May the peace and blessings of All-Mighty Allah be with my brother Babar Ahmed and may Allah free him of all accusations made againsts him and his family.
May Allah prevent Babar Ahmed and his family from distress. Ameen.
May Allah free Babar Ahmed
May Allah free Babar Ahmed
May Allah free Babar Ahmed

Abdul Khalik, Forest Gate Tuesday 10th May 2005


Mrs Ahmad touched the hearts and minds of the participants of the 19 March Aberystwyth Peace Festival seminar and workshops. With her unwavering dignity and her clarity of thought and presentation she brought the case of Babar to an audience who could scarcely believe their ears.
We, like Babar, want to believe in our system of justice.
We, like Babar, do not want to believe that gross miscarriages of justice can be carried out and that guilty people walk free while the innocent languish in prison.
We want to keep believing in our system, upholding it and warding off attacks to undermine it ? be they from within this country or from outside.
We believe that justice will be done on the 17th of May and Babar will walk free again to be united with his family.
You have our full support and we send you all our best wishes.

Lotte Reimer, Aberystwyth Peace and Justice Network, Aberystwyth Tuesday 10th May 2005


Well done on the election result Babar, unlike many MP’s you have sincerity of principles on your side.
All of those 685 votes show that regardless of personal difference – all of them believe in your innocence, and that they despise injustice….
Victory to Babar Ahmad – man of the people !!!!

Phil Brand., Tooting Broadway Saturday 7th May 2005


Ya Allah!
What can I say, becoming aware of your current situation is heartbreaking.
At the end of the day you’re a Muslim, Allah(swt)is always shining His Divine Grace upon you.
Brother, hang in there, the whole Umma is with you, don’t let the enemy get the best of you.
Brother Babar Ahmad you have the world’s most powerful force with you – ALLAH.

Nariccise Khan, Bradford Thursday 5th May 2005


I pray to Allah that justice is done and Babar Ahmad is acquitted immediately
I also pray Allah helps him & his loved ones through this harrowing experience and they come out stronger people

Noordad Aziz, Lancaster, UK Thursday 5th May 2005


Good luck for the final verdict on the 17th, Babar.
Remember that justice prevailed for the Guildford Four and the Birmingham Six.
The people of Tooting Broadway will NEVER allow you to be extradited to the USA, united as one regardless of race, class, sex or religion we will never rest until you are free.
The people of Tooting Broadway versus the USA – Wolfie Smith would be so proud !!!!

Phil Brand., Tooting-Broadway. Wednesday 4th May 2005


Allah will protect you brother… Verily he is the best of all guardians…

Moshiur Rahman, London Wednesday 4th May 2005


I draw your attention to Human Rights Watch’s homepage In a recent statement they conclude that it is illegal to extradite a person to a country where he is under risk to be tortured. HRW also publishes ample evidence that the USA tortures terrorist suspects.
I follow the “anti-terrorist” actions in western democracies with growing alarm and read about Babar Ahmad in today?s local paper Huvudstadsbladet.
I wish you good luck and hope that the rule of law and the general legal principles on which western societies are founded once more will prevail in Britain and elsewhere.
best regards,

Magnus Hagelstam, Finland Wednesday 4th May 2005


Dear Brother please be strong and patient and Allah will reward you inshaAllah. Allah tests those who he loves. I am a revert to islam i came into islam the same time you was re-arrested. i will keep you in my prays and be at all the demonstrations to help free you brother.

Sumiyyiah Hutchins, south london Monday 2nd May 2005


May Allah be with you dear brother and all our other brothers and sisters suffering throughout the world.
Say: “Nothing will happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us: He is our protector”: and on
Allah let the believers put their trust.(9:51)
Our duas are with you, be strong. Ur sis

