My Dear Brother Babar,
Please don’t worry may ALLAH bless you,
You will soonly release.
Our prayers always with you,
The almighty ALLAH see everything. He will mostly bless on your situation.
Please be patient.
INSHA~ALLAH Aap Ko Gheib Se Madad Milegi Aur Bahut Jald Riha Ho Jayenge.

M.SAQUIB MIRZA, INDIA Thursday 16th September 2010


Eid Mubarak my brother Ahmad. I don’t know if you can read this message or not, but I can assure you that everyone outside is waiting for you release Inshallah, and despite all the obstacles you have been facing, Allah (swt) has a plan for you. Every hardship you been through will be rewarded in the hereafter, but patience will be required from you as you have been doing for the last 6 years of your life.My du’a have always been with you. To everyone who has been supporting the campaign, great work Mashallah. All the brothers in South London are wishing you a happy Eid inshallah, just remember this life is temporary and the best of us are those who are tested.

Zakaria, London Tuesday 14th September 2010


Asalam aleikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu, Hope this Ramandhan has given you more strength in your Iman and patience in all what is to come. AMEEN. Remember Allah gives test to those that he loves…. the more harder it is the more dearer you are to him…… the all knowing, the most merciful and the planner of all things. I hope that your next Ramandhan will be spent with your family inshallah. I WISH YOU AND FAMILY EID MUBARAK …..EID SAIDUN….EID KARREMUN, BROTHER

Laila Saad, UK Friday 10th September 2010


Asalam -Alaikum Brother Barbar, Indeed Allah is with the patient. Your suffering will not go un-noticed by our supreme lord; Allah most mighty! You are in the university of islamic knowledge and Inshallah, Allah will not only purify you, but you will, Insha-allah, be raised as one of those who will enter jannatul firdos, insha-allah. Keep praying Subhanllahi wabi hamdihi subhanalahil azeem. Allah is with you, and our prayers are with you. This is the beginning of the golden age, and you are one of Allah’s chosen one’s my brother! I have just heard about the trials and tribulations Hazrat Yusuf went through, and Allah will exchange your suffering for paradise, insha-allah! Allah knows best! Take care my brother!

MB, UK Friday 3rd September 2010


Wishing you strength and an end to the ordeal of imprisonment without trial, and after the abuse you suffered.

Cathy w, Coventry Thursday 2nd September 2010


Good luck Babar. Do not give up hope. In time things may get better. Many people are thinking of you – the struggle for justice has not yet been lost and hopefully for all of us it won’t be.

Anonymous, UK Tuesday 17th August 2010


I’m not religious but do believe that all men are entitled to the same justice. Long term imprisonment without trial is unjust.

john arnold, Tamworth, United Kingdom Monday 16th August 2010


Assalamu-alaikum brother Babar, I don’t know you personally but I know alot of people who do. Thinking of you and your family during this blessed month of Ramadan. You are always in our prayers. Like all the other brothers and sisters in Islam we are all please that the ‘four officers’ in question will face trial and inshallah some justice will be gained. May Almighty Allah (SWT) continue to give you strength everyday… Much dua.

BA, Battersea, London Friday 13th August 2010


Dear Babar Ahmed, I have followed your story since it’s start back in 2003. I am disgusted at the treatment of you at the hands of the so called free world. You are a strong man and are fighting the honest fight, you will won through. It is clear that no matter how they lie, it is their lies that trap these cowards and bullyboys in uniform. Power to you and may you be released soon.

Michael, London Friday 13th August 2010


Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah. InshAllah Akhi Babar will be free soon.

Muslimah, India Wednesday 24th February 2010


Asalaamu alaykum Brother Babar. We have a weekly sisters circle and we pray for your release every single week since your capture. We have full faith that your test is great because Allah (swt) has deemed you worthy of it. We have full hope that you will have a respectable release very soon. Ameen.

Rubina, Surrey Thursday 11th February 2010


Assalaamu alaykum. I feel guilty as a 19 year old for not doing enough to support you however akhi I promise that my du’a for you will not stop until your release or when death over comes me. May Allah (swt) make your inprisoment as a means for your to enter jannah and remember that this life is nothing except a test.

Abubakar, London Wednesday 10th February 2010


Stay strong and remember that you have entire peoples supporting you. With undying love and respect.

Yusuf, Los Angeles Wednesday 10th February 2010


Asalaamu alaykum. The injustices and inhumane treatments, persecutions, abuses etc done to muslims today does not stop in India, Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Somalia, Ethiopia, Turkistan, China, Philippines, South Thailand, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Chechnya, Uzbekistan etc. Nor do they stop in corrupted muslim dictatorial regimes like Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Nigeria etc. But now the west, so called land of the free, are shamelessly abusing their authority when dealing with muslims.

I hope these words will reach Brother Babar. May Allah (swt) be pleased with him and give him patience and strength. May he be granted the reward of a shaheed in the highest station of Paradise. Dear brother, try to look at your position as positive, for you are among the chosen few that go threw the hardest trials in this life, but attain the greatest reward in the afterlife. Bear in mind that when you die as muslim in that state, Allah (swt) will chose you from his slaves to receive his best blessings in the next life. Know that all the legends and heroes and Scholars of islam past and present went threw hardships because of the satanic powers in this world that oppose piety and righteousness.

You and your likes are the few heroes of this planet’s 7-8 billion people. I want you to focus on these points because be sure that Allah (swt) is not punishing you but rewarding you. Remember the words of Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, the heroic life of Syed Qutb, the stories of Imam Ahmad, Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik, etc.

The prisoners are in our du’a, be sure of this, but I would like to ask you to try to remember me in your du’a if you can, because I believe you are more deserving to have your du’a answered. May Allah (swt) reward you and protect you from further harm and liberate you.

Junaid, Canada Tuesday 9th February 2010


May Allah (swt)make things easy for you akhi, may he show you mercy and give you justice. May Allah (swt) provide you with strength, courage, determination and patience to see you through these difficult times. Inshallah you will be in my du’as for your release soon. May Allah (swt)grant you the highest of Jannah.

Iftekhar Ahmed, London Monday 1st February 2010


Its very sad indeed to hear about this happening to our brother. Please everyone pray for our brother to be free. May Allah (swt) release him and his family of all the worries and sadness. Ameen.

Miss N, London Saturday 30th January 2010


Asalaamu alaykum. “Yes, if you hold on to patience and piety, and the enemy comes rushing at you; your Lord will help you with five thousand angels having marks (of distinction).” (Al Imran, Chapter 3, Verse 125) Never lose hope my dear brother.

Omar Sharif, Birmingham Tuesday 19th January 2010


I will make dua for you Inshallah.

Alia Syed, UK Tuesday 19th January 2010


I shall pray to Allah everyday for you my brother. Everyday. Until you are free, have faith and keep strong.

Halima, London Monday 18th January 2010


To all the family and relatives of Babar Ahmed, may Allah keep you all strong and firm on the rocky path you tread, may He Almighty grant us unity with our brothers once again. We are a nation who so willingly sits and stares but all the while your cries are heard by the one who Hears and Sees and He will come to Judge us all one day..

Ummi Zaytun, London Saturday 16th January 2010

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