The case of Babar Ahmed, jailed UK-US political prisoner, took one step closer to seeing Babar being extradited to the US , despite insufficient evidence to convict him under UK law and no evidence having been presented for his extradition. Once in the US , Babar faces the very real threat of transfer from civil to military courts under Military Order One and even torture at Guantanamo or by other governments, through a process the US authorities euphemistically call “extraordinary rendition”.

Further, if convicted, under what would probably be a highly questionable legal process, he faces the risk of execution.

Babar, 31, an IT specialist and UK national, is accused of running websites that supported “terrorists” and urged Muslims to “fight a holy war”. New legislation, enacted to ease the extradition of suspects wanted by the US , does not require the US to present a Prima Facie case. This agreement, however, is not bilateral; US citizens wanted by the UK would still have their rights defended in a court of law.

Despite strong testimony to the contrary, Judge Workman, presiding over the case, still concluded that Babar’s rights would not be violated in the US , the only grounds on which the case could be thrown out. The case has now been referred to Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, who is expected to rubber stamp it dutifully.

Anas Altikriti, spokesman for the Muslim Association of Britain, said: “In giving this judgment in favour of the case to extradite, Judge Workman has walked away from his chance to set right a grave injustice. His summation clearly showed the political nature of the case and exposed the hideous flaws in this legislation which would see
a British citizen forcibly taken to a foreign land to face an unsubstantiated case and possibly, torture and even death.”

The Muslim Association of Britain calls on all people of faith and conscience to lend their support in sparing Babar Ahmad from this wicked law by:

1.      Praying for Babar Ahmed and his family.
2.      Contact your MP and request that he asks Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, to reject the extradition application as no prima facie case has been presented.
3.      Write to Babar and lend him your personal support. For more details see:

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