06 September 2012

The Free Babar Ahmad campaign is aware of today’s media reports of Karl Watkin’s private prosecution of Babar Ahmad but has no comment to make at this moment in time.


Notes to Editors:

1.      Babar Ahmad has been detained without trial since 5 August 2004 following an extradition request from the US. A complete timeline of Babar Ahmad’s case from the moment he was arrested on 2 December 2003 can be viewed at

2.     On 22 November 2011, the Crown Prosecution Service admitted that it had never reviewed all the evidence seized from Babar Ahmad’s home before it was sent to the US authorities. The CPS has nevertheless repeatedly refused to prosecute Babar Ahmad in the UK claiming that there is “insufficient evidence”. On 24 November 2011, Caroline Lucas MP called for a full public inquiry into the handling of the evidence.

3.        In 2005, District Judge Timothy Workman, then the most senior extradition judge in the UK, said about Babar Ahmad’s case. “This is a difficult and troubling case. The defendant is a British Citizen who is alleged to have committed offences which if the evidence were available, could have been prosecuted in this country.”

4.       Further information about the case can be obtained by visiting or the official Facebook page

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