I sincerely pray for your release brother. These people are doing as they wish planning and plotting against Allah (swt) but as we know Allah is the best of planners. I pray for you as well as the other brothers and sisters who are facing injustice in a so called just society.
It is clear that Islam is being dishonoured globally which is their target, but Insha Allah they will fail because we have Allah with us, Our Creator, Our sustainer and most of all the Master of the Day. The Muslims will win insha Allah, we need to be patient. We will all be praying for you akhi sincerely because you are our brother and we love you for the sake of Allah. May Allah protect you/us from the shaytaan. Ameen.

Iqbal Hussain Ali, Brick Lane Tuesday 17th May 2005


The UK Government has totally sold out to the US. Are we any better than the worst third world dictatorships when we are prepared to extradite our citizens to the US without a case being presented ?
My prayers are with Babar and his family.

Habib, London, UK Tuesday 17th May 2005


Make an appeal Babar, you still have right on your side and justice shall be yours – the people demand it, as they know that it could be their civil liberties at risk as well…

Phil Brand, Tooting-Broadway, London. Tuesday 17th May 2005


Very sad at todays news that they plan to extradite Babar Ahmad. It is a very worrying sign, but I think many are no longer surprised at the actions of our own and the US government. We have Allah though, and He is sufficient enough support for us.
I hope and pray Babar is returned soon to his family.

Sister In Islam, UK Tuesday 17th May 2005


Having heard the sad news of the verdict, just want to urge fellow muslims and dear campaigners not to lose faith and hope. Alhamdulillah we can still appeal and we can get justice, God willing, and true justice comes from our Lord.

Kaleem Ullah, London, Kings College Tuesday 17th May 2005


The verdict revealed today has been a shock to everyone, that the extradition has been approved. Please continue with your struggle, and everyone pray that the appeal is successful, Insha’Allah.
A message to anyone who cares about justice: spread the word about Babar Ahmed, raise awareness in your communities, tell your friends, families, neighbours, put pressure on your MPs. We all have a duty. It is up to us to help our brother in need. It is not too late to do something.
May Allah help Babar Ahmed, his family and his supporters to overturn the verdict and to FREE BABAR AHMED, Insha’Allah.

Muhammad and family, London Tuesday 17th May 2005


If you are wrongfully accused the the truth will out. If you are guilty then you are a bad person and no amount of gloss will hide this.

James Roberts, Chester, England Tuesday 17th May 2005


Dear Brother, Alhamdulillah I know you are praying for the verdict of May the 17th , but as someone who has been through the legal system of the UK , my brother I say to you in all honesty please, please my brother don’t rely on the verdict to go your way on 17th of May , inshallah it will, but this is very dangerous for you to pin your hopes on such a farce of a verdict .
My brother tears roll down my eyes as I write this message to you , what ,how when did we lose so much in such little time , you have a strong family and some honest supporters but ultimately my brother the burden of this injustice will be yours and that of your family’s , I ask you to thank Allah for the conditions you are under today, no matter how harsh , and inshallah you will not be extradidted but i fear you will and have no words of advice on how to prepare your mental state for what awaits you.
My brother, my dua and my heart goes out to you and the thousands who have been through the gates of our earthly hell in Gitmo.
May allah subhanatalla not test you with more than which you are capable of enduring , and inshallah you shall be re-united with your family.
i am very sorry for this email , as it doesnt exactly leave you high spirited but i hope you are planning and hoping for the long term and see past the 17th of May.
Please expect the decision to against you , as building your hopes and then dashing them is a tool the system is employing in Gitmo, Abu Ghraib and many other places that have the misfortunate of being controlled by the USA and its lap dogs…
Inshallah Allah subhanatallah will answer the prayers of your wife, sisters , mothers ,brothers , fathers and children , and you shall be free to carry on with the good work you are known to have done ….
Inshallah brother Babar will be free!
Allah hu akbar
Allah hu akbar
Allah hu akbar

Harry, Leeds, Yorkshire Tuesday 17th May 2005


For long enough now we have seen the injustices and abuse given to Babar Ahmad and other detainees. We must stand united in supporting our brothers and sister’s wherever they maybe.
May Allah azwjal give you a speedy release,ameen
May Allah allow justice to reign.ameen
All our duaa’s are with you for the 17th May.

Sabiha Mahmood, Birmingham, UK Monday 16th May 2005


Inshallah brother you will be set free and rejoin your family once again inshallah, Nothing will happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us :He is our Protector& on Allah let the Believers put their trust. So just stay strong with imman by your side and keep that faith strong, this is truly a test of your patience.

Z.Khan, London Monday 16th May 2005


Life is but a test Babar… be patient for Allah, Most High is with those who are patient.

Nadeem, West Midlands Monday 16th May 2005


Dear Babar Bhai, May Allah be with you on the 17th of May INSHA’ALLAH because those who have a strong belief in HIM, He will save them from all complications.

Muzna, Pakistan Monday 16th May 2005


May Allah RELEASE YOU SOON brother Babar, and those other Muslims who are injustly detained.
And May AllAH SWA bring peace and ease to the families of the those who are suffering. Ameen.

Rabia, Toronto, Canada Monday 16th May 2005


Life, has its own way of unveiling. Though I can only imagine the pain, agony and suffering that Babar and his family may have gone though, I believe God is the Merciful, and He shall look and take care of affairs which are beyond our reach.
I believe, justice will be done, and my prayers go with Babar and his family. May God help you through this difficult time, and may He be your guide and show the light.

Amyn Abbas, Karachi, Pakistan Monday 16th May 2005


Dua with Babar Ahmad, and Allah is the Greatest and will soon help all Muslims in this life and the Afterlife.

Mohammad Shah, Dua Sunday 15th May 2005


Babar bhai, Allah tests those whom He loves the most. May Allah give you patience. We’re all praying for you here, All the best for the 17th of May. My prayers and duas are always with you.

Sheza(Umm Abdul Raafay ), Pakistan Sunday 15th May 2005


Our prayers are with you and all the innocent captives in this war against Islam.
We put our trust in Allah, only he can help us from the tyrants and inshallah he will.
Indeed after every hardship there is ease (Quran)

Dr Riffat Majeed, Watford Saturday 14th May 2005


Please do not forget that our dua’s are with you. Allah is the ultimate Judge and we have full yaqeen that Allah will protect Babar and all the Muslim prisoners around the world. Do not despair, and remember Allah is with the Sabireen (the patient ones)

Miss Khan, London Friday 13th May 2005


Brother, may Allah give you patience, as surely Allah is with those who are patient.I ask Allah to help you, my brother, through this terrible ordeal.
My prayers and duas are with you and your family.

Faiz Nabi, London Friday 13th May 2005


Allah tests most those whom He loves most. You and your family are in our du’as and we pray for your release, Insha’Allah.

Muhammad and family, London Thursday 12th May 2005

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