you are in my thoughts and supplications. Have not had a response from my MP but will keep fighting your corner bro.

Shehzad, Reading Friday 1st July 2005


I hope and pray that you are given the freedom that is rightfully yours as soon as possible. May Allah the almighty help you every step of the way. Paitence is the key my dear brother. Allah is watching and he loves us dearly. It maybe easy for me to say this but please do not give up hope. You will always remain in my duas. One cannot imagine what you and your faily have been put through and are going through at this time.
May Allah make it easy for you and may he shower you and your family with eternal mercy and peace.Ameen

Irfan Ahmed, UK Friday 1st July 2005


Babar stay strong, it’s easy to poke holes in the lies of perpetrators but the truth will always come out.

Khaled, London, UK Thursday 30th June 2005


Br. Babar Ahmad is a british Citizen, as long as he has been cleared of any crime in the past by the British Authorities, it is quite unfair to respond to the USA’s request. What we would prefer is a fair trial in the UK, as we have good faith in the British Judicial System.

Mr Asim Siddiqui, Sidcup Kent Tuesday 28th June 2005


I have just watched the wife of Babar Ahmad on Islam Channel. For those of us who have an atoms weight of concience and regard for humanity to do something. I know that time is the essence for the Babar family but maybe trying to get onto prime time slots if possible to raise public awareness eg This Morning, Richard and Judy, London Tonight and BBC London News, put campaigns out on local radio stations Sunrise, ARY etc…Babar needs to get as much exposure as he can. You are in my prayers.

Anonymous, London Tuesday 28th June 2005


To be forced apart from one?s husband and best friend (and in such circumstances), is truly a difficult test. Honestly, I don?t know how I would bear it. May Allah (SWT) continue to give Babar?s wife great sabr and reward. May He (SWT) give Babar and ALL his family great sabr and reward. We are 100% behind you Babar!

Anon., Leeds Monday 27th June 2005


Muslim Youth Movement (MGV) believe that today’s so-called democratic values, states and powers are indeed useless as brothers Babar Ahmad shows clearly.
Currently, muslim generations are getting aware of many events occurring around us and putting on many faculties which will be seen in near future in many fields of life especially gaining their rights and revival of Islamic Civilization.
For our beloved brother Babar Ahmad, we will distribute this address to the public so that they can know what is going on in Britain, USA and the rest of the world.
We urge British authorities to free Babar Ahmad without delay. It is enough to oppression against innocent people.
May Allah(swt) make you stronger.
Sincerely Yours.

Muhammad, Istanbul Monday 27th June 2005


We strongly condemn torture and abuses of Babar Ahmad like innocent people to whom those such inhumane behaviours done by Americans,Israel and British authorities in Palestine,Guantanomo,Ebu Guraib and the other places.
As muslims we believe that the world must be free from all those cruelties,inhumanities, abuses, brutalities done by so-called global powers.
We urge the British authorities as a muslim youth movement in Turkey to take fair action for brother Babar Ahmad.

Muslim News, Turkey Sunday 26th June 2005


I wish Babar Ahmad support in his and his family’s campaign to prevent extradition to the United States. I will be doing everything I can to support him, including writing to my local MP. Everyone I know is behind him in this troubling time, and I wish him to retain his faith and never give up.

Mark Heald, Sevenoaks, Kent, UK Saturday 25th June 2005


I recently sent details of the campaign regarding EDM 241 in a letter to the Morning Star.
I urged all those reading to pressurise their MPs to stop any possibility of your deportation to the USA.
It is ironic that in writing this, as a member of the Communist Party of Britain, that Muslims have replaced the `Red Menace’ as the new `enemy within’…
We must work hand in hand to overturn this new McCarthyism before all our rights become a fragment of history…
Solidarity until Victory !!!

Phillip Brand., Tooting, London. Friday 24th June 2005


What can I say? I’m shocked and outraged at the treatment of Babar and his family and hope and pray that there is light at the end of this dark tunnel. My faith in the judicial system is torn and I sincerely hope and pray that Babar is released.

Ibrahim, London Saturday 18th June 2005


Keep strong brother. I will make duas for you and your family inshAllah. May Allah swt make you among the pious that gain junnah, and make this easy for you ameen. Remember this life is short and focus on the hereafter, inshAllah.

Aamian, Leicester Tuesday 14th June 2005


We are getting as many people as we can to sign the Petition to refuse the US request for the extradition of Babar Ahmad, in the 250 or so people we have spoken to they have shown deep emotional hurt by what has happened to Babar. We wish you all the best with your inspiring campaign and are lobbying our MP with the use of your lobbying pack.

Anonymous, Bradford Monday 13th June 2005


I wish you and your supporters luck in your campaign to free Babar Ahmad. Take strength in the knowledge that your fight is the same fight for the oppressed the world over. If this campaign is lost every single Briton will sleep less safe in their beds with their rights being constantly eroded by a British government more concerned with bowing to Washington’s hegemony than standing up for its own citizens.
I hope to hear that Babar is home safely with his family very soon. May we all take strength from the fact that no matter how the forces of power attempt to keep us down, the flame of the human spirit can never be extinguished.
God bless you in your fight.

Lee Freeman, Cottingham, nr Hull. Monday 13th June 2005


It is truly disheartening to hear that events like this still happen now, in modern day England, a place that is meant to represent justice, equality and fairness. I pray that your suffering ends soon and that you are reunited with your family. Remember that Allah subanatala only tests the ones that he loves. Our Prophet (saw) was persecuted in his time; this is a continuation of the suffering Muslims have endured since then.
Heartfelt du’as,

Rehana, UK/UAE Monday 13th June 2005


Dear brother Babar and family, for a long time I have been following your case, and it has deeply saddened me that this could happen to you, here in our own country.
I feel very helpless, and I hope that you can forgive me for not doing enough.
Ultimately we must remember that success lies only with Allah, and insh’Allah He will reward you for your patience.
You and your family are in my dua’s.

Khalida huq, London Saturday 11th June 2005


Salaam,Hope everything goes well 4 u and hope u be freed soon inshalla. May Allah support you in every way u need. and our dua is with you. Wa-salaam

Asjid Ashraf, West Reading Friday 10th June 2005


I pray to Allah that you?re in good state of health and emaan insha Allah to proceed?.
May Allah make you firm in your test and bless your family wiht patience. May Allah expose those who are doing injustice not to only Muslim but to all human who has the right to live. I believe a British Muslim should only be tried under a British court and not under another countries law, specially AMERICA. The world knows America is a bully, does what it wants and does not care about any one except its own interests. By extraditing Babar Ahmed to America, it puts a shame on our British Justice.

Mohammed Islam, Colchester Thursday 9th June 2005


Hope that every one who is in jail in this country without any proof of his culpability like our brother Babar Ahmed is freed and return back to his beloved ones.

Yacine, Reading , Berkshire Sunday 5th June 2005


What can I say – the injuries sustained during the pre-dawn raid are appalling. I am not surprised at the CPS deciding not to press charges on the officers – the police have killed over 1,000 in custody – not one officer has ever faced a charge.
Please keep up your strength and your faith in these very sad and difficult times. The eyes of the country are on you and you case.
These people who reckon they uphold democracy and all the other buzzwords are the work of the DEVIL, they can’t possibly be human.

Barry Donnan, Scotland Saturday 4th June 2005

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