To Whom It May Concern

I have known Babar and his family for more than 15 years. When Babar and I were school children, we would often play sports together. In our late teens, we both attended Balham Mosque for study circles. I have also been on a couple of trips organised by Babar for local children attending Mosques and youth clubs in the Balham and Tooting area.

Babar organised these trips using his own initiative and spent a considerable amount of time and energy organising events for the local community. He has done a great deal for the community and we remained in contact over the years.

In summary, Babar is an affable, gentle and hardworking constituent and friend with strong ties to Tooting and the community.

Councillor Sadiq Khan

To Whom It May Concern

I have known Babar for six years now. During this time he has proven himself to be diligent, competent and professional at his job and also able to keep a cool head when dealing with some awkward situations. He has in fact been a model employee.

I have had a number of academic staff tell me that he has done an extremely good job for them and how grateful they are for his efforts. Such praise can be quite rare in our environment.

PB (Babar’s Line Manager and work colleague)

To Whom It May Concern

Mr Babar Ahmad has been a member of our Academy for a number of years and during this time he has taken five major grading examinations and passed them with great determination and perseverance.

Our Academy helps the less fortunate children in life mainly two charities Whizz Kids (movement for non mobile children) and C.L.A.P.A. G.O.S. (Great Ormond Street Hospital), to date we have raised over hundreds of thousands of pounds for different charities. Babar helped organise and run on two of these projects and raised a large sum through his own sponsors.

He was always polite, considerate and courteous to all of his fellow students, was punctual and kept a good attendance.

Babar visited me and informed me he was unable to trtain further due to his injuries he sustained in December 2003 when he was arrested.

Master AS (Chief instructor, Martial Arts Academy)

To Whom it May Concern

I have known Babar for 8 years. Babar has assisted me in the installation and the upkeep of software and hardware. For the numerous contacts that I have had with him he has shown to be a correct in his procedure and has never deviated from the specified work that I have asked of him. I have never come across an occasion where they may have been unprofessional behaviour on his part.

KN (Work Colleague)

Your prayers are with us!
God bless

P (Work Colleague)

Dear Babar

I am so sorry that you are in the position that you now find yourself. I have been thinking about you and your family, and what they must be going through. I do wish that I could offer an explanation for your terrible ordeal. They surely must have mistaken you for someone else, or someone has “Assumed” your identity by some means. Your Solicitors and Representatives that I have seen via the media appear to have made moves to secure your release on bail, I do hope that this is granted, although the fear that you must feel cannot be erased easily. I am sure that the truth “will out” and that you will be back with your loved ones very soon.

All my best wishes

CG (Work Colleague)

Dear Babar,

I have just read your e-mail and I am in tears. I cannot believe that you are behind bars. I do not believe for one moment that you are a terrorist by any definition. Unfortunately, I do agree with you and so will millions of people in this world, that we are still living in an unjust world and there is very little that can be done about it. It is still the law of the jungle and movement towards a more just society is very very slow and it takes some very brave people to keep fighting for what is right.

The charges brought against you seem to be very unclear and there seems to be very little or no reliable evidence that you ever had any links with any terrorists or had any terrorist plans. Imagining you with murderers and criminals in prison makes me feel absolutely sick and I can only pray that you are freed from this nightmare as soon as possible.

I would like you to know that wherever you go and wherever you are all your work colleagues who know you well enough have no doubts that you can ever be a terrorist. You are a kind, gentle person who hated injustice being done to anyone and tried to defend what is right. You can always hold your head up because we know that you are an honest, good person who will not ever think of hurting anyone. This is such a waste of such a talented, wonderful, intelligent person. God help everyone to see what is right.

We pray for you, your wife and your family and wish everyone strength through these difficult times. Please, do keep in touch.

With very best wishes,

FN (Work Colleague)

Babar Ahmad ia a truthful, peaceloving and lawabiding person who is always ready to help those in need. He is also a conscientious and loving person who is devoted to his parents and the family. On the whole I have known him to be an upright and honest person.

Khala Jamal-un-Nisa (Aunt)

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