Hang on in there Babar, there is always room for justice….

Phil Brand., Tooting-Broadway, London, England. Sunday 24th July 2005


Perhaps this extension by the Home Secretary could work in your favour. It gives the Free Babar Ahmad team more time to mobilise opposition through legal channels – lobbying MP’s, holding protests, spreading the word. Inshallah, Allah is with us, do not despair. Patience bears good fruit, keep positive!

Anonymous, UK Sunday 17th July 2005


What ever happened to justice. We are human through other humans. Where is our humanity?

Jennifer Day, High Wycombe, UK Saturday 16th July 2005


We are very happy to hear about the extension, we hope this means Charles Clarke is going to think really hard about how significant a decision this could be, and what a difference it could make towards Muslim-Govt relations in the UK.
I’m told that a few South Africans wrote to him after we aired a radio program highlighting Babar’s case.
Since Charles Clarke has postponed his decision we will in sha Allah carry a campaign in our local newspaper, which reaches 15 000 people, asking people to write to Mr Clarke and the Foreign Office in south africa.
Remain firm upon the faith insha Allah.

Fatima Asmal, Durban, South Africa Saturday 16th July 2005


Until you ALL show your face (ie NO VEIL) I will NOT be able to trust a word the Islamic “faith” says. If this man is innocent let him prove it in a court of law. Innocent until provent guilty but suspicion until proved innocent…

To scared to tell you my name – citizen of London, London Friday 15th July 2005


I am only 15 and I think that they should free Babar Ahmed because he is a nice person who has done nothing wrong they are just big bullies.

Bilqees, Leeds Tuesday 12th July 2005


When justice is defined as ?injustice? the definitions become confused and the world turns to be in chaos.
Babar Ahmed is among those victims whom have been labelled as terrorists just because he happened to be a Muslim. Being a Muslim has become a danger to the States as well as to any country that finds ?justice? conflicting with it its own interests.
The life of a dog or a cat is more valued than the life of a Muslim (a terrorist). The pain in the Muslim nation is engraved and nothing will make the scars banish until justice prevails. Yet, fulfilling that might be an ambition yet it is always realized when we live our day and night working for justice.

Mercy, The Wasteland, United Kingdom Tuesday 12th July 2005


Words can not even begin to express my indignation at the callous manner in which the UK Government has allowed this farcical case against Babar Ahmad to continue.
The evidence at best seems to resemble the weak plot of a third rate Hollywood thriller and I must say I am disillusioned with the Goverment which continues to fuel this fiasco with half-truths, only serving to further alienate the “moderate” muslims it seeks to recruit in the war on terror.
But I won’t be dejected and will continue to strive using every legal means to have Babar, and other innocent victims who have been swept up in the wake of injustice, freed…Insh’Allah.
Failure is not the falling down but the staying down and so let us all stand up in the face of adversity, regardless of our race, creed or colour. Let’s unite on common goals and not be afraid to make our voices heard. Let’s stand up, even if we fall, and be counted.
From God do we come and to him we return.

Ahmed Alikhan, Scotland Monday 11th July 2005


I am outraged by the injustice you suffer Babar and I am thinking of you. My husband is half Afghani and we both long so desperately for peace, understanding and an end to all prejudice. Stay strong my friend and I hope you will soon be free and in receipt of an apology from the highest authority.

Jennifer Stripe, London Monday 11th July 2005


I am very much shocked and really hurt at the way Babar was treated, this is not justice. You have my support and i will be in touch with my local MP to see if he can support in any way.
May Allah (swt) keep you safe and well.

Aamir, Luton Friday 8th July 2005


May Allah Bless you all , and let you pass the tests of life inshallah Ameen.

A Muslim Sister, UK Wednesday 6th July 2005


We are very distressed at what is happening to you our brother, we are there for you in our hearts and minds and more then anything we are there for you at the demo’s.We pray that Allah swt gives you the will to stay strong and always remember Allah Swt tests those he loves…Once more you are in our Duas and thoughts always…

Mulberry School For Girls Sixth Form, London Tuesday 5th July 2005


All our prayers are with you and your family in this very tough time on you. God willing I am sure things will work out for you insha-Allah.Your family’s will always be in our prayers.
I heard you on BBC Asia today and my heart went out to you because I am a woman like you and understand what you must be going through.
Wish we could help but our prayers are with him insha-Allah. Best Wishes

Saika, Birmingham, UK Tuesday 5th July 2005


It is outrageous that this is happening in this country; again it shows that a cleverly worked ploy of fear by the government will make it acceptable for them to justify human rights violations.
By taking away the basic right to a fair trial, we are in fear of becoming a police state that can kidnap and abuses its own civilians at will. Muslims are already the victims of unfair treatment by the authorities, but how long before they extend this to all British citizens.
They proclaim that this is in our best interests, to protect freedom, but we British Muslims who already live in fear due to the Islamaphobic media, feel that is one right that is being slowly taken away from us.
I will support Babar Ahmad and pray that he is freed and it is in all our interests to do so because how can you preach and fight for freedom in a foreign country when you deprive your own citizens of it.

Nazam Hussain, South Lnndon Monday 4th July 2005


Allah SWT tests His servants in many ways. May Allah SWT grant Babar Ahmad and his family sabr insha’Allah, and the reward promised to those to strive in this duniyah. Surely, Allah SWT never fails to break His promise. Ameen

A Sister, London Monday 4th July 2005


Brother i have to say may ALLAH reward you and your family for the patiance you are having against the enemy of ALLAH,
Brother i shall come to the the next demo i just had 6 brothers with me and i told them that we have to stand up for you and the deen on ALLAH firstly when i see you in court brother on that stand being trialed i say to my self it is the QURAN being trialed so it is important that the whole ummah does something so this crimanls dont take out beloved brother may ALLAH reward you brother.

Mouad, London Sunday 3rd July 2005


Brother dnt feel alone we the ummah are with you bro and will keep on supporting you so they can see the haqq aboout your innoncence. You are always in our dua’as and Allah (swt) will through sabr help you.
Allahumma, a’izzal islaama wal muslimeena
Allahumma, a’izzal islaama wal muslimeena
Allahumma, a’izzal islaama wal muslimeena

Abdul Rashid Muhammad Jamil ad-din bin sameer, london Saturday 2nd July 2005


I strongly support the campaign against extradition of Babar Ahmad to US. I am a Natfhe memeber, Union of Lecturers in Further & Higher Education and I believe that my Union supports this campaign.
Mehdi Husaini

Mehdi Husaini, 42 Gore Sands, Middlesbrough TS5 8UJ Saturday 2nd July 2005


Babar Ahmed is the proof of Islaam in England.

nameless, london Saturday 2nd July 2005


It is very sad and it really touched me to hear about what is going on. I would just like to say it is a great thing what you are doing for us muslims in this world. The Kafir are really trying to break us and our faith down. Us muslims have to really come together to make them unsuccessful in this. I do hope that Allah (SAW) hears your prayers and makes this test easy for you. May Allah (SAW)guide you and you are in our thoughts and prayers. AMEN.

Q. Saeed, East London, UK Friday 1st July 2005

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