Congratulations on winning the case against the police for their brutality. Let’s hope we defeat the extradition and then work to amend the extradition treaty so no other poor souls come under it’s influence.

On behalf of Gary McKinnon …, London Thursday 19th March 2009


Allah is with us, and justice will prevail whether it be in this life or the next- the scales will be put right. Stay stong and carry on in your path of struggle.

Sa’adia, London Wednesday 18th March 2009


I have just written again to my MP regarding your case. I hope that today’s victory will lead to your release.

Sam O’Brien, Rochdale Wednesday 18th March 2009


Dear Babar and family. Inshallah Allah (swt) will keep you all strong on the straight path and may He bring victory to your door. May He grant you ease and sabr during these testing times.

Almas, London Wednesday 18th March 2009


I just heard on the radio that the Met Police have accepted that they have been lying all these years. Justice has prevailed. Well done.

Saj, United Kingdom Wednesday 18th March 2009


Tears of pleasure with todays result. You have all been so patient and steadfast and you have been rewarded. May this good news be carried forwards to the ultimate sucess of securing your freeedom. May Allah Shower Blessings upon all of you.

Ayesha, South London Wednesday 18th March 2009


Im 16 years old and I was unaware of brother Babar Ahmad’s upsetting story until about 5 minutes ago. My mum eead about it in the Muslim Directory and wanted me to research more into it. How can the police call themselves the law? The officers who hurt him are disgraceful. If England is full of democracy then why are unjust, unlwful acts occuring? If this was done by Pakistani police to a english person, I’m sure they would claim terrorists are involved and would invade Pakistan with the help of America. Justice should be everywhere. I heard Guantanamo will be closing soon which is amazing. But where are all those INNOCENT people going to be moved? Let’s pray justice will be truly served correctly.

Arousa, Birmingham Tuesday 17th March 2009


I would like to offer my most sincere sympathies regarding your situation. May Allah (swt) have mercy on you, reward you and strengthen your emaan during this difficult time. Ameen. We are to be patient during hard times and always remember that Allah(swt) is the Creator of everything and We all will return to Him. No deed is lost in front of Allah (swt) and we will be rewarded for even the minutest good that we ever did do. Trials afflicting us can be signs of His Love. Narrated By Aisha (ra): The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, “No calamity befalls a Muslim but that Allah expiates some of his sins because of it, even though it were the prick he receives from a thorn.”
I pray that Allah sustains and increases you and your family’s hope and trust in Him for there is surely no-one on this earth that can help us as much as the Almighty. Ameen. You will be remembered in my du’aas Brother Babar.

Zainab, London Wednesday 18th February 2009


My dear brother Babar, I have read your story and feel deeply saddened by what has happened to you. I ask Allah(swt) to release you and free you from prison and to give you and your family sabr and peace and to make this trial a purification for you.

Abdul, UK Tuesday 20th January 2009


I am so sorry to learn of your situation. I am not a Muslim and I am personally involved in helping people in prison as much as I feasibly can and know from this and a measure of personal experience that the “justice” system in England leaves much to be desired. I believe the IPCC enquiry into your assault was a whitewash; nothing unusual in that I fear. My good wishes to you and all dear to you.

George, East Sussex Thursday 25th December 2008


Dear Bother. I am a 21 year old sister, who thought the world of this country and the freedom we have here. It is the first time I have heard about your story and feel ashamed that such injustice happens in my home land and I am not aware of it. I am enlightened but hugely disappointed. May Allah be with you and your family, may Allah free you all from such pain, and may he give you strength to cope. I will remember you in my duas. This world is only for a while and Jannah will be your eternal smile.

Sabiya, West Yorkshire Saturday 13th December 2008


Dear Brother, I am very sorry to hear about your situation. I am sorry that I am not doing enough, but have hope in Allah, the life of this world is nothing compared to the Hereafter. As for you Brother if you stay firm and hold on to the rope of Allah, Allah will reward you with Paradise. I will make du’a for you Brother.

Nazmul, London Tuesday 2nd December 2008


Dearest Babar. We are all with you. We support you fully and I am sure that you will be greatly rewarded by Allah the Almighty in this life and the Hereafter InshAllah. We are always praying for you, don’t worry.

Komal Aamir, Quetta, Pakistan Monday 1st December 2008


Dear Brother Babar. Asalaam alaykum. I would like to advise you as your muslim brother to hold fast to the rope of Allah (swt). I have no doubt you are innocent, the help of Allah (swt) will come sooner or later, InshAllah! And I pray it will be sooner. Wasalaam.

Shariq Jamal, India Thursday 13th November 2008


Peace be upon you Babar. As I am writing this on US election night, I am hoping that the American people can use their common sense and elect a government with more respect for law and justice. The injustice that this case presents may soon be a thing of the past if there is a change of heart in Washington DC and I hope this injustice and scandal comes to a halt.

Phil Brand, London, England Tuesday 4th November 2008


I pray that Allah (swt) alleviates this brother’s ordeal and releases him from this huge injustice. Ya Allah, help those who are are oppressed wherever and whoever they may be. Ameen.

Ashfaq, Bradford Monday 20th October 2008


May Allah (swt) reward you abundantly for the injustice you have suffered and your patience. Allah (swt) is with you.

Saj, Bolton Sunday 19th October 2008


Human rights? What human rights if you are a Muslim? It seems human rights are only for us non-muslims, so they think they have the right to torture you, keep you in their secret prisons and in some cases they do not fear to do more… Very distressed to see this man and thousands like him tortured , prisoned, far from their families due to our (western) so called war on terror, which really makes us the terrorists, unhuman and with no fear of God.

Louis Patrick, London Monday 13th October 2008


Dear Brother Babar and family. Asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Please know that you are not forgotton and are always in our duahs.

Nazia, Dewsbury Friday 10th October 2008


My heart bleeds for this man and his family. I am white english and I hang my head in shame for all Muslims everywhere in the world treated like this. It has got to STOP NOW. The UK and USA goverment need to think about what they are doing and stop trying to rule every where. They could not in the past and they can not in the future, simple as that. This poor man and and hundreds of others like him need to be freed now and the racism against Islam needs to cease. We are all Gods children and we should live like he asks us to do, in peace and understanding. I am going to write to the home secertary with the strongest words I can and demand the relese of all men like this. Please pass on my love and support to Babar Ahmad’s family and friends, Rebecca.

Rebecca Gomm, England Wednesday 1st October 2008

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