Allah is testing you, keep holding on to the rope of Allah (swt). Remember that this life is nothing compared to the afterlife. Dip your finger into the ocean… the drop of water on your finger is this life and the ocean is the afterlife. May Allah (swt) make it easier for you. Ameen.

Iman, Croydon Tuesday 10th June 2008


A diamond of our Ummah, Allah (swt) must love you so much brother Baber. Do not think we have forgotton you, for you are always in our du’as every single day. We will await for your safe return home. May Allah (swt) grant you Al-Firdaus and unite you there with all those whom you love to be for eternity. Ameen.

Maryam, UK Saturday 7th June 2008


Wishing you the best.

Zak, West Yorkshire Friday 30th May 2008


May Allah be with you, my brother. Never lose hope. Deepest prayers for you.

Sidra, Pakistan Sunday 25th May 2008


Asalam alaykum brother. Just to let you know that you and your family are still in our prayers and we keep praying for your safe return to them soon InshAllah.

Rabia, London Sunday 25th May 2008


May Allah (swt) keep the emaan of brother Babar strong throughout this test, and may Allah bless him with release soon. Ameen.

Amaanullah, UK Saturday 24th May 2008


May Allah (swt) find a way out for you and your family from this sad and difficult situation.

Fadila, UK Tuesday 20th May 2008


I knew Babar many years ago, a great guy who I owe alot to. I hope the Government can grow some spine and do the right thing. You’re in my prayers Babar.

O.M, London Friday 16th May 2008


When I read your recent interview it made me sad to realise that as a Ummah, we have not done much to support you. I pray to Allah (swt) that He opens the eyes of all; muslims and non-muslims. I am praying for you, please pray for me and my family. May Allah grant you freedom soon. Ameen.

Your Brother Mohammed

Mohammed, London Tuesday 13th May 2008


May Allah give you patience abunduntly, my brother do not lose hope and have faith in Allah (swt). You are always in our prayers. We weep and weep to Allah (swt) for your safe return and InshAllah that will be very soon. May Allah (swt) protect you and shower his mercy on you. Ameen.

Fathima N, UK Monday 12th May 2008


When I heard & read your story, and the story of the many others who are also going through this trial, it makes me weep. May Allah (swt) grant you shade under His Throne of the Day of Judgement, and may He grant you Jannat-ul-Firdous. Ameen. You are always in our thoughts and du’a.

Anon, London Friday 9th May 2008


I send you my best wishes, and hope that the European Court will soon set you free.

Jeremy Putley, Harrogate Friday 9th May 2008


Asalaam alaykum brother Babar. Keep your head up, all things come to an end, even good things! Everything happens at the right time. This life is just a test to prepare us for the next life. InshAllah you will be free soon! Keep on making dua, keep on praying to Allah (swt).

Jamie Lizabelle Lim, Qatar Friday 9th May 2008


Your website is very good, I hope you will be free soon.

Samuel, Switzerland Saturday 3rd May 2008


This is another text-book example of the injustice that seems to have come become the norm, as opposed to being the exception, in relation to anti-terror laws and Muslims. I sincerely hope those involved in these horrendus acts will be called to justice, instead of being protected by the system.

Mahmud, London Sunday 27th April 2008


Do not ever think that you are alone. Allah (swt) is with you and our dua’s are with you. I ask Allah (swt) to grant brother Babar Jannat-ul-Firdous. Ameen.

Anon, Maldives Friday 18th April 2008


Dear brother, although the pain you feel now hurts and you feel as though life is too much at the moment, never forget that allah will be with you and that if you remember allah, then god will remember you ashala. I pray for your safe return and hope that one day allah with bring justice and us muslims will be in paradise!! Dont forget your religion and allah with help you..

Mussab Ali, UK Monday 14th April 2008


While learning about human rights in my law sessions the Babar Ahmad case came across. while my law teacher was telling me about this case i felt really touched and angry. i cant believe this can happen to anyone, i understand Babar Ahmad is not at fault at all. i hope he gets freed very very soon and he seeks justice. i will also pray in my Duah’s that you get the best of the life here after. Babar Ahmad is a role modal to me and my friends. InshAllah he will benefit in the after life.

Studant s.b, Birmingham Saturday 12th April 2008


Fear will make you a prisoner, but hope will make you a innocent fighter who will be free (if in Allah’s will). Inshallah, i will pray for you. My Muslim Brother just keep you’r faith and hope

Maneeba Zariat, Birmingham, UK Saturday 12th April 2008


I want to give my support. Inshallah you will be free and I pray that you will be free, and if not, Allah SWT will surely help you.

a human life form, universe, milky way, solar system, the Earth, etc. Saturday 12th April 2008

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