‘Those who strive in Our cause – we will guide them to Our path, for verily Allah is with those who do right’ (Quran 29:69)
This is a test and God does not burden a soul more than it can bear. There are many out there who care about your plight. You are not forgotten.

Anonymous, London, UK Thursday 2nd June 2005


Best of luck with your campaign, your efforts are very inspiring. I hope very much that you are successful and the government sees sense.

Neil Hughes, Edinburgh Thursday 2nd June 2005


Even though I never knew you and I am deeply affected by what you are going through. I love your letters and they have been a source of inspiration. Your words have rung a bell in my heart and insha Allah you and your family will be in my dua. May Allah alleviate your pain and may Allah raise your iman and grant you sabr.

Rumaano, New Zealand Thursday 2nd June 2005


What can I say other than to refer this case to the Lord of the Worlds, who is all aware of the affairs of man. We put this affair in His Hands and He is the Seer of His slaves.
Inshallah the truth will be prevail and may Allah save bro Babar from extradition to the US. Oh Allah to you we proclaim the feebleness of our power and we complain to you our degradation from the people. You are the Lord of the oppressed, pls answer the Dua of our brother and our’s, as Your Prophet has said verily You answer the dua of the oppressed with speed.

Jamal, Midlands Wednesday 1st June 2005


Babar, Remember that the eyes of the people are focused on what is happening to you.
I cannot honestly imagine that any magistrate would allow you to be extradited to the `devil’s playground’ that is the USA. This is Britain, not Texas and the rule of law states that one must be found guilty before they are punished, and that one must be charged before they are put on trial.
Maybe that counts for nothing in the eyes of the Bush and Blair administrations, but in the eyes of the masses – that counts for everything.
What is happening to you is a precedent for all of us.
Our rights are under attack, if your’s are first and foremost…we could be next-we will not allow your good and honest self to be extradited to the USA, and the reason for that is that it could be us tommorrow.
If the powers that be can get away with it once, then they will do it again and again – that is why it is imperative that the prospect of extradition to a country that has no respect for human rights – as Guantanamo Bay has shown, must be defeated at all costs.
Stand Firm and Resolute Babar.
Truth, Honour and Justice are on your side and always have been.
If the People of this country ran the UK instead of the Blairite minions ever loyal to the Criminal in Washington DC, then this would never have happened.

Phillip Brand., Tooting, London. Wednesday 1st June 2005


Babar,I was at the protest in Downing Street yesterday for Rachid Ramda. I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t make it to the protest for you on the 17th of May, but yesterday was for you as well as Rachid Ramda and I know the protest has raised the profile of your case.
As a fellow British Asian, I am incensed by the British Government’s treatment of British Asians first in Guantanamo and now here. I will be lobbying my MP in support of your case and to prevent this happening again.

Deepak Gupta, London Tuesday 31st May 2005



Fartun, SW London Monday 30th May 2005


As someone who was also brought up in Tooting like Brother Babar I was in complete shock that he can now be extradited from here to face trial in the USA. We make duas for you and your family; prayers and supplication are very powerful, however what should we be doing now to continue our support for Babar’s cause?

Umm Fatimah, London Sunday 29th May 2005


I am disgusted what this innocent man has gone through. Only Allah knows what other brutal things are happening in this country. My heart goes out to brother Baber Ahmad and his family and pray for his quick release Ameen.

Mrs R.P, Midlands Thursday 26th May 2005


I am horrified to hear of the silly allegations that they have made against you, and can only imagine what you and your family are going through, these people seem really pathetic and petty.
It is a test from Allah…and may Allah’s endless blessings be upon you, protect you from all the evil and may Allah keep you on the straight path and may you be successful and come out of it being a stronger person.
Always keep Allah in your mind and soul, as Allah has said “And the men and women who remember Allah frequently, Allah has prepared for them forgiveness and great reward”.
Invocation:”Oh Allah, I am your slave and the son of your slaves. My fate is in your hands. Your judgement upon me is assured. Justice upon me is your command. I ask you by every name you have taken for yourself, revealed in your book, taught any one of your creation or taken unto yourself in the realm of the unknown, to make the Quran the spring of my heart, and the light of my breast, the banisher of my sadness and the reliever for my despondency.” (Ahmad 1/391)
May Allah make it easy on you & your family and give them comfort through this tough time they are facing.
All the support, your sister in Islam.

Nadia Y Rahman, Hertfordshire Tuesday 24th May 2005


I knew Babar many years ago when he was part of a group called Young Muslims. I knew him as only a good, pious believer, always willing to help others. I feel embarrased and ashamed that it has taken me this long to find out the entire state of affairs, may you & Allah accept my apologies.
I would like to whole heartedly lend my support and prayers in this very difficult time to Babar and all his family. Needless to say that I will do what I can from Glasgow, and will certainly write to the relevant authorities for this grevious injustice that has taken place.
May God grant everyone involve in the campaign the strength and fortitude to carry the banner of justice until it is done for Babar.

Sajid Quayum, Glasgow Tuesday 24th May 2005


Brother, brother come to my aid
Guide me along the path, as Allah says
Brother, brother come to my rescue
You help me and I?ll help you
Brother, brother come to listen
Hear the advice from the old wise men and your heart will quicken
Brother, brother come to speak
You have the knowledge to make us strengthen our deen
Brother, brother come to fight
We must, as we know the cause is for right
Brother, brother come don?t go wrong,
Because it is the disbelievers that are left to sing sorrows song
Brother, brother come and read
The holy book and what future for us Allah sees
Brother, brother come stand by my side
Be my friend, and my guide
Brother, brother come to my aid
So we can make believers out of disbelievers
Brother, brother come follow my pace
So that together we can have solid faith

sadia Anwar, london Saturday 21st May 2005


After watching the documentary I have felt numb and helpless. I pray that Allah unites the Muslim Ummah and we stand together and fight the injustice that is going on around the world today. I pray for Babar Ahmad and his family and friends. We are all one and an injustice to one brother or sister is inflicted on all of us. May Allah accept our dua and give us strength to overcome these injustices.

