My dear brother Babar, May Allah (SWT) the Lord of all that exists, bless you, your family and this ummah. The Prophets were tortured by the enemies of Allah (SWT)- the King of Kings, but in turn it increased their Iman and Taqwah.
Indeed Allah (SWT) the Protector of the Believers, loves to test those close to His Majesty. This is indeed a test of one’s resolve and by the will of Allah (SWT), the All Knowing, you will pass this test and have reward in this life and a greater reward in the next. No doubt, you, your family and many other Muslims are helping the cause of Allah (SWT), The Most Powerful, and to that our King, The Protector, says in Surah Muhammad 7:
“O you who believe! If you help (in the cause of) All?h, He will help you, and make your foothold firm “
The help is near Inshallah… with love and great admiration, your brother

Abdullah, London Monday 25th April 2005


Its sad…Brother Babar Ahmad! Dont ever give up, coz Allah’s help is always with you and so are our Dua’s.

Striver, Sunday 24th April 2005


They came for the Communists, and I didn’t object – For I wasn’t a Communist;
They came for the Socialists, and I didn’t object – For I wasn’t a Socialist;
They came for the labour leaders, and I didn’t object – For I wasn’t a labour leader;
They came for the Jews, and I didn’t object – For I wasn’t a Jew;
Then they came for me – And there was no one left to object.
– Martin Niemoller, German Protestant Pastor, 1892-1984
Babar Ahmad represents each one of us who ARE left to object. Speak out against State Terrorism before no one is left to speak out!

Zub?r Ismail Hatia, Hampshire, UK Saturday 23rd April 2005


We all as your brothers strongly condemn the British authorities. We urge them to free Mr.Babar Ahmad. We declare that not only Muslims of Turkey but also the other Muslims all over the world will judge who abuse, make torture against innocent people…

New Generation, Turkey Saturday 23rd April 2005


We pray to Almighty Allah to give our brothers and sisters release from the injustices and oppression they face from the UK/USA governments. Our prayers are with the Ahmed family, may you gain release and justice from these evil terrorists in power.

Mariyam Huseyn, London Saturday 23rd April 2005


Dear Brother Babar and family,
There is not a day that passes that we don’t think about you and what you are going through. May Allah SWT continue to give you the patience and strength to get through this trial. Please never forget that the whole Ummah is making dua for you and it wont be long before Brother Babar is back home with the family INSHALLAH.

Sofia (Umm Tasnim), Ilford,Essex Saturday 23rd April 2005


Just a short message to say that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Remember Allah (SWT) tests those who he loves. Prophet Joseph (PBUH) was unjustly thrown into prison. Prophet Moses (PBUH) had to face enormous amount of tyranny before Allah (SWT) destroyed Pharaoh and his men.Even Prophet Mohommed (PBUH) had to endure pain and suffering. But they all remain steadfast.
Allah (SWT) willing, and looking at the British Judicial system, I have faith that the court will rule against your extradition.

Shahida, London Friday 22nd April 2005


Just a few words to say don’t lose hope,keep having faith in Allah and remember He can make any difficulty become facility .May Allah increase your faith and patience through this very difficult time.Ameen

Umm Kaleem, London, UK Friday 22nd April 2005


I cannot begin to imagine how you are feeling, how distressing it must be to feel the full weight of an unjust system upon your shoulders, to see a loved one imprisoned, tortured, and abused for no reason. However, please find comfort in the knowledge that myself and others share your pain and, insha?Allah, temporary loss. Also know that we will continue to make du?a, demonstrate, hold meetings and forums, write to our MPs, and let the world know that injustice in whatever form it may take is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
I sincerely hope and pray that Babar is successful in his extradition hearing. It has been my good fortune to have known Babar and I am sure that he is innocent and will be proved so sooner or later as truth always triumphs over falsehood. Please be patient and remain steadfast as you are carriers of the banner of truth and justice. You have been an example to hundreds if not thousands of people, letting them know that injustice should be faced head on and showing them how one family can gather enough support to take on a super-power.
May Allah reward you all for you patience and courage.

Kareem, London Friday 22nd April 2005


I believe that there is injustice being done by the British and American government on brother Babar and his family. But surely Allah is just and Inshallah no harm will come to him. Life has it’s trial’s and Allah tests those who he loves. People who have never met any of the family are making dua, the greatest gift of all from our Lord.

Anonymous, Scotland Thursday 21st April 2005


From Ireland I look with apprehension at the increasingly repressive behaviour of an increasingly right-wing government. It seems to me that the arrest of Babar Ahmad is a classic ‘Culture of Fear’ strategy. Unless the state is arresting people who are mysteriously ‘dangerous’ then the state cannot assert there is a danger, since the ordinary citizen apprehends none in his/her daily life. The fact that it is arresting intellectuals against whom no real accusation can be made is, in a way, proof to the unthinking that the danger is very great indeed. The ‘no smoke without fire’ fallacy ensures the arrested person’s conviction without trial. Tony Blair and New ‘Labour’ are far to the right of Margaret Thatcher, true bedfellows of Bush and Berlusconi etc al. As regards the bank account, I suggest that Muslims (I am not a Muslim) simply threaten to move their money. This has a magical effect on banks.

