Salamu Alaikum Babar,

I hope and pray that this message reaches you in the best of health, deepest knowledge and certainty in faith.

Firstly forgive my poor understanding of the English language. I want to say that you are more of a brother to me than my own blood brother even though I don’t know you. 

Who has a better better understanding of the hadith; “This dunya is a prison for the believer and paradise for the non believer” than those in prison? You live this hadith in your prison, in your cells, in the deepest room of the darkest corridor, you live inside the belly of the whale. 

What is happening to you my brother has happened to those before you and will happen to those after you so be firm and do not stray from this noble path.

Drive the evil away and let them doubt themselves, and we have all had our own doubts. The affairs will be as they are and history will record the names of those who have suffered for it.

Oh fortunate one, it is not you who are in prison but it is we who are the prisoners. What is our concept of freedom? Who is a free man and who are the captives?

Oh fortunate one, would I have had your status I would not be shackled with the shackles of dunya, and desire.

Oh fortunate one, if I deserved something then perhaps I would have been in your position. Perhaps Allah has protected you from the open prison, where deceit and shame has become a norm. 

Oh my brother I wish I replaced you but I don’t deserve this status or protection from the one who has granted it to you. 

The haram is open and easy to have, yet you have been protected from most of it. We are in danger of loosing our deen before we sleep and after we awake.

Oh fortunate one Allah has decreed that you be protected from this.

You have a destiny to fulfil, be patient in this noble path and do not astray form the path which brings status and paradise. 

oh fortunate one our iman has become as short us our sight and we have fallen slaves to our desires.

Hope in Allah for we are powerless and weak. We have nothing left but dua, we have become men incapable of anything. 

Oh lion, if you fall than what becomes of us. Through you Allah gives us strength so be strong for the weak.

Benefit us form your dua for the barrier is between us and you is far. Benefit me for I cannot benefit you.

I am a weak and captive man, ashamed with my sins and hold a hard heart. Oh fortunate one, do not forsake us like we have forsaken you.


15 November 2010


respect to babar and no need to keep him in if they havent found any charges on him. Keep strong and may allah [SWT] keep you and your family strong.

Bilal Haji

20 November 2010

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