May ALLAH protect you from all evil. Ameen.

Faisal Faridi, USA Monday 21st December 2009


I am not a Muslim, but I was horrified to hear of what has been done to you. No one deserves to be treated like this because of their religion. I hope you get justice for this, which you definately deserve.

Danyl Uprichard, Northern Ireland Thursday 17th December 2009


Asalaamu alaykum. I pray that your situation is getting better. I admire you. It is because of your imaan being so strong that you have been tested for such a long time. Victory is very near my brother. Ameen.

You & others who are suffering are always in my du’as although sometimes I feel it is not enough. Remember me in your du’as that Allah (swt) increase & protect our imaan so that we may help our brothers and sisters who are in difficulty.

Umm Hassan, London Wednesday 2nd December 2009


I will pray to my God (I am a christian – but more importantly a human) that you are freed.

David, Whiteley Friday 13th November 2009


Assalaamu Alaykum. I sincerely make du’a that your ordeal is bought to a clear end and you can resume with your life a much better, stronger Mumin. Allah truly tests those whom He loves. There was much good in what happened with you.
Eagerly following your story.

Umm Abdullah, Birmingham Monday 9th November 2009


Assalaam Alikum Babar. Just hang in there. The future will be better for everyone eventually, inshallah

Ahmad, America Monday 9th November 2009


I wish I can support you and be there as a muslim brother but Inshallah you are ok and Allah (swt) keeps you healthy. Inshallah Allah (swt) will bless you and reward you and give you a better afterlife in Jannah.

Mika’il Abdul Malik, London Friday 6th November 2009


My name is Brian Howes and my wife and I are also facing US extradition from Scotland. To me guilt or innocence is not in question here for me. Everybody is innocent until proven guilty. That is why I do not ask or look at the case as until charged there is no case to answer. Until charge there should not be any remand.

Until charge and a bail hearing of probable cause in front of a judge with the ability to appeal remand in my eyes is illegal. The treatment you have received makes me sick and it makes me ashamed to be British for this to happen in the UK. I wish you and your family all my best wishes for your release or proper legal charge.

Brian Howes, Scotland Tuesday 27th October 2009


Dear Baber. I pray and hope that you will come back safely to your family very very soon inshaAllah and you will be proved completely innocent.

Shaheen Cullasy, London Tuesday 6th October 2009


Your plight moves me to tears! May Allah (swt) release you from bondage and may Allah (swt)reward you for your patience in adversity. Jannah is your place of peace. Be strong brother!

Hussein Mahomedy, South Africa Tuesday 15th September 2009


Your plight moves me to tears! May Allah (swt) release you from bondage and may Allah (swt)reward you for your patience in adversity. Jannah is your place of peace. Be strong brother!

Hussein Mahomedy, South Africa Tuesday 15th September 2009


May Allah (swt) make it easy for you like Allah (swt) made it easy for Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal.

Umm Al Baraa, Unknown Thursday 3rd September 2009


I feel so sorry for you brother Babar and I am sorry as I couldn’t do anything for you. May Allah (swt) bless you and reward you and your family in this world and in the hereafter for all the horrendous hardships that you went through. Never lose hope in Allah brother and remain steadfast in your religion. And I will remember you in my Dua’a.
Your sister in Islam

Sharmin, Duabi,UAE Sunday 30th August 2009


Salaam I would like to start by saying ramadan mubarak and my heart felt response to your article starting “I have now spent nearly an eighth of my life in prison…”
With what can I reply; to such wisdom, such beauty, such depth and from so close.
Except with what I feel resounding in my heart and the depths of soul a single kalaam….

My brother and all those who help you and have passed on this text, may Allah be pleased with you and increase your rank in Jannah- Ameen

Umm Rumaysa, london Saturday 22nd August 2009



May Allah make everything easy for you, may Allah help you in all ways, here in teh United Kingdom we are trying our bests. The truth is known, it has gone out.

Adnan, Birmingham, United Kingdom Thursday 23rd July 2009


Assalamu’ alaykum wrb brother,
When I was the age of 13, I was in the demonstration, marching away, fighting for your justice, and up until today i haven’t forgotten you, you were always at the back of my mind, and I am just so thankful to my friend who forwarded this email to me (, as this has given me the opportunity to congratulate you on your release, and at the same time make du’aas in my salah for you. I pray to Allah (swt) that he rewards you to the highest paradise in the best of health and in the highest of Imaan.
Sister Fahima

Sister Fahima Ali, London Saturday 25th April 2009


Salaam. I pray that Mr Ahmad is well and the family are ok.

Shah, London Monday 6th April 2009


Salaams dear brother,
I admire you for your courage. I pray to ALLAH(swt) that he gives you and your family patients and strengh and to give you a tranquil and fruitful life and and reward you with Jannah in the akhirah. Ameen
your Brother in Islaam
Aqil, Scotland

Aqil, Scotland Saturday 21st March 2009


Salam brother. What you have gone through is truly horrendous. May Allah (swt) ease your pain and suffering. My du’as are with you and your family. May Allah (swt) help us all to unite against this terror laid on you so that no others receive the same brutal nightmare Inshallah.

Rozina Begum, London Thursday 19th March 2009


Dear family of our beloved brother. The heart aches and cries for your loss and I ask Allah (swt) to grant you a great amount of patience. Never did a people claim they loved Allah (swt) and believed in Him and performed deeds which He(swt) loves that they were not tested by Him (swt). The test is in accordance with the persons worth in the Eyes of the Almighty. The test of our brother Babar and you is great and may Allah (swt) keep him and you all firm. So remember the promise of Allah (swt); Gardens beneath which rivers flow, an endless reward and security on a day that will rain humility and disgrace upon the enemies of Allah(swt). We ask our generous Lord to grant those who love Him (swt) His pleasure in this life and the next and may we all meet under his Mercy. Ameen.

Khalil Rehman, Derby Thursday 19th March 2009

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