Today the District Judge, Timothy Workman, gave a detailed ruling which supported the extradition of Babar Ahmad to the United States of America. He has handed the matter over to the Home Secretary for his final decision. Babar Ahmad has the right to appeal the judgement of the Home Secretary in the High Court. (Further details of what happened in the Court room, and the Judge’s official ruling as a document are available on the Campaign website)

We, the family of Babar Ahmad, were disappointed with this verdict, as the Court had heard clear evidence of the Human Rights’ abuses that Babar Ahmad could encounter at the hands of the Americans. Moreover, we are disturbed by the fact that the British Government is denying him the right to properly challenge the allegations against him in the U.K. The fact that Babar was released without charge by British Authorities in December 2003 strongly supports the fact that there is inadequate evidence against him.

However, this verdict has not moved our resolve in the least. Rather, our resolve is renewed and stronger than ever before. Our faith has kept us going so far and it will take us to the end of this trial. The family spoke to Babar after the verdict, from prison, and he stated, “We are all slaves of Allah and it is His choice how He deals with us. We are winners no matter what.”

The authorities sought to break us but they have had the opposite effect. Many people have united and continue to unite in the campaign for justice. We would like to thank all our supporters, Muslims and non-Muslims, who have tirelessly attended demonstrations, campaigned with us and supported us.

To our dear supporters and friends we wish to say, although you may have feelings of disappointment or sadness, the fight is not over and the campaign continues. The truth will prevail. Just like David overcame Goliath and Moses overcame Pharoah; by the Will of Allah, we will overcome the oppressors- not only for Babar Ahmad, but for all the victims of injustice.

Family of Babar Ahmad
17th May 2005

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