I am disgusted by this new repression that we are suffering in this country. Terrorism is any act that uses terror to achieve its end. I’ve no doubt that the British and US governments are using a wholly exaggerated threat of terror to bring about draconian repression of both our nations and so the people of the UK and US now are literally living under a terrorist regimes.We would once have laughed at the idea of having undercover policemen in every pub, of being ID “numbers”, of being watched 24/7 by CCTV, and denying people the fundamental right to trial by one’s peers.
Why has no one argued the obvious case that extradition is a denial of our right to trial by a jury of our peers? WHY WHY? How can someone have a right to trial by their peers, and not at least have the evidence reviewed by a grand jury as happens in the US?
Or is this “right” just another set of empty words?

Mike Haseler, Lenzie Thursday 13th December 2007


I pray that Allah (swt) is always with you. I pray you fear no one but Allah (swt) alone. I pray that you always remain strong. May Allah (swt) always be your shield and protect you. May Allah (swt) always protect you from injustice. May Allah’s peace and blessing be upon the Prophet. Ameen

Alice Fatima, London Thursday 6th December 2007


May Allah grant brother Babar freedom from this cruelty. May Allah keep our emaan strong against these forces of tyranny. Let us see a better day for all of mankind Ameen ya Rabb.

Le-Ann, UK Wednesday 5th December 2007


Assalam alaykum. This ordeal that you and your family are suffering is terrible. It makes me very angry that an innocent man is in jail for no reason. Could this happen to someone else in our community? I hope justice prevails and that Babar finds strength from Allah (swt). My deepest sympathy goes to his family.

Salma Ali, London Wednesday 5th December 2007


Assalaam alaykum. I Pray that Allah gives Babar Ahmed and his family patience to deal with this terrible ordeal. And I pray that Allah sets him free to be amongst his family and friends again.I will remember you all in my duas.

Aeishah Griffiths-Williamson, London Wednesday 5th December 2007


May Allah (swt) strengthen you all during this difficult time. Allah (swt) is with those who are innocent. Judgement day will come and Allah (swt) is The One Who will judge their actions accordingly for there is nothing hidden that won’t be disclosed on that day. Trust in Allah, He is the best disposer of our affairs. My duas are with you.

Khadijah, London Wednesday 5th December 2007


My brother have sabr and inshAllah your hardship will end soon.

S.Ali, Dewsbury Wednesday 5th December 2007


Ameen and InshAllah to all the duas!

Mohammed, Birmingham Wednesday 5th December 2007


Asalaam alaykum. May Allah (swt) reward you abundantly for the pain you have been put through. May He (swt) grant you Jannah and freedom. May you be the first from us to see His (swt)’s Face. May your wife and family be blessed for the patience and dedication they have shown. May your wife be placed beside you in heaven, and May Allah (swt) grant her piety and more mercy.
Brother, you are in the prayers of thousands of people, at times when you feel despair remember this: Babar Ahmad will be free, and in his freedom he will educate not only those who hurt him and his family, but those who are clueless as to the reality of this life.

Nisah, London Wednesday 5th December 2007


Asalaam alaykum. My brother, you are our Yusuf (as), you are in our hearts always. I am convinced that brother Babar will be free InshAllah. Allah (swt) will not leave you alone, He (swt) is near to you. I pray that Allah (swt) helps you and your family.

Raha Suhaib, Sharjah Thursday 29th November 2007


To Babar’s parents and family: You dont have your son with you because his only fault is he is a Muslim, and my heart pains for you but I assure you that many brothers and sisters are praying for the release of your, and our brother Babar. May Allah (swt) give you strength to overcome this ordeal and soon your happiness will return to your life. Ameen.

Shahid Qureshi, Dubai Thursday 22nd November 2007


Asalaam alaykum. May Allah (swt) give Brother Babar strength and patience to fight for his rights and Islam. Muslims need to be strong and firm. We also should be walking-talking adverts of Islam, so that the non-muslims know what Islam and Muslims really believe in. Only then will people reject the fabricated stories of the media.

Rabia, Manchester Friday 2nd November 2007


Every time I think of brother Babar, my tears flow for him and his family. I truly believe this is a test from Allah (swt) and I always remember Surah Yusaf and think of brother Babar. Each soul is given a burden which the soul can bear. InshAllah, this test will mean Jannah for you and your family. You have been constantly in my prayers and I pray Allah gives you and your family the strength to bear the burden which Allah has placed on you. Allah knows best. Please continue to have sabr and may our prayers give you strength. One day you will be free InshAllah.

Ruby, Surrey Wednesday 31st October 2007


This is a completely insane act. How can a man be shipped off to another country and not be able to prove his innocence before a British court? Free Babar Ahmad.

J Thacker, UK Wednesday 24th October 2007


Remember Babar, all is not lost. I run a stall for Wandsworth Stop the War Coalition every week and remind people of your plight. They know your story and everyone agrees you are suffering a big injustice. No-one doubts your total innocence.

Phil Brand, London Sunday 21st October 2007


Asalaam alaykum to Babar Ahmad and his family. May Allah (swt) help you as you go through this ordeal and may He (swt) recompense you for it on the Day of Judgement. Ameen.

Bilkisu Muhammed, Nigeria Thursday 18th October 2007


You have no case to answer. You are being held without evidence on the whim of a fascist totalitarian government. And Bush calls himself a man of God? Shameful. Hope you are out soon.

Neil, Thornton Heath Tuesday 9th October 2007


Asalaam alaykum. The Muslim Ummah remembers you every day in our prayers. We pray you are in a good and stable condition. We ask that your du’as be granted, that your sins be forgiven, that our efforts to help you will not be ignored, that this terrible situation will not happen to anymore of our brothers and we pray for all those in guantanamo and other ghost detentions. We pray for your family. May Allah (swt) make you more patient each day you are held injustly in prison. May Almighty Allah (swt) protect us, keep us safe and make us rightly guided leaders. Ameen.

Anonymous, London Monday 1st October 2007


Asalaam alaykum. My dear brother Babar.
I have never met you or spoken to you in person, yet I love you as a brother for the sake of Allah (swt), drawn to your plight because anyone of us could so easily be in your situation. Without doubt, Allah tests the believers. And truly this is without doubt because Allah says: “And we will surely test you with some fear, hunger and shortages of property, people and produce. But give good tidings to the steadfast. Those who, when a calamity befalls them say: “We belong to Allah and to Him we return.” Upon these are prayers from their Lord and mercy and these are the rightly-guided ones.” Surah Al-Baqarah: 155-157.
To remove your right to challenge the accusations made against you is nothing less than a travsity of justice. May Allah make your trial a means of bringing you closer to Him. May Allah save us all from such trials and give us the strength and ability to act/speak/feel against injustice anywhere. May Allah ease the burden on your family and make their trial a means for them to come closer to Allah. Ameen.

Mustafa Chaudhary, Reading, UK Saturday 22nd September 2007


‘They plan, and Allah plans. And Allah’s plan is better’. Babar Ahmad, the Yusuf of the 21st Century. May the doors of Jannah and its rewards be opened wide for Babar and his patient family. Ameen

A Rahman, London Thursday 20th September 2007

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