible continue to fly the flag for babar in every possible way.
this battle is only lost if we go silent
best wishes and dua to family

Aki Nawaz, London Wednesday 13th June 2007



Gulnaz Khan, London Wednesday 13th June 2007


It brings tears to my eyes to see that such things can take place in an open democracy such as the UK. May Allah give Babar Ahmad and his family strength, patience, endurance in this difficult trial and may He grant them justice from His Immense justice, if not in this world then be sure it will be in the next where the punishment for the perpetrators will be manyfold.
Allah give us all strenth and please everyone remember Babar and his family in your duas.
Was Salaam

Jashim Ali, London Wednesday 13th June 2007

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