Five years ago, in December 2003, Babar Ahmad was released from police custody. He was battered and bruised from head to toe. He was limping and we could not even embrace him due to his injuries.

In our fight for justice, many doors were slammed in our faces. Firstly by the Police, then the Independent Police Complaints Commission, then the Police tribunal which praised those very officers for their bravery.

Today The Metropolitan Police have finally admitted full liability for the brutal assault their officers carried out on Babar on 2nd December 2003.

The Metropolitan Police admit Babar did not resist arrest. They also admit they repeatedly punched him and stamped on his feet. They have admitted holding him twice in a dangerous head-lock which made him fear for his life.

The Police even admit that they did indeed place Babar in the Muslim prayer position and taunted him, “Where is your God now?”

These words alone were a direct attack not just on Babar, but on every single Muslim in the world.

Despite the Police admitting that their officers carried out this brutal, islamophobic attack, they have refused to offer any form of apology for their actions. This shows their arrogance and refusal to express any remorse.

Before this day, the Police had repeatedly accused Babar of lying. These admissions have exonerated Babar and prove that they were the ones who were lying.

There are still many unanswered questions and we call for an independent inquiry. For example, what happened to the bags of evidence that have miraculously “disappeared”, including all the officers’ notebooks and interview transcripts?

We feel that there has been a cover-up. It took five years and only after court proceedings began did they admit fault. This is something the IPCC should also be investigated for, so that no one should ever have to face the brutal treatment that Babar received at the hands of the Police.

We would like to thank our excellent legal team at Bhatt Murphy Solicitors, in particular Fiona Murphy and Phillippa Kaufmann, and all our friends and supporters whose assistance has been invaluable.

Throughout this ordeal, our faith has not waivered as we believe that our Lord never forsakes us. For those officers who asked, “Where is your God now?” Here is the answer.

Family of Babar Ahmad, Outside Royal Courts of Justice, London.

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