Please let him be free because he has not done anything wrong. Allah is with you. do not worry brother. No one can punish you without the of will of Allah (swt). Remember Allah (swt) and Allah (swt) will remember you.

Abdirahman, London Friday 26th September 2008


Brother Babar, it is sad to see innocent people in this situation. May Allah (swt) give sabr to your family. I believe Allah (swt) is testisg you all to see how strong you are in your faith, and alhumdullilah you have passed with flying colours. Allah (swt) is with those are being oppressed I pray in this blessed month that you come home to your family InshAllah.

Saad, London Thursday 25th September 2008


Assalamu Alaikum! Brother Babar is a true believer. One in a million. InshAllah his day will come. This is a good website mashallah, maybe you should convert articles etc into Adobe format as would be useful.

Abdur Rahman, UK Saturday 20th September 2008


Dear Babar, I wrote to you when you were in Woodhill prison and my daughter Maya sent drawings to you to let you know that you were not forgotten. Don’t lose hope whatever happens. There will always be people on the outside fighting for the truth and for justice against tyranny and oppression in all its guises. My best wishes to you and your family and in the fight for truth and freedom.

Rowena, Cornwall Friday 19th September 2008


Brother Babar… Just wanted to wish you a great ramadhan and to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are still with you. You may be locked up but you are not forgotten. Keep well, keep hope & keep faith.

Marwa, UK Friday 19th September 2008


Our Brothers, Fathers and Sons taken from us, stolen away
The diamonds of our ummah we remember everyday

Only for the Lord of the Universe this torment you are going through
Only from your Lord, the gifts of akhirah will be given to you.

Every single scar for Islam that you suffer and bear
Elevates you in the sight of Allah-to the Lord of the Worlds you are brought near.

The soldiers who raise their fists to you clearly do not see
They will never scratch the heart of a diamond, that is from Jannah undoubtedly

Our Brothers, Fathers and Sons are heroes and the ultimate winners of this war
The diamonds of our ummah shall enter through Jannah’s door

May Allah turn your cages in to Palaces that your hearts desire
May Allah place your shackles and chains on your abusers in the Hellfire

We pray that Allah gives you strength and patience for carrying Islaam’s sword
We pray that your tormenters be brought to justice-they too, shall one day meet our Lord


Nadia, UK Tuesday 9th September 2008


Do not worry brother we are all with you and Allah (swt) is with you. InshAllah you will be free soon and will be with your family. Best wishes from kashmir.

Tauseef, Kashmir Sunday 7th September 2008


Salam. I pray you are released soon and returned to your family. Allah keep you safe and steadfast always, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Your dear brother Faisal.

Faisal Khan, London Friday 29th August 2008


Salaam to all those involved in this campaign for justice. You will be rewarded for your efforts. I pray for the health of brother Babar and his family and pray that they be united soon. Inshallah you will be rewarded in this life and the hereafter.

Brother, Manchester Thursday 21st August 2008


Remain faithful. Even if everything is against you, Allah (swt) is on your side.

Oussama, Algeria Wednesday 13th August 2008


Brother, you are like that solid gold inside and out. Calamity you face polishes your gold and make it sparkle even more. Your strength in the face of this injustice gives all of us hope and I also would like to commend your family for striving and supporting you through everything. Stay strong brother! The dua of the one who is oppressed will be answered by Allah.

Dr Ariffin, London Sunday 10th August 2008


Asalaam alaykum. I do not know how this could happen in a apparently ‘just’ society like the UK. We always curse our judicial system in Pakistan and always quote the UK as an example and model for us. How wrong we are. My brother we are with you irrespective of our religion, cast and country. The whole community is with you. We will fight your case at all forums. To Babar’s family, believe me your son/husband/brother/father is a brave being. he will come out of this dilemma very soon. We are with you. We are praying. We will raise our voices. We will do whatever we can to make our Babar free.

Sohail Haider, Republic of Congo Thursday 7th August 2008


So sorry to hear that this has happenned to you. I hope your story is heard by reasonable people with the power to do something and that things change for the better. For change to happen, I think the public will need to hear and see the evidence behind the charges against Babar and then see how those charges are wrong. You would not have gone so far as to make this website if you were not truly innocent, so I support you.

Paul Hellyer, Sydney, Australia Thursday 7th August 2008


I hope Babar and his family find justice in the British courts. The goverment should make an enquiry to find out what exactly happened and should take necessary action against the officers incharge, so that they will never make such a mistake again. If we do not react to this, the next person to be in this situation could be any one of us. Before the authorities accuse a person of being a terrorist they should collect strong evidence which they should be able to provide when asked for. We live in a democratic world and I feel freedom is important. Also, a person should be put on trial in THEIR country as a country like the US will never sympathise a foreign individual and true justice will not prevail. I strongly belive that extraditing a innocent man should never happen.

Thops, UK Thursday 31st July 2008


The government has been allowed to do whatever they like and expect the population to turn a blind eye for too long! When will the people unite so that we may actually change something in Britain? The sooner the government realises we are not their quiet and timid little subjects, the sooner they may start acting right and treating people as human beings for once and not just as a tax paying droids. I feel so sorry for Babar and his family. My thoughts are with you.

Steve, Scotland Wednesday 30th July 2008


This is without a doubt one of the greatest miscarriages of justice of the British legal system. We must be aware that this could happen to anyone of us – but we must also never give up hope. Justice will prevail!

Phil Brand, England Monday 21st July 2008



Just to let you know we have set up a FREE BABAR AHMAD Facebook group which has now more than 280 members. They are provided with a link to this webvsite and others concerning Babar Ahamd, and are updated with any latest news gathered from this site.

We wait to hear good news, very soon inshAllah.

Islam and all the members of the Facebook group,

Islam Momani, Manchester Wednesday 9th July 2008


This website portrays your situation as one of great injustice and if the facts laid out here are true then I feel great sympathy for you. Try and stay positive. Until then you and your family have my support and that of other rational and fair-minded people.

Richard, London Thursday 26th June 2008


When will people wake up and rise as one against the tyranny of what is veiled by those pro-porting to be just?
When will the media stop being puppets of ruling power and go back to investigating the horrors of injustices around the world?

Bill, Sydney, Australia Wednesday 18th June 2008


Remain steadfast, we are all with you.

Abu Babur, India Friday 13th June 2008

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