Hassan Ghani, Press TV, London

His supporters say he should face trial in the UK, where the alleged crimes are to have been committed. They’ve launched a petition aimed at the government, calling for British justice for British citizens. 

Thousands of people have already signed the petition. But supporters of the free Babar Ahmad Campaign want to collect over 100 thousand online signatures before November 10th. They need to reach the threshold of 100 thousand for the case to be discussed in parliament. 

Campaigners say they also fear that Babar Ahmed will not receive a fair trial in the US. 

Fahad Ansari who says there is a poisoned atmosphere against the US, and Afia Siddiqui’s case shows it is impossible to receive a fair trial. 

The campaign is being spearheaded by Ashfaq Ahmad, who’s fought relentlessly on his son’s behalf. He says the past seven years have been a living nightmare. 

The UK Parliament’s joint committee on human rights has called on the government to renegotiate its extradition treaty with the US, so that US authorities must first provide credible evidence before an extradition can take place. 

They also want British judges to have the power to refuse an extradition request if the alleged offence took place in the UK. The advice, if followed, could have a major impact on Babar Ahmad’s case. 


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