Shaz, UK Sunday 1st May 2005


Dua for our Muslim Prisoners of injustice and war:
O Allah, Release the Muslim captives in every place!
O Allah, Preserve their Deen for them! And their honours! And their selves!
O Allah they are weak, so Strengthen them! Oppressed, so Help them! Afflicted with trials, so make them steadfast!
O All-Hearing, O All-sseing!
O Allah, the One who released Yunus from the stomach of the whale! Release them from their captivity, safe, sound and victorious!
O Allah return them to their families & their children & their friends, sooner rather than later!
O Allah grant patience to their familes, children & loved ones!
O Allah have mercy on them with the expense of Your Mercy! And be sufficient for them with the greatness of Your Tenderness!
O Answer of Supplication; give us a portion from the fear of you that may stand as barrier between ourselves and disobedience to You; from obedience that can take us into Paradise, and from conviction that which can make easy for us the mishaps of this world!
O Allah; Make our revenge on those who have been UNJUST TO US! Help us against our ENEMIES, and do not make our suffering concerning our religion, and do not make the world as our greatest concern, nor the scope of our knowledge; and do not give power over us to this who have no MERCY upon us!!!!!
O Allah this is our humble supplication for which we await Your Answer! (Ameen)

Asmaa, Battersea, South West London Sunday 1st May 2005


Some weeks ago I heard your wife, at a Peace and Justice meeting: she was telling us with enormous tranquility and courage what you’re suffering and why. If love alone could free you, she could do it, single handed.
Many of us had always believed that British justice was second to none: I’m ashamed of my Government and fervently hope that their decision to hold you or extradite you will be reversed. Have faith, so many of us think and care about you.

Averil, Wales Sunday 1st May 2005


May Allah keep you and your family strong in these last few days before the verdict (in your favour inshaallah). Allah only tries people he loves, our duas are with you.

Jamila, London Sunday 1st May 2005


It Think it time for us reflect on how we (Muslims) are being treated. Even though Babar Ahmad’s case has caused outrage amoung the people, America will falsely try to justify its target (Babar Ahmad). Oh! Supporters of Babar Ahmad dont forget that they plan and Allah Also plans, and Allah is the Best of all planners.

Abu Hanifah, Brusselles Saturday 30th April 2005


I just wanted to say that all that is happening is very disgusting and I hope it doesn’t happen to any other Muslim elsewhere. All we should do is speak up for brothers like bro Babar.We should do dua and inshallah Allah (SWT) will grant us salvation

Shuhabe Ayub, Stoke-on-Trent Friday 29th April 2005


This is just so saddening! Truely heart breaking what you went through and are forced to go through still. I think praying for you is one option but with prayers there must be some action taken as well. Don’t know what can i do from thousands of miles away but yes my heart goes out for you.. Truely obnoxious these actions are, with no regard for one’s rights and it’s all happening in the countries who never get tired of labelling themselves as champions of human rights! Maybe this labelling only applies to those of their own race/religion/skin colors.

Zahid, Lahore, Pakistan Thursday 28th April 2005


Many brothers here in Coventry aware and keeping an eye on this case. Rest assured that our duas are with Babar and family. Also that we will apply pressure wherever we can.

Ahmed Rawat, Coventry, West Midlands England Tuesday 26th April 2005


Good luck on the election campaign Babar,
Remember the indefatigable Bobby Sands, who like yourself was falsely imprisoned – and was able to win an election from his prison cell….
Justice shall be yours.

Phil Brand., Tooting Broadway, London Monday 25th April 2005


I think that we all can learn from this situation and from other similar situations going on. This means that we need to do something, we can do something, and not just pray dua.
May Allah provide us with the courage, the determination and the unity; and may Allah give Babar Ahmad strength.

Sadia, London Monday 25th April 2005


The life of this world is temporary and yet we as a majority are caught up trying to gather as much of its riches and we have forgotten our purpose.
Brother babar must be an amazing guy for him to have so much support from the community. I am yet to meet a single person from the Muslim Community who does not want to help with Babar’s cause.
Babars family and friends deserve utmost respect and support. Making duah and writing letters is not going to bring about the change that is required. We have to act with honour and dignity in order to free our brother babar and every other political prisoner from the prisons of the world.
May Allah free Babar and keep him smiling. May Allah free all the brothers and return them to their families, ameen

Abdullah, Birmingham Monday 25th April 2005

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