William, Ireland Thursday 21st April 2005


We have to remember that only Allah(swt) can help in whatever we need because he is the provider, sustainer, creator. Sincere dua from all of us, not only to free Br.Babar but all the brothers and sisters out there, whether in the UK, Guantanamo Bay, Palestine, Kashmir, Pakistan, Iraq, Arabian peninsula, wherever in the world. If we do not change ourselves the Lord of the Worlds will never change our condition. May Allah(swt) guide us, protect the muslims and anyone being oppressed in the world, free Br.Barbar and all other brother and sisters being held for the wrong reasons and give us victory which we have been promised. Amin.

w, Birmingham Thursday 21st April 2005


Be strong Babar,
Remember that this is an election year, the potential Labour MP for Tooting is a Muslim as like yourself.
If he wants to gain a substantial vote from your co-religionists, he will have to take on your case.
Rest assured, the peoples of Tooting-Broadway will refuse to let him forget that one of his constituents is in prison on trumped up terrorism charges.
I managed to get under the skin of Siobahn McDonagh, I wrote to the Morning Star as to her inaction – not one of my constituents – and she was named and shamed, she wrote back saying that if an address for you in the Mitcham and Morden area could be provided – she would do what she can to help.
But, she can do something now – when I have written to her on numerous issues, she has always responded, I wonder why she treats us both differently ?
But, I doubt she will be re-elected given her stance on the issue….
Make your MP work – don’t re-elect them…..

Phillip Brand., Tooting, London. Wednesday 20th April 2005


Yesterday while walking through London I saw a young man wearing a t-shirt which said Free Babar Ahmad. So today I looked at the website and discovered your plight and the burden that has been placed on your shoulders. It seems to me that we should all share that burden as your struggle and ultimate victory will benefit all the citizens of the UK and also help those who object to detention without trial and to laws being passed in this land without due process. I hope you receive the justice you are entitled to and it is certainly clear that people have not forgotten Babar Ahmad. Prayers to your family.

Barbara, Nr Peterborough Tuesday 19th April 2005


Babar Ahmed’s case exemplifies the dignity, certitude and sacrifice of a true believer in contemporary society. His suffering is a testimony for Muslims that no kind of “New Age” can bend the true Believer into false submission. His case is also a wake-up call to lethargic Muslims to support their brother in this hour of need. As someone said, “He who forfeits the right to die, forfeits the right to live.” Babar’s suffering and injustice is a plea to all fair-minded humans to respond earnestly to alleviate this oppression. This is not a case of an individual but our collective conscience ought to be jolted. Babar’s own courage and that of his family’s carries hope and inspiration for the thousands suffering injustice throughout the world. Babar’s case is guided by inner Light that beams with Divine succour. May Almighty Allah grant him success in both the worlds. Ameen.

One Brother, England Tuesday 19th April 2005


Dear Babar (and family). I sincerely hope you get justice and avoid extradition to the US. Your case is one that affects us all, as today it’s a Muslim being extradited for political reasons, tomorrow it could be any of us who disagree with US/UK foreign policy being carted off to the US to face torture and death.
Keep your chin up and know that you have supporters from the Jewish community (including myself). I heard you give a talk at St. Georges Medical School and it’s message was peace and tolerance, so I cannot belive that you would be involved in terrorism.
May God give you strength and remember the Moses in his battle with the Pharoah. Ultimately, God favours the righteous.

Ivor Cohen Jewish Community, London Tuesday 19th April 2005


I read that brother Babar asked for a detainee to forgive him for not doing anything when he saw brothers being arrested and unjustly detained, today I ask you and all other brothers to forgive me for not caring and ignoring the situation.

Natasha, Cardiff Monday 18th April 2005


On behalf of all the peace loving muslims, our sincere prayers are with our brother and his family during this tragic ordeal. We pray that Allah Most High and Just grants you the justice that you so deserve. Truly He is with the oppressed and weak.

T.H, London Monday 18th April 2005


This is a lesson for all the Muslims and those who believe in justice to come together and help each other. We are living in a world where sometimes the laws of jungle are better. Truly Justice will prevail. Peace be unto those who follow true guidance.

Anwar Hussain, London Sunday 17th April 2005


I was extremely concerned and horrified to learn of the treatment that you and your family were subjected to and the injuries that you received during your arrest. I am sure many people across the democratic world would also condemn such actions and treatment and the fact that you continue to be detained in prison without the any evidence makes a mockery of the judicial system.
Please be assured that any injustices are always dealt with at some stages, which is all the words that we can offer you and your family. There are numerous cases which are being review, God willing, the veil will be lifted and the individuals responsible will be unmasked.

Mrs Malik, London Friday 15th April 2005

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