Aishah, London Friday 20th May 2005


You learn, with every tear you learn
That this tumultuous life has many turns
At every step, through every trial you learn
That you are strong, and can fight on

You learn, with every stride you learn
That dissatisfaction can weary your soul
With every sigh, through every struggle you learn
That you are strong, and can fight on

So don’t bow down to the pain you feel
Take its fruit, and embellish your soul
Nourish your hearts, pave the rugged path
For you are strong, and can fight on

Indeed, you are strong, and can fight on

Someone who cares, UK Friday 20th May 2005


“We are all slaves of Allah and it is His choice how he deals with us. We are winners no matter what.” These were the words of our beloved Br. Babar after the verdict was passed on May 17th. Subhanallah, the strength that Allah (SWT) has given Br. Babar and his family is incomparable. Indeed, Allah (SWT) does test those whom he loves and Allah (SWT) does not place a burden on a soul, more than it can bear. We will continue to support you and indeed, Allah (SWT) is sufficient as a witness. May Allah (SWT) release you soon as well as the many other brothers who are injustly detained.

Muslima, US Friday 20th May 2005


SubhaAllah, Brother Babar and Family, know that your are all in both myself and my husbands dua’s. We truly love you all for the Sake of Allah and we will fight this fight with you to the very end inshaAllah. Please forgive us for doing nothing but watch you and all the other brothers get arrested. Our voices should have been heard LOUD AND CLEAR the very first time when our brother was arrested unjustly.
Allah Subhanhu Wa Ta’aala tests those that He loves so know that Allah SWT loves you. Please be strong and once again please forgive us as we will do everything and anything bi’ithnillah to fight for you and all the other brothers whether they are held in the UK, France or even Guantanamo Bay.
Remember brothers, sisters and friends that one day it could be your loved one in the same position as Brother Babar Ahmad and his family. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT!

Abu & Umm Rayhana, West London Thursday 19th May 2005


Tue 17th May 2005 will be noted in history books to come as the day when the judicial sovereignty of Britain was capitulated by a British judge to the US superpower. The name of the judge will be recorded as Justice Timothy Workman; the Minister who expedited the Extradition Act 2003 will be recorded as David Blunkett MP; the Government of the day will be recorded as the Labour Party under Prime Minister Tony Blair and the victim of this injustice will be recorded as Babar Ahmad, a British citizen ordered to be handed over as a prisoner to a country that routinely violates human rights of prisoners.
“For evil to triumph it requires only that good men remain silent”
Edmund Burke, British political writer and statesman (1729-1797)

Zub?r Ismail Hatia, Hampshire, UK Thursday 19th May 2005


The 17th of May, was a very dark day for the British judicial system and also for the Muslims living in Britain.
But we will not despair. We will have faith in Allah as Allah is the only true legislator. There is still time yet, and we must work hard and do everything in our power to stop Brother Babar from being extradited Insha’Allah. You wil be remembered in my du’as.

Nosheen, Birmingham Thursday 19th May 2005


Babar, you are another fall guy for Tony’s Phoney war on terror. It’s easy to lock up a brother, this could have been anyone of us but the authorities for now are selective about who they keep. We all know the game its played out everyday the more political violence abroad the more there needs to be a bogey man to look at “something to draw our imagination from the atrocities of a genocidal war in Iraq.”
This whole sharade has focused on our brother Babar Ahmed, locked up and soon to be given as Lamb to the slaughter to the wolves and leoperds. Hasbunallaahu wa ni’mal wakeel there has to be a bogeyman for the public to see in order for the government to sound authentic. I know’ “we all know Babar Ahmed is innocent.” But I know also that we Muslims are not innocent in respect of doing what needs to be done and I want to die of shame at the level of indifference and total lack of concern by people who in my opinion were in a position to give a voice to this.
How Muslims have rallied for us to vote but did not rally for this good man’s freedom and justice ? Why did they give their best effort to support their political objectives and ignore the plight our brother’s cause?
Our priority’s are all wrong! Guilty we are!
I am not finished. There are amongst us some very sad people. We all Pray Allaah strengthens Babar’s family and the community supports them with whatever assistance they need.
Inshallaah we are all still here like chickens waiting for the slaughter…waiting for the police to come back! So from one prisoner to another prisoner we have not forgotten you. You are never alone. We face this together with the help and support from He Who brought us into this world.

Idriss, Manchester Thursday 19th May 2005


It was very disheartening to hear the verdict on brother Babar Ahmed. We should never lose hope in Allah and the wicked ones will be surely punised.This life is temporary and surely the suffering will one day end, insha Allah. The real Court of Justice is the Court of Allah where everyone will be judged justly and the evil ones will never be able to escape. Allah is aware of everything. I would like to share the following verses of the Qur’an:
“Consider not that All?h is unaware of that which the Z?lim?n (oppressors, wrong-doers, etc.) do, but He gives them respite up to a Day when the eyes will stare in horror.
“(They will be) hastening forward with necks outstretched, their heads raised up (towards the sky), their gaze returning not towards them and their hearts empty (from thinking because of extreme fear). (Quran 14:42-43)”

Anwar Hussain, East London Thursday 19th May 2005

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